Revamped a Furniture Store’s Website to Create a Seamless User Experience is the UK’s leading online marketplace for premium wooden blinds, curtains, and shutters. To enhance their digital presence, needed to build a sustainable strategy that leverages WordPress’s power to boost its digital transformation.

To reach objectives, the team collaborated with Icecube Digital, the leading WordPress development company. After analyzing their existing website, our experts decided to revamp its functionality, aesthetics, and user experience.


  • The client expressed the wish to add various size options on the product pages so the customers exploring the products can easily measure the size in metrics and other units of measurement.
  • Besides, the client wanted an auto-conversion feature between different units of measurement, such as mm, cm, and inches.
  • There was a need for the implementation of dynamic pricing based on the size selected by the customers.
  • To attract and retain visitors, the client wanted to display and set discounts and surcharges for every individual product.
  • In the sidebar of the shopping cart, the client wanted to offer MeasureSafe and Screw Pack product options as add-on options for only specific products. This option should only be visible to the customer when it is enabled from the client’s backend.
  • The client wished to have the same order functionality button along with an address auto-complete feature to provide the users with a seamless and frictionless shopping experience.
  • The client wanted to display the estimated date of dispatch on the product page. The checkout page should also show the estimated date of dispatch paired with the shipping method.
Wooden Blinds Case Study
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Wooden Blinds Case Study

Our Solution

  • With years of experience in building user-friendly furniture store website designs, our experts came up with the thought of implementing a new functionality in the website.
  • We developed custom functionality so that users can choose between different metric options, such as mm, cm, and inches. In the backend, all the metric values are converted into mm to display the price because all the prices in the price lookup table are based on mm.
  • Our team used the custom product option plugin for creating product options and price lookup tables based on the height and width entered by the visitor.
  • As an experienced WordPress development company, we used ACF to add fields in the individual product pages to display surcharges and discount percentages. It calculated the product price using the custom code.
  • Our team worked on building a plugin to add MeasureSafe and Packet Screw to every individual product. The visitor had a choice to choose whether they wanted the add-ons with the product.


  • Our intiatives led to building a faster, more advanced, and more stable shop system with simplified size selection and auto-conversion between mm, cm, and inch for customer convenience.
  • Our solution ensured high target customer involvement with a dynamic pricing module on the customer input size, ensuring accuracy and transparency.
  • The advanced promotion module managed the individual product discounts and surcharges set via ACF, enhancing pricing flexibility.
  • The visibility of user-friendly add-on options on the side cart with MeasureSafe and Screw Pack based on backend settings offered better results and a faster purchase cycle.
  • We ensured that customers experience seamless shopping with sample order functionality and address autocomplete with customer behavior tracking.
  • The estimated dispatch dates on the product page and the estimated dispatch date with the shipping method on the checkout page improved customer experience.

What Clients Say?

Building a website felt overwhelming. Icecube Digital delivered an amazing site that matched my vision perfectly. They were incredibly patient with my revisions and questions, making the entire process stress-free. Highly recommend them!

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