The Best Furniture Website Design for your Brand

Looking to sell your bespoke furniture online and reach out to a wider audience? You need to start with a website that showcases your brand and offerings right.

Our expert web design and development team work with you to create the perfect website for your business that reflects the essence of your brand and hooks in your target customers.

We understand that selling huge pieces of furniture online, requires that extra edge to earn the trust of your customers and to close the deal. This is why, our furniture website designs are focused on providing your customers the best online shopping experience.

Eye-catching photos, an easy-to-use design, seamless navigation, integrated customer support, social proof, secure payment gateways, unique themes – are just a few of the highlights of our furniture store website design service here at IceCubeDigital.

Take your Furniture Business Online with Expert Furniture Web Development

Whether you’re a new company or an established brick and mortar business – here at IceCubeDigital, we design and help you manage your ecommerce furniture store with easy to use Content Management Solutions. Give your customers the power to renovate and upgrade their homes and offices right from their computers, while you boost your sales from a new sales channel that increases your ROI.

Furniture Web Development


Web Design

We help your furniture business be found online with the help of modern, responsive furniture web design that contains an extensive catalogue of all your products. Having an optimized website is essential if you want to be found on local search results, thereby directing your target audience right to your physical store.

Ecommerce Store

If you’re looking to start selling your products online, then we help you set up an online store for your furniture business. As a top-notch ecommerce design agency, we provide your ecommerce store with the best of functionalities that increase conversions and improve your product sales.

We use a wide array of popular ecommerce design platforms like Shopify, Magento, Woocommerce, OpenCart, Drupal Commerce and more.

Get in touch with our design and development team to find the right solution for you.

What to Expect from our Furniture Store Ecommerce Websites?

Our furniture ecommerce stores provide you with all the Features you want, with None of the Hassles.

High-definition Photographs and Videos

Today’s digital savvy consumer wants to know more about your product before clicking on Buy. We satisfy their curiosity with high-definition product photography and videos, so that your target audience appreciates the exquisite workmanship of your products.

AR Integration

If needed, we can also add advanced features like AR (Augmented Reality) so that customers can virtually see how the products look in their rooms before making a decision. The top furniture stores use this technology to provide customers with an enhanced shopping experience.

Clean, Easy Navigation

When it comes to ecommerce stores, “Less is More” is true. We ensure that your online furniture store has a clean, intuitive user interface that makes it easy for customers to find their preferred product with minimal clicks.

Professional Designs

Our team of graphic and web designers provide your online store with an elegant and classy appearance that matches your products. We strive to ensure that your ecommerce store doesn’t appear bland but highlights the very essence of your brand.

Business Tools

An ecommerce store is not a “Done once and forgotten” project. It has to be updated continuously to add new products, define new categories, update prices and quantity and more. We provide you with powerful business tools that helps you keep track of orders and update your inventory with ease.

Advanced Functionality

Whether you need an online chat tool or require your ecommerce store to be connected with your third party inventory management system, or any other custom functionality, our furniture web development team has got you covered. Moreover, we also ensure that your store is frequently updated to keep up with the changes

Get in Touch with our Furniture Web Design and Ecommerce Store Development Team to find out what we can do for your Business!


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  • 8+ years of ecommerce web development experience
  • 200+ eCommerce projects completed successfully
  • Best eCommerce user experience experts
  • Free project consultation by our eCommerce experts
  • Unparalleled quality with the best performance
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Easy and effective communication process
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