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M2E Pro Integration with Magento 2 - Step by Step guide

Magento is one of most popular eCommerce platform as it provides wide range of features and functionalities that help you create rich and enhanced online stores

With its outstanding features which are best known to create a compelling shopping experience and improved customer interface for checkout process, Magento has reached peak in eCommerce.

With Magento 2 upgrade, It is allowing flexibility to store owners to streamline their complete business processes using the eCommerce platform

In this age of high online competition, Increasing sales is a key challenge for all eCommerce entrepreneurs out there in the market

Outstanding sellers go beyond selling best products and services just on their own online stores and also take advantage of using other online selling channels

Amazon and eBay are the best online destinations to showcase your products and expand the market reach.

With new heights being reached every year by these sites to have a huge customer base and attracting large number of new customers as well, Magento 2 ebay & Amazon integration opens doors for new opportunities to boost eCommerce sales for online web stores

M2EPro is the best possible solution which helps you integrate Magento 2 Store with Amazon and eBay with its amazing features and wide range of configurations options as per your business nature

It allows management of products and its attributes from a single place and no need to manage the product information for different sites but enter only once and use it for all the marketplaces.

Also, as a seller you can control the inventory levels from your own choices in store and it automatically updates automatically on other sales channels like eBay and Amazon

You can import orders from all marketplaces and manage it through Magento admin with help of this extension.

It’s very flexible to keep the prices different for same product on your online Magento store, Amazon and eBay marketplace.

To help you streamline your business process the M2EPro extension automatically update products, sales, inventory between multiple selling channels

It supports multiple e-commerce stores and multiple Amazon/eBay accounts and provides a single interface for carrying out the entire e-commerce transactions. This is cool, isn’t it?

Let’s get started with M2EPRO integration with your Magento store but before that we will provide you detailed guidelines on how to setup and install the extension on your Magento 2 store on your own

M2EPro Installation

Before we start the installation process you have to check that your server meets below requirement for extension to function properly:

  • Ensure that full permissions are allowed to your SSH user for Magento files and folders
  • Your server’s configurations should be compatible to meet below requirements:- Max execution time = 360 seconds or more
    – Memory Limit = 512 MB recommended

Once that’s ready you need to follow the below steps to install M2E Pro magento Module:

  1. Download the latest version of the M2E Pro magento 2 module
  2. Extract the downloaded files into your Magento 2 root directory
  3. Run the following command:
  4. php bin/magento setup:upgrade
  5. Deploy static content data with below command in Magento 2 root directory
  6. php bin/magento setup:static-content:deploy
  7. For the Production Mode of Magento, run the command following the pattern on your Magento 2 root directory to increase the working speed of the Magento after the installation.
  8. php bin/magento setup:di:compile

With this you have successfully installed M2E Pro on your Magento 2 store

M2EPRO Activation

Follow below steps to activate initial configurations and start selling on eBay.

  • Step 1. Module Registration

The first stage in linking eBay to M2E Pro is to activate your Installation which means to obtain a License Key

Fill in the form and your account will be automatically created on M2E Pro Clients Portal

Module Registration

The License Key will be automatically generated. Click Continue button at the top to move to the next step.

  • Step 2. Account Onboarding

Next, you should link your eBay Account to your M2E Pro Module

Account Onboarding

You can use both Sandbox and Live accounts. And, if you do not have an existing eBay Seller Account, you can register a new one.

Click Continue button and you will be redirected to eBay site where you will need to provide your Login and Password

Account Onboarding2

Press Sign In and then I Agree button.

  • Step 3. First Listing Creation

Voila! You have now successfully registered your M2E Pro Extension and linked your eBay Account to it

Now it’s time to create your First Listing and configure it to list the Magento Products to the selected eBay Marketplace

Listing Creation

There are number of major steps involved in Listing Creation and we are going to guide you one by one as below

Step 1. General Settings

This step includes simple fields such as Title for Listing and selecting eBay account with eBay User ID

If the User ID is not available then you can add another with new eBay account. Next, select the eBay Marketplace account which you want to sell your products with this M2E Pro Listing on

The default currency is set based on chosen site automatically. After that you can select Magento settings for the Store view for this M2E Pro Listing. The choice you make here will determine which products and categories will be available for adding them to M2E Pro Listing

Step 2. Payment/Shipping Settings

This part includes more detailed steps after you are done with Account and Marketplace selection.

