Why Are Visitors Leaving Your eCommerce Website Without Buying

Why Are Visitors Leaving Your eCommerce Website Without Buying

You spent thousands on building your website. But, then the SEO program took another chunk of your financial budget. Sure, you’ve got your online marketing plan sorted. But what good is any of this if you don’t make sales? Traffic alone won’t cut it. We all know that, don’t we?

Even as businesses gut daily to create a lasting impression on their visitors, many of these efforts go in vain. If you are sailing in the same boat, know this— conversions do not come easy. Leads are not easy to find, especially when the world is overcrowded with eCommerce options.

Let’s find out what’s causing people to leave your eCommerce website without buying.

You are using an Outdated Design

Sad but true. Just when you thought you have picked a perfect design for your website, the marketers simply rejected it saying it was outdated. A site’s design can have a big impact on its trustworthiness. And design trends keep changing. They are never the same.

For instance, sliders with meaningless call-to-action options are outdated. No one wants to touch them. They scroll too fast and so many times your visitors miss the message.

Another outdated design is using a big hero image which almost fills up the entire home screen. One big image pushes the content further down and your visitors are lost. And the use of sad boring graphics is also a big NO!

Your Navigation Structure is Unclear

Probably you are complicating things too much. People are coming to your website, but are lost in a maze. The information is not clear as quickly as it should be. Unclear navigation simply means a bad user experience. You get on a website and you are not able to find anything, instead, you are working your way through a useless maze of bad navigation options.

Keep it simple. Think of it this way—if you were a customer, how would you want the navigation to work? Poor website navigation does not work in the favor of SEO.

It’s time to rearrange your navigation options to help users navigate better, Call your eCommerce website design services provider today.

Are Your Gated Offers Appealing?

How interesting is your pitch? Don’t put a gated offer out there just for the heck of it. You need something compelling and relevant to your audience. If your visitors are just landing on your pages and not buying your pitch, maybe they are not connecting with the offer you are making.

Here’s a simple rule to follow— Keep the call-to-action strong and tell visitors exactly what to do next in simple words. You need to have persuasive landing page content.

Bad Placement of Product Features

The benefits of your product are not clear. This is one of the major reasons why a lot of websites lose consumers and don’t know about it. So what if you have a perfect design and a great SEO strategy in place? If your audience doesn’t understand the product benefits clearly on the website, then they will not move down the sales funnel.

Look at how Apple iPod sold. They told their buyers about the brand’s ability to get you thousands of songs with you, wherever you want.

Your Content is not Living up to Landing Page Promises

Think twice before you make a promise or claim something on a landing page. And then think twice more when you create the same experience on your website. For instance, if your landing page talks about diet food, but your website talks at length about why and how you ventured into the business of diet foods, it will not help.

When a landing page makes a promise, a buyer’s next instinct is to hop to the product. And when the content does not make up for it, viewers get all disappointed and leave. You want them to arrive at your website and find exactly what you promise on the landing page.

Over-promise and under-sell is the worst combination ever, especially in eCommerce when the competitors are many.

Are You Using Exit Intent Technology?

Exit Intent Technology programs help in getting your visitors’ attention back.

These are tools that monitor visitors’ mouse movement. For instance, if it appears as the visitor will go back to the page, these tools track the movement and pop a message for the visitor to offer the last option for them to stay on the page.

This is more like a last-ditch effort where you can help them stay on the page by putting bait out there. Some companies use these tools to offer a discount coupons. And this boosts their conversion rates for them. It’s a pretty powerful tool.

No Conversions — It’s a Hack!

According to a Forbes Contributor, an average of 30,000 websites are compromised each day. Sounds crazy, doesn’t it? Wait. Before you jump to the conclusion that your site can “Never be compromised”, take a moment to look at it again.

The hacks in today’s work are very sophisticated and can go unnoticed by even the experts. If you don’t want to check it every single day, use monitoring programs that help in maintaining a user’s trust.

When you take simple steps to avoid getting hacked, your users will trust you more and the website’s performance will improve. With sophisticated hacks in the market, hire Magento 2 developers to know which tools guard your site best.

