10 Best Platforms for Headless Commerce

10 Best Platforms for Headless Commerce

In today’s digital era, the shopping experience of modern people overgrows because of the ever-growing technologies. According to the report released by eMarketer, the global eCommerce value will reach around $5 trillion by the end of this year, 2022.

As technologies keep emerging, business owners face many new challenges now and then. Therefore, it is essential for business owners to keep up with the emerging new technologies by hiring reliable eCommerce development services to tackle all those new challenges and sustain themselves in today’s competitive market.

Here this article briefs the top 10 best headless commerce platforms where you can develop a highly efficient online shop.  Before getting into the core topic, let’s brush up with some basics about headless commerce.

What is Headless Commerce?

It is an ‘eCommerce platform that works without a head.’ It means the platform delivers content without the front end. How could this be possible? This platform decouples the frontend theme and template from the backend theme of a website.

Because of that, the backend process of the online store works independently in headless commerce. Content delivery without frontend becomes possible through APIs. With the APIs, developers can publish the content on multiple platforms & frameworks.

Why Should You Prefer Headless Commerce?

Compared with other eCommerce platforms, this headless commerce offers a wide range of benefits. For example, an online store developed using headless commerce can work seamlessly on multiple devices (smart gadgets, smartphones, and kiosk screens).

Here are the key benefits of using headless commerce; take a look

  • Omnichannel Experience: Omnichannel is important for its success when it comes to online business. Headless commerce enables store owners to cover numerous customer channels through the omnichannel facility.
  • Easy Integration: Since APIs drive the headless commerce platform, it is much easier to configure and integrate with third-party applications like CRM, CMS, etc. This allows store owners to scale their business at any time.
  • Minimum Site Downtime: An eCommerce store’s downtime while updating may cause a more negative impact on site performance. With the help of API, headless commerce allows developers or owners to deploy updates with minimum downtime.
  • Improves Customer Experience: Headless commerce helps developers build a customer-centric, up-to-date, and intuitive store that offers a better customer experience than other platforms by conducting an eCommerce loyalty program.

List of 10 Best Headless Commerce Platforms of 2022

1. BigCommerce

BigCommerce is the superior headless commerce platform that offers more speed and flexibility to the developers to create an unparalleled customer experience. Developers can enjoy seamless integration of WordPress, Deity Falcon, Adobe, Bloomreach, and so through APIs. With this BigCommerce platform store owners can run their applications simultaneously on multiple systems.

2. Shopify Plus

With this Shopify eCommerce development; you can quickly transform any digital screen into a potential sales channel. It is the perfect headless commerce platform that offers a backend infrastructure for your customer’s touchpoints. Developers can design applications much faster and create quick engagement with various applications through APIs.

3. Amplience

This headless content management platform Amplience suits enterprises involved in B2C and B2B commerce activities. With this platform, you can easily create dynamic content and build a sophisticated experience without the intervention of developers. In addition, it empowers the team through collaboration in real-time with content, not code.

4. Contentful

Contentful is another headless commerce platform that offers a centralized hub from which you can publish content anywhere using open APIs. The presence of Markdown editor and embedded media library in this platform allows you to write and publish more content on many channels quickly.

5. Commercetools

It is a cloud-native headless commerce platform built on modern MACH principles. With seamless API integration, this headless commerce platform enables developers to create unique designs. In addition, it empowers digital commerce platforms to engage with all consumer touchpoints. It is a fast and flexible headless commerce platform that helps developers build amazing customer experiences.

6. Salsita Software

This Salsita software helps developers build more sophisticated web applications suitable for modern businesses. This headless commerce platform works based on a UX-first approach and prioritizes product quality. Because of that, development time and cost would reduce significantly.

7. OroCommerce

OreCommerce is the most preferred headless commerce platform by the wholesalers to build strong web applications. This headless commerce platform comes with various features like inventory management, catalog personalization, pricing adjusting, etc. In addition, syncing with ERP and integrating different 3rd-party apps will be much easier with this platform.

8. Magento Enterprise

Magento headless commerce is the most famous platform that offers more flexibility in creating strong web applications for eCommerce stores. It enables developers to build API-based headless eCommerce stores which can be deployed on various sales channels and devices. In addition, the functionalities can be extensible by using different Magento extensions.

9. Salesforce Commerce Cloud (SFCC)

It is a popular cloud-based headless commerce platform suits perfect for medium-level enterprises to build applications according to their need. The platform offers the most flexibility and easy configuration and cutting-edge APIs, enabling developers to create customized applications without any hassles. Moreover, store owners can reach their potential consumers through various channels with this platform.

10. Snipcart

Snipcart is an easy-to-use headless commerce platform that allows developers to convert any existing website into an intuitive and amazing web store. It is a powerful headless commerce platform powered by HTML and JavaScript that enables developers to build dynamic eCommerce stores.

Bottom Line

Without any doubt, you can easily say as headless commerce is the future for online shopping businesses. Using the power of emerging technology and touchpoints, headless commerce allows the store owner to reach beyond the limits of traditional eCommerce stores.

The best 10 headless commerce platforms of 2022 are briefed above; picking the one that suits your business need very well would result in better.