What Is People Also Search For or People Also Ask?

What Is People Also Search For or People Also Ask?

Google is continually updating SERP to make it more dynamic. So, PASF (People also search for) has become a viable SEO strategy for 2022. Dynamic search features like featured snippets and PASF are reducing the value of top organic rankings. Google is also adding paid ads to the SERP.

Hence, the ultimate goal of ranking no one doesn’t hold much water. SEOs and business owners looking for Shopify SEO service must aim for the PAA box to target new traffic on what people are asking. First, let’s understand what PASF (people also search for) is, shall we?

What Does the Term PASF (People Also Search For) Means?

People also search for (PASF) is a feature only shown to users who clicked on a search engine result and immediately bounced back from it. In such situations, Google assumes that the person returned to the SERP because they couldn’t find what they were looking for on the web. So, it offers suggestions to help them get the results they wanted in the initial search.

These recommended and related queries are part of what we call user intent. Finding their intent and providing options so people can find what they are searching for in Google.

But how can related queries help in terms of SEO?

Related Queries Can Help You Determine Why People Are Bouncing Your Page

If the analytics data shows that people are bouncing off your pages, then your content is not providing the value or answers users need. So, pay close attention to the list of related questions on the SERPS and create content that addresses those queries. A strategy like this will make your website more beneficial to the audience. Here is an example.

related queries

Is PASF Essential For SEO?

Yes! The keywords come directly from Google’s database. Users frequently use search queries to learn more about a specific topic. Hence, keeping an eye on them will help you understand your target audience’s interests and preferences. PASF keywords can be found for any content by manually searching it, clicking on the result, and returning the search pages.

So, how can one use it?

5 Ways to Use PASF (People Also Search For) To Rank Higher In Google Search

Here are five ways to use PASF to rank higher on Google:

  • Use PASF For Keywords Research

PASF is a goldmine for keyword research. This data is taken directly from Google’s search records, making it relevant to any specific topic. So, ranking for these keywords will aid you in generating additional traffic and boost the overall topical authority for your website.

Please search for the keyword you want to rank for and write down its PASF keywords. Now, look into Google for every PASF keyword in a different tab to find more similar ones. If the topic lacks depth, the keywords will get repeated.

But, this method will help uncover new search queries you may not have previously known. Put these keywords into a keyword research tool to check their search volume and ranking difficulty and decide if they are worth targeting or not. It’s an excellent way to uncover hidden keywords with good search volume so that you can focus on your content.

  • PASF Can Help You Find Content Ideas

PASF keywords can help you find great content ideas. Search for any specific topic and find its PASF keywords. Afterward, search for each keyword in another tab and analyze the top-ranking pages to uncover unique content ideas.

A significant advantage of PASF keywords is that it helps you boost your website’s topical relevance by covering the niche from every possible angle. It will increase your website’s authority on the specific topic and enables you to rank for the additional keywords related to your content.

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  • Use PASF as FAQs

The FAQs section at the end of the content is an excellent way to communicate with your target audience and rank for multiple search keywords. PASF keywords are great for FAQs as users search for them on Google. Here is how you can create FAQs using PASF keywords.

Analyze the PASF keywords for your topic and check if you can find any descriptive long-tail keywords with clear search intent. These are primarily in the form of questions and ready-made FAQs.

For example, the PASF keywords for the search query “digital marketing tips.” are:

digital marketing tips

Now, clicking on the PASF keyword “digital marketing tips for beginners” will turn into FAQs since we know what we are searching for on Google.

digital marketing tips for beginners

PPA (people also ask for) comes from Google’s database and are highly relevant questions that will boost your website’s traffic.

  • PASF Can Boost Your On-Page SEO

PASF keywords can optimize the content to boost your website’s on-page SEO strength. Here is how you can do it:

  • Write down all the relevant PASF keywords and use them throughout your content wherever it fits. Please don’t force it; the keyword placement should be natural.
  • You can also use PASF keywords in H2 and H3 tags.
  • PASF Can Be Used In Creating Long-Form Content

PASF keywords will be beneficial in creating long-form content. It will be around 2500-5000+ words. So, writing such a post will require covering multiple sections, sub-headings, and topics. With the help of PASF keywords, you can quickly create long-form content, find sub-headings and discover relevant topics to include in your blog or article.

What Do PPA (People Also Ask For) Mean In Google?

The ‘People Also Ask’ is a Google SERP feature that answers questions related to a user’s search query. Every answer comes from a web page, and Google shares a clickable link to the source below each one. Here is an example:

people also ask for

Should We Focus On PPA Or PASF?

There is no need to choose one over the other. Create content that brings more value to your audience and simultaneously ensure it displays in the SERPs for both these features. Having more organic opportunities means the better you will be presented to your audience, creating trust and credibility while generating traffic.


PASF (People also search for) and PAA are simple features that can significantly improve your website’s on-page SEO and platform keyword research. It will help you find new content ideas and accomplish many other SEO goals.

Whether you are running a WordPress-based website or any other eCommerce website like Shopify, PASF and PAA strategy will be helpful for your website to find relevant content topics to answer your customers’ queries. In case, if you need any WordPress SEO service or any other service for your website, just get in touch with us through a contact us form.

We, at Icecube Digital, are dedicated to helping businesses run their WordPress website smoothly with different WordPress maintenance plans.


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