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Magento is one of the best available options for eCommerce as it offers a flexible platform capable of several
functions in addition to numerous features suitable to eCommerce.


It comes with advanced SEO features including URL structure, sitemaps, tags, meta-implementation options and more. Another advantage of Magento for eCommerce is that it also includes analytics that helps in tracking site visitors. The need is to use these features to your best advantage which is what a Magento SEO expert can help you with and turn your site search-engine friendly.

Ecommerce businesses looking for a customised but easy and convenient solution for their Magento website should take the help of Magento SEO services as they can help you create a site that is not only customer-friendly but is also helpful for high conversion rate.

The platform is free for businesses. But then how can you create a competitive edge and drive high-quality traffic to your Magento website? Unleash the power of Magento open-source platform with the right SEO practices. An experienced Magento SEO agency can turn the platform to a shopping site customised to your business

The right SEO practices can help you to take your Magento eCommerce business to a new level without having to incur heavy ad expenses.

What Does Our
Magento SEO Services Include?

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Magento Ecommerce Website SEO Audit

You can sit back and let our experts do the job for you! We can help you build a Magento website customised as per your needs to enable optimal functions.

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Competition Analysis

Our Magento experts go beyond on-page and off-page as they are also armed with market research and your rival sites’ analysis. They come up with tactics to boost your eCommerce store’s business performance and generate higher ROI for your marketing efforts.

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OnPage and Off-page SEO setup

Based on our analysis, we help you develop an SEO friendly eCommerce Magento store or recommend changes to be made to your current Magento eCommerce portal. To make your site Google-friendly we help you set up XML maps of your portal.

If the inbuilt components aren’t enough for your business needs, then we help you build extensions and add the features you need. We help you set up the Magento SEO plugins based on your business needs.

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Magento SEO Content

We let your content do the selling for you. Apart from helping you create powerful content that delivers results, based on keyword research, our team helps you chalk out a clear content marketing strategy.

Apart from blogs, articles and press releases we also enable you to build your brand persona through social media marketing.

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Google Analytics

What gets measured grows. We enable you to track your traffic and analyze the results of various SEO strategies and keep up with your performance metrics related to the search ranking of your website. This helps in making the right tweaks to your SEO strategy.

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Responsive Design and web development

You could be from any industry and you could be a start-up or an established business, but Magento has functional features that we can help you use. In addition to numerous features suitable to eCommerce, using Magento we help you make customised addition and up gradations as per the requirement of the business.

Why Hire Us

Experience, Expertise and Strategies

Experience, Expertise
and Strategies

You may have developed a Magento 2 eCommerce site that is abreast with the latest technology and up-gradation- complete with up-to-date features and customisation. But without getting traffic on your site, there will be no impact on your bottom line. This is where you can count on is with our Magento 2 search engine optimization expertise.

Experience, Expertise and Strategies

It Right

Our Magento website SEO experts have years of experience, knowledge of what things work and what don’t and can help you with strategies to boost the ranking of your website, Using the best white-hat SEO techniques and strategies, our Magento SEO company can deliver the best long term results you need, without setting out a daily budget for PPC ads.

Experience, Expertise and Strategies

Business Results

Ecommerce sites have to evolve and improving its online ranking is an ongoing process. We dont just give you a one-time strategy but even help you implement it to boost your business results.

Experience, Expertise and Strategies


Google Algorithm is continuously evolving. As a business owner, it is difficult to keep a track. Our seasoned Magento SEO team is regularly trained with the latest information and updates that you can rely upon and ensure that your site is ready to meet new challenges of your growing business.

Have more questions on how we can help you boost the traffic on your Magento website? Unlock the power of your Magento eCommerce portal with our Magento SEO services. Contact us to know more.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    01.How Long does SEO Take to Work?

    This too depends on your approach and what you are trying to achieve with SEO. But with that being said, know that there is no overnight way to rank better on search engines. If by results you mean a considerable increase in website traffic and sales, this would most probably need at least 6 months, So consistent efforts and patience is most important for success in SEO.

    02.What is the Difference Between On-Site and Off-Site SEO?

    On-site SEO is the process of optimizing pages of website, like the meta description, title, header tags, URL optimization, alt tags, SCHEMA implementation, etc. On the other hand, off-site SEO deals with other important aspects like link building, authority development, influencer outreach, review marketing, improving social media presence, etc.

    03.How Much does SEO Cost?

    The cost of SEO services depends on a lot of factors like current situation of your website, your approach, your end goal, and even the company you select for doing SEO. Most SEO companies that offer cheap services are well-known to use “black-hat” techniques that can severely damage your organic ranking credibility and might also result in a penalty. Thus, it is highly recommended that you should only hire a professional SEO services company to get the best results.

    04.Is The Ranking Guaranteed?

    Most ethical SEO companies do not provide any kind of guarantee as they can’t really control the outcome. This is because search engines regularly update their algorithms and are constantly evolving. As a matter of fact, you should stay away from such companies that offer some kind of guarantee or claim that they have some special relationship with Google.

    05.What are Local Rankings or Local SEO?

    Local ranking is the process of ranking your business higher on local searches. Google uses a different algorithm for local search queries. Apart from the factors it considers for national search query, additional factors like local citations in 3rd party directories, quantity and quality of online reviews, etc. are also considered to rank a business in local search.

    06.Why is it Important to Hire Someone to do the SEO for my Website?

    If you’ve just started a website, you might be able to handle the basics of SEO on your own by spending about 15-20 hours a week. But if you are serious about your rankings, you’ll surely have to spend a lot more time on the process. On top of it, you’d also be required to keep yourself updated with the latest changes in search engine algorithms and top strategies to get the desired results. This makes hiring professionals for the job a far better option


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