Why Video Marketing Is Very Important For Your Business

Why Video Marketing Is Very Important For Your Business

“Video marketing is the most effective way for you to get someone’s attention and engage them for a substantial period of time. Keeping someone engaged is the best and quickest way to gain their trust. Gaining trust is the only way to convert your audience into happy, long-term clients/customers/subscribers.”

– David Grimes

Video marketing is clearly in and how! There aren’t many difference makers available in the current frantic market setup of today given the rising competition and advent of modern sales avenues. Well, this is where video marketing occupies top spot, which is why some of the biggest international brands are flocking towards this channel to get the maximum out of their marketing strategies.

This is a recent occurrence; however, from the past 2-3 years the need has certainly amplified by manifolds. Didn’t you notice an avalanche of videos on your Facebook news feed lately? Be it e-commerce brands showcasing their products or a hi-end manufacturing company displaying how their products can be used or a flood of memes; videos are well and truly everywhere and there are good reasons why.

Let’s Find out Why Marketing Video Production is on the up and What it Can do for your Business:

1. Videos Are a Good Means of Trust Building

First things first, trust is the basis of every online sale out there. And as everyone will tell you, it doesn’t come easy. Hence, trust building should be the first and foremost priority for every business out there; not just online for that matter

Isn’t the whole marketing and sales concept directly dependent on trust and relationships? You might make a sale here and there by shelling out offers or discounts; however, a little trust lasts forever. Video content isn’t just about passing credible information in a likeable format; it is about triggering emotions and forming a strong connects with the target audience.

Don’t you see how YouTube has slowly but steadily evolved as a potent marketing tool? Hope you get the gist now. Videos give potential customers that push to make a purchase online.

2. Optimize Your Online Presence Significantly

Videos help spread the word both literally and metaphorically to an audience set like never before. Their reach is largely limitless; which is what makes them so potent. More the number of sources where customers can see you and your products; better are the chances of conversions. This is what will enhance your bandwidth and enable you to reach a wider audience base.

Using a solid video marketing strategy, you can enlighten the audience base with your core values and tell them what you stand for in a creative manner. The videos need to be both informative and entertaining and they will leave a lasting remark; in quick time as well, which is a win-win situation for businesses.

Once you’re all set with a brand; the next step is to spread the word out about who you are and what you provide. You want your audience to take notice so that you can edge out this ever rising competition. This is exactly where videos work in your favour. You will have the ability to attract the laziest of buyers. Today, no one has the time or the capacity to consume words or images for long; which is where videos have the upper hand.

Take YouTube for example; it is currently the 2nd largest search engine. It has more than 4 billion views on a daily basis. Not a shabby number, is it?

3. Video Marketing Encapsulates Everything Well

why video marketing is important

Image Source:- Growth Hakka

Are you launching a new product which needs explaining of the various USPs? Or launching a new service which might be too complicated for some users to wrap their heads around? Or do you want to showcase the hygiene standards in your food inventory store? Or do you want to capture your staff candidly celebrating some of the biggest holidays of the nation? Videos can cover anything and everything with vivid detailing and a whole lot of precision.

As much as 98% of online users have admitted that they tend to look at explainer videos if they wish to inquire about a particular service or product. There’s a reason why almost half of online businesses existing today invest in explainer videos and put them on their websites and YouTube channels primarily.

Animated videos and GIFs especially have faced a resurgence these days; especially for off-beat businesses dealing with unconventional products/services. Textual content can only take a message so far! Animated videos are interactive whilst being fun, conceptual and nostalgic at the same time. The biggest asset is that they work.

According to MarketingCharts.com, more than 60% users tend to invest at least 2 minutes in a video in order to learn more about a product they wish to buy.

4. Jump in the Search Engine Rankings Over Time

Average session time is a major ranking factor when it comes to search engine ranking positions. This is the average time a particular user spends on your website. So, if a user reaches your business landing page, he/she might or might not want to read through product descriptions or go through 10-15 images being displayed.

However, if the product really interests him/her, the odds of tapping on the video and watching it fully are too high. This is not only good news for traction and engagement purposes; but helps improve the website average session time as well.

This way Google knows that your website consists of products which the customers are looking for, which is being further complemented by useful and relevant video content. Over time, this will see you push higher in the rankings. Don’t expect result overnight for that is not how SEO works at all.

According to Marketing Week, video results showed up in as much as 70% of the top 100 Google search listings a couple of years ago. And things have only progressed since then. Hence, keep this strategy under strong consideration when you look to tie up with the best SEO agency.

As per a statistic by Moovly, opting for videos on your website increases your chances of getting listed higher up in Google’s search engine rankings by 53 times. And ever since Google has bought YouTube, video marketing has become a no-brainer.

Do make sure to optimize your videos on the lines of SEO though, by using catchy and keyword oriented titles, meta descriptions and URLs as well. Don’t forget to link the videos back to your website and the subsequent product pages.

5. Give a Push to Your Sales and Conversion Statistics

There is no denying that videos indirectly affect the overall sales and conversion stats of an online business. If used in the right manner, they can make you some serious cash without one shadow of a doubt.