Your Landing Page is Not in Sync With Your Inbound Marketing Plan

Your Landing Page Is Not In Sync With Your Inbound Marketing Plan

When your landing page asks visitors to click on your ads and get to a specific page, are they able to do so? If not, they are going to leave your page, confused and frustrated. The one thing that gets you quick sales is getting to the point quickly. Ensure that your landing pages lead your consumers to the specific call to action mentioned there.

Do not promise an offer on click on the landing page and then taking them to a different page. Hire WordPress SEO experts to help you use keywords that work in sync with your landing page and the page you are leading your audience to. This works in your favor.

The Pages of Your Website are Loading Too Slowly

All that perfect content and brilliant graphics will not help if they take forever to download. There are so many fancy designs and scripting options available today and it seems most promising to invest in them. If you fell for a flashy website design, maybe you didn’t realize that those complex elements take longer to load. This will take visitors away within seconds. Do not go with something that looks flashy.  Instead, keep it simple and delete any elements that take too long to load.

Your Website Is Not Easy To Use

Statistics suggest that 25% of users leave without buying, simply because the website is too complicated for their understanding. With all those complicated registrations, disruptive advertising, and complex checkout tantrums, visitors simply lose interest. They will hop on to something that doesn’t require them to forcibly sign up a form to be there.

This is why your visitors are probably moving to your competitor’s website.

You can solve this problem by finding out what is making your visitors leave. To solve the problem, you first need to look at when your visitors are leaving, that is, is it the shopping cart they leave, or a specific page that is causing them to leave.

There is analytics to give you a clear picture of what is happening. Make the shopping experience easy and enjoyable.

Do not make your visitors take too many steps or fill up long registrations. Keep the checkout process quick and you will see the numbers of conversions rise.

Top Funnel Browsers are Not Shoppers

Visitors do not convert to buyers. First-time shoppers are not ready. Do not waste time attracting them. Instead, leverage their visit. Create awareness about their choices, and exchange information about products they are looking for. Educate them. Encourage them to leave their email addresses so that you can get back to them and send them automated emails about their last visit, reminding them to buy. This has a chance of getting conversions.

Shipping Rates are Too Much

Shipping Rates Are Too Much.jpg alias

Studies have proved that you can potentially lose up to 16% of shoppers just because your shipping options are not suitable for them. Another study revealed that more than 60% of shoppers left a website that did not offer free shipping.

The next important thing to consider is the delivery time frame. It’s all about getting them their stuff as quickly as possible. For instance, if you are taking a week to deliver a product, chances are, the visitors will hop on to the next best option.

Check what your competitors are playing this. Do not keep very limited or expensive shipping options. That takes the visitors away too!

Too Many Ads On Your Website

If you have suffocated your visitor’s vision with pop-ups, you are sure to lose them within the first few minutes of engagement. And if your ad is the first thing they see, it’s a bad idea. A lot of times websites cover the content that brought the visitors there. And the last mistake is giving your ads more space than they deserve on the page.

The easiest way to fix this is to run ads on your website that are smart and maximize attention. Do not have random banners hanging on the top that screams for attention. An interesting ad can always get you the right leads.

Your Content Structure is Bad

It’s not always about finding the right words to say. It’s also about structuring your content in the right places. Do not distribute content across too many pages, if it can all come under the same page. And introductions are always important. If your visitors are leaving without converting, maybe they are not reading the important stuff just where they should. Statistics reveal that 50% of sales are lost when potential consumers do not find what they are looking for.

When a piece of content can be placed on the first page, do not shift it to the inner pages.

Videos on Your Page are Obtrusive

If you thought an automatically streaming video is a great hook—it’s not. Delete it now. It intrudes on the consumer experience, forcing them to leave. The same is the case with loud audio. You must give your users the option of viewing the video. Sometimes a great piece of content works better than a loud video.

Bad Typography

If your content is not legible, it’s useless. Do not use typefaces that are too exaggerated. Avoid those bright colors and fluorescents. Use typography that is simple and easy to understand.

Attracting consumers is hard enough already. Conversions are even trickier. This is why you need to keep these simple things in mind. No Magento 2 development agency can get you leads if the basics are not sorted. Use these simple steps to maximize customer retention and boost sales.


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