  • Payment Settings
    – Paypal Settings

You can provide the email address related to your PayPal account and select if the Immediate Payment is required.

Also, note down that this option only applies to Items which are listed on PayPal-enabled eBay Marketplaces that are supporting immediate payment on categories when a Seller has a Premier or Business PayPal account

– Additional Payment Methods

There are other Payment Methods also available for eBay Marketplace for your Listing

Additional Payment Methods

  • Shipping Settings

This will show you a list of options in which you can set them as below:

Item Location

This will be auto filled by your Magento settings where you can update the info if needed

Item Location

Also you can select respective Magento values in Location settings

Item Location setting

Domestic and International Shipping

There are different types available for Domestic Shipping Preferences and you can select suitable option for your customers’ delivery

Domestic and International Shipping

– Flat: same cost to all buyers

Here it will apply charge of the single rate for domestic or international shipping. But if you choose this option then detail of at least one service needs to be provided with Add Shipping Method button

There are multiple modes as well which allows you to set custom costs for different types of products you will be selling

same cost to all buyers

– Shipping Surcharge

For Alaska, Hawaii, and Puerto Rico (for USA or eBay Motors sites only) you can set surcharge in shipping using this option for Domestic Flat Shipping when FedEx or UPS Shipping Services are selected.

Shipping Surcharge

Click and Collect Opt-Out

This will allow your Customers to collect Items from eBay Collection Points available across the UK and Australia

eBay Collection

Calculated: cost varies by Buyers location

With use of this by customer’s location (zip code or postcode), weight, and dimensions of a package, it will apply shipping charge automatically calculated

After selecting that it will show Package Details section like this

cost varies by Buyers location


This is used for items which are heavier than 150 lbs and its only available for AU, CA, GB, US, CA (French) eBay Marketplaces.


No Shipping

If not planning to ship product and pickup is required by customer

No Shipping

eBay Shipping Rate Table

This charges shipping based on eBay Shipping Rate Table and only applicable to Domestic Flat shipping of the USA, the UK, Germany, Australia, eBay Motors and for International Shipping.

Dispatch Time (only for Domestic Shipping)

All customers expect short dispatch times, ideally next day but preferably within 3 working days. You can set the time your business takes to deliver the product to customer.

Handling Cost

If there is any extra cost for packaging any product you can charge this cost. Customers will not be shown separate cost for this but included in shipping

Combined Shipping Profile

From your eBay account you can use this Profile to manage some of your shipping discounts which allows using flat shipping and calculated shipping rule profiles

Promotional Shipping Rule

From your eBay account you can use the Rules to give shipping discounts based on item quantity or specific order amount

“Cash On Delivery” Cost (eBay Italy only)

Add convenient method of cash on delivery which is required for COD Payment Method.

Offer Global Shipping Program (eBay US only)

With this you can easily sell items to customers from countries outside the US and UK to purchase items from US and UK sellers

Cross Border Trade – International Site Visibility

This is to maximize product visibility in search results international sites.

