How Long Does SEO Take to Work

How Long Does SEO Take to Work

Being a professional SEO services provider since more than 6 years, the question that our customers ask the most is – How much time it will take for our Keywords to rank on #1 on Google.

It is the only questions that most business owners ask again and again and it’s really a valid question for the small business owners who invest their hard earned money into search engine optimization.

Probably you also have the same question in your mind, right? There are several factors which play vital role for your SEO efforts to work and achieve top rank on major search engines.

Understanding the Timeline: When Will SEO Efforts Show Results?

We have listed some major factors below:

  • Age of your domain
  • Current Design and structure of your website
  • How much SEO has been done on it before
  • How useful your web content is to your target customers
  • Competition for the keywords you are targeting
  • Geographic location of your business
  • Your target market etc

Below is basic month by month plan of SEO efforts to follow during initial SEO work on any business websites.

First Month – Website seo Audit, Keyword planning and competition analysis. Once research and discovery is done – Start technical changes required on the site. Along with doing technical changes – Do thorough competition analysis for your top 5 competitors or more, What keywords they use – How they market their products on different social media channels, their back link analysis and prepare required document accordingly that can be used for further SEO work.

Second Month – Start making SEO changes on the website based on initial SEO audit report, like updating title and Meta on different pages, optimizing blog posts, resolving w3c validation errors. Also start working on link profile building the same time.

Third Month – Start focusing on content creation and content marketing on blogs and other off page platforms. By this time – you should already start seeing improvements on the rank of your top keywords on Google which should lead to increase in visitors on the website, It won’t be anywhere close to the improvements you should see after 6 months into your SEO efforts, but it should be significant enough for you to know that SEO is working for the investment you are putting in and the time you are spending.

Fourth Month – Continue working on link building and content marketing during this month along with technical optimization required on the website around results you are getting by this time.

Fifth Month – Along with other SEO activities, focus more on social media marketing during this month to attract direct customers from social media. Promote blog posts on social media and other blog marketing platforms to generate natural links to the website.

Sixth Month – By this time, you should have good amount of organic traffic to your website and you need to focus more on conversion optimization to convert the visitors into buyers/sales. From this point your focus should be to consistently create quality content and promote the content through various channels + you should be trying some new things that your other competitors are doing to increase business.

As per our experience working on best seo professional for more than 6 years, it generally takes 4 to 6 months to start seeing the result. By this time you can see some improvements on the search rank of keywords on search engines.

Some companies will tell you that they can achieve top search rank within couple of weeks, Of course they can with use of some spam techniques but it will not hold your search rank for long time and there is risk to get penalised by Google.

If your website is penalized by Google for doing such spam SEO activities, it will take months to remove the Google penalty.

SEO activities to focus on to get the best results

  • Updating structure of the website to make it Google friendly
  • Sitemap optimization
  • Mobile optimization
  • Implementing proper title tags and meta tags throughout the website
  • Content optimization on the web pages
  • HTML code clean up
  • Checking for 404 errors or bad code
  • Website speed optimization
  • Robot.txt optimization
  • Security measures implementation to make website secure
  • Quality link building

SEO is continuous work, don’t stop soon

Consistency is very important when it comes to generating sales through SEO work. Sometimes you get improvements on keywords rank within 2-3 months and sometimes it takes 5-6 moths to see any results.

If you stop after 3-4 months of SEO efforts just because you are not getting enough organic traffic, then you are working on SEO with wrong mindset to achieve result in short time. Even if you are seeing good results after 3-4 months, don’t stop working on it. If you continue putting planned efforts, result is guaranteed sooner or later.

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