8 Actionable SEO Strategies That Will Pull You out of Traffic Slump

8 Actionable SEO Strategies That Will Pull You out of Traffic Slump

Are you creating content and wondering why is not surfacing on your searches? Well, this is a problem that is a cause of concern for many content-creators out there. However, what most people usually miss out on is the fact that this is not something you cannot solve. You need to know the right tricks and it will fetch results.

So how long does SEO take to work? There is no definite answer as it depends upon the content, the frequency, the right keyword usage, the presentation among other things. But for starters here are 7 actionable SEO strategies that will pull you out of a traffic slump:

1. Audit your site framework:

This is the first and most indispensable task that you need to undertake. How will you solve a problem if you are unaware of what is amiss? Therefore, start by auditing the site to get insights about the site’s performance. Some of the basic things that need to be checked are your URL, titles, and headlines to name a few. You must make sure to have a URL that gives Google a sense of your content. At the same time, make sure to not overstuff the URL as it could lead to negative results.

2. Be an expert of your topic:

It would come as a surprise but Google searches are based on your firm/site’s authority. This is basically saying that the more you are considered an authority on a subject because of your authentic information, the more visible you will be on the SEO. For example, you think about Zomato in case if you are looking for restaurant reviews. Likewise, your aim should be to create a niche for yourself in a particular domain and maintain it with quality content over a period of time. This way the Google crawler will visit your site more often and rank you higher on the SEO.

3. Put the keyword in the name and alt-tag of your image:

If your blog or website has images, you can use those images to connect with the Google search results. You can give a relevant name to your image before uploading and it will be very helpful to you. The alt tags are the texts we can see by hovering over the images. The search engines cannot interpret the images but read the text given to the images.

4. Infiltrate Google’s Knowledge Graph and Global Knowledge Base:

For this, your page must have very strong and relevant data. Pages that are high on fluff are automatically eliminated by Google. Make sure to include relevant keywords but not overdo them. At the same time, provide links to your social media channels to diversify your search results. Very authentic and unique content would make you win in the long run.

5. Create FAQ page:

By virtue of being interactive, FAQ pages drive a lot of traffic. The users primarily use Google to find answers to their questions and it is here that FAQs are helpful. If the content on the FAQs addresses user queries in a direct way, you might end up getting a better Google rank. However, this takes time and effort. Don’t expect results over night.

6. Make a way into Google News:

Google news is a great traffic source. You can get in there with some great content backed by exceptional research and regular updates. The only rule to be followed is that your updates and content should have a newsy angle to them. Also, make sure to publish and create content that is high on originality and innovation. Google quality guidelines should be read thoroughly as they would direct you to the Google news.

7. Get external links:

External links are links from websites other than your own. Google heavily relies on the external links to decide how good the post is. This means link building is very important for good SEO results. Reach out to the other genuine and reputed websites and get good backlinks or hire best SEO company if you’re not good at it.

8. Keywords and content:

But everything is useless without good keywords and fresh content. Pick the search term or phrase that elaborate you best and then research extensively to know the keywords people use to search. Google keyword planner is the best free tool you can always rely upon. In addition, whether it is a website, blog or ecommerce portal, the better the content, the higher you can stand. Exclusive content which is not only search engine friendly but also reader friendly will make you grab great ranking in the search engine results.

So instead of wondering how long does SEO take to work, get going and start creating quality content.

Remember, in the digital space where there is cut-throat competition and things change at the click of a button, you have to be on your toes (quite literally). In addition, revamping your strategies from time to time and keep on infusing the site with fresh data will make it easy to get better ranking.

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