Excluded Locations

This will allow to specify the locations you will not ship products to

  • Return Settings

Customers trust those sellers more who offer product Return options if they are not happy with the product purchased, while most of them never do return. Products with a clear Returns Policy generally sell better than which don’t have one

Return Settings

Step 3. Selling Settings

Now that you have setup all your Listing and Payment/Shipping settings, it’s time to setup the Price, Quantity related settings as well as Item Description, Images and other major configurations

  • Price, Quantity and Format Policy

How You Want To Sell Your Item

This specifies type of listing for products will be fixed price, Auction, Private or Business only

Auction, Private or Business only

Quantity and Duration

Here you can specify that products will be available for how many days and specific quantity you want available on eBay from your Magento inventory

Quantity and Duration


In this section you can set your VAT Rate for European eBay Sites or you can use eBay Tax Table for US, CA or eBay Motors site


  • Description Policy


With this you can let your customers know that in what condition the product will be available for purchase along with notes to give more information on the condition for new items like defects, missing parts, scratches, or other wear and tear etc

Description Policy Condition


It will take the product’s base image as main image by default from your Magento website but you can specify other images or provide direct URL of the image if it needs to be taken from external resource

There are other options as well to select big sized images, thumbnail images for gallery which are available up to 12 and attribute to select to specify the image associated with it



You can add a watermark to your images with different settings as below but this option is only available for the images available in Magento store



With these options you can specify different details for Product such as Title, Subtitle, Meta information etc



You can allow to show product description or short description or even custom value


eBay Catalog Identifiers

In this section, you should specify the eBay Catalog Identifiers, which are required for eBay Items as listed below and map them with Magento product attributes

eBay Catalog Identifiers

Upgrade Tools

With below additional features you can help your Listing to stand out from others but these require additional fees if you want to use them.

Upgrade Tools

  • Step 4. Synchronization Settings

Congratulation on making this far because you have done fantastic job with configuration completion of specified general, Shipping/Payment and Price-, Quantity-related settings of your Listing.

Now next step is to set how Products in your listings automatically update – Synchronization Policy Rules and you have to enable M2E Pro Listings Synchronization for that

Go to the admin left side menu path:
eBay Integration > Configuration > Settings > Synchronization

There you need to define different type of Synchronization Rules:

  • List Rules

In this rule you have to define which new products are to be listed on eBay based on the conditions specified


If selected Enabled it will automatically list new products from your Magento store inventory to eBay based on conditions set here


List Conditions

These are the Conditions which should be met to make the Item be listed to eBay which are self explanatory

List Conditions

Advanced Conditions

With this you can add custom List Rules.The first rule is default: If ALL these Conditions are TRUE which means all conditions should meet with you define in rule or if any of them can be met (AND or OR) in order to execute the rule’s action

Advanced Conditions

This AND or ORicon will show a selection field to select required options

Advanced Conditions 2

Click on the “is” link to specify comparison between conditions

Advanced Conditions 3

Click on three dots to fill value field and enter the value

Advanced Conditions 4

Your Rule is now configured with this and products from your store will be listed to eBay only if all the conditions setup above are met

  • Revise Rules

And in this rule you have to define when the products which are listed on eBay need to be revised. These options are almost identical to List Rules so you can setup with above guide.

  • Relist Rules

While in this rule you have to define when products that were previously listed on eBay but aren’t currently need to be listed again on eBay. This is identical to List Rules so refer to above

  • Stop Rules

This rule defines when to stop the listings on eBay. If all conditions set to No or No Action then it will not stop the eBay listings. Based on the conditions you setup it will sync eBay listing to stop.

Stop Conditions

Stop Conditions

If Out Of Stock Control is enabled

If you have enabled Out of Stock Control option in the section of Price, Quantity and Format Policy for Good Till Cancelled Listing then it will run Revise action instead of Stop depending on the Stop Rules you configure and it will show warning in Log records to inform you for the same

After that product’s status will be changed from Listed to Listed (Hidden)

If Out Of Stock Control is enabled

Advanced Conditions

Please follow advanced conditions in List Rules as same can be applied on stopping the listing

Step 5. Add Magento Products

After you have successfully setup Listing and Synchronization settings for Payment, Shipping & Selling, you can specify which products you want to List to eBay marketplace.

For that you have to select the Products you want to List on eBay and then choose eBay Categories to list the products and after that you need to add specific information for eBay Categories

  • Adding Product from the List

It will display all products as single list if you select Products from Products List

Start selecting Product in the table by checkboxes in first column to add those in M2E Pro Listing.