Adding a product based video on the landing page of your website can increase conversions by a staggering 80% if you plan out the parameters right.

Customers want information and they want connection; they don’t want to buy from a brand anymore; they wish to experience an online brand in all its glory. This is why top brands are now turning to explainer video company.

And videos have a way of hitting the right chords. More often than not, if a potential user is watching a product-based video, a sale will occur as studies suggest. This shouldn’t be too surprising truth be told; as vision is the strongest sense we have as humans.

This stat might make things clearer:

Over 91% experienced marketing experts have now turned to video content marketing as compared to a mere 63% up until a few years ago.

6. Videos Encourage Social Sharing Directly

When was the last time you shared a text-based post on Facebook be it from any eminent celebrity across the globe? When was the last time you shared a particular throwback image which cited how far you’ve come over the years? When was the last time you shared a video of your favourite football player? The answers are right there in front of you.

As per me, the answers are I-don’t-remember, a few months and yesterday respectively.

There’s just something about videos which makes them easier to share; in fact, there’s an urge to share that with your friends and family. Do you not see the signs carefully? Facebook has gone on to introduce Live Video and 360-degree video facility? This is proof enough that videos are here to stay. You’d be surprised to know that more than 500 year’s worth of YouTube videos are being watched by Facebook users on a daily basis.

Not just Facebook, top apps like Instagram and Snapchat are seeing videos dominate over their other social counterparts. Up until a few years ago, a story was just a ‘story’ i.e. description of events. Nowadays, putting up stories is another way of life to interact with whosoever you want to.

According to a recent study, 76% online users admitted that they will share an entertaining video with their online friends at the first instant.

This not only increases your engagement and traction quotients, but gives you brand building for free. Now which brand wouldn’t want that?

Lumen5 is the best video maker tool available in the market.

7. ROI Game On

“The sheer cost of video production has come down to a point where there are no barriers to entry. Buyers have devices that can play videos with them at all times… [and] are engaging in 100% more information year-over-year before they make a buying decision.”

– Joe Pulizzi

If you look at the kind of smart phone investments people are making today and you quantify the current average camera settings with how it used to be even 4-5 years ago, the difference is mammoth. You can shoot a crystal clear 4K video on your mobile now, within a matter of seconds.

Hence, video marketing costs have substantially come down if you own a set of cool gadgets. There’s no need to employ a proper agency for that anymore if you have creative juices flowing.

Why else would over 83% businesses proclaim that video marketing provides good returns overall. Also, there is a barrage of online video making and editing tools; some of which are available for free as well. All you need is a little bit of research and you’re golden.

Also, if the content of your video is spot on, the quality doesn’t necessarily need to be 4K; get my point? Customers would rather watch a targeted video with medium quality than read lines of text or spend time browsing through images.

Hence, if you wish to stay in business for the long run, video marketing will do wonders for your ROI.

8. Different Scale of Story telling

Videos help tell your story in a manner which is well and truly unparalleled. The emotional impact videos generate often leave customers bamboozled and hooked to their screens, if the message across is powerful.

Also, where else will you be able to showcase bundles of information within a matter of seconds or minutes? This is why smaller the video, better are your chances of success. However, you might need to spend more short-time videos.

9. Tell the World You’re Fresh and Modern

tell the world you’re fresh and modern

A tech giant doesn’t necessarily make their phones smaller and screens larger because it looks cool; this is a sign of adaptability; a sign of evolution per se. Brands always want to evolve and grow in the right direction and tell the world about it.

It is more like a statement which ensures the customers that it will continue to release products and services in tune with international trends and protocols.

Video marketing is one such means of Content marketing. Customers appreciate and acknowledge the lengths brands go to these days in order to stay up-to-date and trendy.

A couple of years ago, flash mobs went viral all of a sudden. And big time corporate giants started organizing internal flash mobs in their offices just so to captivate their followers and come off as cool and modern.

The click-through-rate (CTR) of video marketing is 1.84% as per a recent statistic; which is more than every other digital marketing ad format.

10. A Thing of Beauty Lasts Forever

You heard it right! A video lasts forever, which makes it worth every dime. Unlike other marketing channels where ads get expired after a certain period or when the money runs out; a video when uploaded will stay online unless there’s an absolute downtime emergency.

So if you take the plunge and do it right, your positive digital imprint will be there for all to see for eternity. This will drastically reduce your average marketing spend per viewing time.

11. A Video is a Measurable Quantity

The heading speaks for itself. Given that videos are quantifiable in terms of their reach, traction and viewing times; you can get your analyst brains off-holidays and improvise your marketing strategies accordingly. Don’t leave anything to chance and keep on improving as every stat will be laid out plainly in front of you. Knowing what’s working and what isn’t is one of the biggest assets a business can get.

From the looks of it, video marketing isn’t going away anytime soon. Hence, it will make good sense to invest in it right away. Given most of your credible competition is already doing it, you wouldn’t want your business to lose out now, would you?


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