Click on Continue button after done with product selection and you will be asked to select eBay Categories for those

Adding Product from the List

  • Adding Products from Category

During Magento eBay integration, If you choose to select products from Category then it will allow you to SEARCH Products based on Magento Category.

To view the Sub-Categories click + sign in the hierarchy, Select Product in the tableby checkboxes in first column to add those in M2E Pro Listing

Your selection is added to total at the top Category list once you move to another Category

Total numbers of Products you have selected in that Category are shown in the bracket. Click on Continue once you are done

Adding Products from Category

  • Auto Add/Remove Rules

Also you can use Auto Add/Remove Rules to add or remove them from the M2E Pro Listing like Manual Product adding to the Listing. There are 3 levels to choose from

Auto Add:Remove Rules

All Products

Global (All Products)

This is used for all products in Magento Catalog when products added

– New Product Added to Magento – you can specify what to do to the Product when added to Magento

– Add not Visible Individually Products – you can select if Products with Not Visible Individually status need to add to M2E Pro Listing automatically or not

– Product Deleted from Magento –what action to take on Listing when Product deleted from Magento store. It will remove from eBay Listing and M2E Pro Magento Listing

Global (All Products)


This option is available only when a Store View is specified in Listing Settings. All the options are same as above but only applicable to specific store.


This option helps you monitor the Categories when new products added to Magento

You can click on New Group then select Categories and specify Title and action to apply on the products of that category to setup this rule


  • Set eBay Categories

You have to select the eBay Categories for the Products you want to add in M2E Pro Listing to send to eBay. There are below options for selection:

Set eBay Categories

All Products Same Category

This will List all Products in same eBay Categories. This will allow you select the Primary and Secondary eBay Category and also select eBay Store Categories for existing eBay Store

All Products Same Category

Click on Edit to choose and set a Category and use tabs to select as well

Category and use tabs

Click on Confirm to go to previous screen once you have selected the Categories

selected the Categories

Based on Magento Categories

This option will help you select from your Magento website categories

From Actions column you can select set All Categories, Primary Category or Store Primary Category

Choose Categories before choosing the action in the Actions bulk at top to make same changes to multiple Magento Categories and click Submit

If you stuck on anything during your M2e Pro Magento integration, You can contact your Magento eCommerce development team for assistance

team for assistance

Click Edit on this page to select the Primary Category

Primary Category

And then select eBay categories with various tabs same as above step

same as above step

Once the Category is set then click Confirm button to go to previous screen where it shows confirmation of eBay Categories that you have selected in list

have selected in list

Get Suggested Categories

This option fetches suggested categories from eBay. This process time depends on the number of Products you have added in the listing and it will show a progress bar to keep you updated with its status of search

updated with its status

When search is complete it will display list of Products with suggested eBay Categories and show notification for products if category suggestion was not found on eBay

You can use Actions column dropdown if need to edit Product’s Category and follow same steps as above to select different Category with help of various tabs

help of various tabs

Set Manually for each Product

If you select this option then it will show Products list from Listing and notification will be shown for a product if eBay Category is not set

You can edit to select the Product Category with help of left Action menu which will show the tabs to select eBay categories for each product

  • Set Item Specifics

Now the last thing to do after you have added Magento Products to M2E Pro Listing and selectedrespective eBay Categories is to set Item Specifics

These are product related information like manufacturer, color, size, etc. This info is displayed on eBay at top of Products so that customers get all details about your product

You can choose options from eBay recommended, Custom value or Custom Attribute for each of the product info

Custom value or Custom Attribute

Once you are done with all the above steps you can now see your Listing is created as below which synchronize your products with eBay Marketplace

above steps

Congratulations..!! This marks completion of your M2E Pro Magento 2 integration and now you can check your eBay account to view the products available for selling to eBay customers

Feel free to contact us if you require help of our Magento 2 development Experts to integrate online selling channels such as eBay, Amazon, Rakuten. We are always ready to assist you with our team of experienced Magento 2 Developers


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