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Key Questions and Answers on Progressive Web App

WARC or the World Advertising Research Centre, an organisation considered to be a global authority on advertising and media effectiveness, published a report about smartphone users in 2019. It postulates that by 2025, around 72.6% of internet users will use only their smartphones to access the web.

The report does not come as a surprise. Even now, all around the world, the smartphone is becoming the go-to-device to use the internet. What does it mean for your business? You will have to consider the convenience of this population to maximise the visibility of your business, any professional seo services would tell you

Though businesses offer mobile-friendly websites and apps, your customers would want something more – less response time, more user-friendliness and maybe, less dependence on internet connectivity. Well, such a service is available now with Progressive Web Apps or PWAs. You may have questions galore about PWAs and here are some to give you a know-how on PWAs.

Questions and Answers to help you know PWA better

What is PWA?

PWA was devised way back in 2015. The term was coined by designer Frances Berriman and engineer Alex Russel. In simple terms, a PWA is a combination of a website and a native app. It does not require installation or update through Play or App Stores.

On one side, it lends the familiarity of a mobile app, and on the other, it also provides the benefit of modern browsers. It means fast loading and also the benefit of push notifications. One of the best things about PWAs is that the app can work offline as well.

Does PWA Replace Native Apps?

It doesn’t. PWA is more of an interactive web application for better user experience. It needs a browser to function whereas mobile apps function on their own

How are PWA and Native Apps Different?

Unlike mobile apps, PWAs do not need installation nor do they need to be purchased from app stores. A user can use it directly over the web. A mobile app will have more functions than PWA but will need internet connectivity to work. PWA can open even without an internet connection

How Can a User Access PWA?

All they have to do is open the URL using the device browser. It can also be added to the home screen and allow notifications from the web app. Though a website, PWA offers the interactive appeal of mobile apps, thus providing a better user experience.

Since the application uses cache memory, users can save data and time every time they open the progressive web app.

Does PWA Need a Special Browser?

No, because every major browser, including Firefox and Chrome support PWAs.

What is ‘Progressive’ About PWAs?

PWA is progressive on many accounts. For one, it combines the best features of an app and a website to create a great user experience. Second, it uses cache memory to allow users to browse the application offline as well.

Another progressive factor about PWAs is the use of progressive app features such as service workers, manifest and app shell.

Does PWA Contribute to SEO?

It does. A native app does not help in SEO as they exist only in an app store. PWA, on the other hand, is crawlable in the search engines, and thus you can optimise it for search engines.

Which Industries Can Benefit from PWA?

PWAs are meant to give a better viewing and browsing experience for end-users. Thus, all kinds of industries including eCommerce, B2B, B2C, media, IT and more will benefit from PWA. If businesses wish to target the increasing number of smartphone users, then, they better get PWA asap.

How Does an End-user Benefit from PWA?

A business can ensure better user experience for its customers through PWA. They don’t have to install apps or search app stores. Since almost all browsers support PWA, it is as easy as viewing a website. Unlike websites, PWA does not depend on the internet speed to load, and neither does it take up any storage space.

What Does PWA Offer Businesses?


  • The customers will love the PWA experience as it reduces the challenges of web apps but at the same time, provides the user-friendliness of mobile apps.
  • It is also cost-effective as a single version works across different platforms.
  • It is also easy to share PWA URL, just the way you share your website link.
  • PWAs also allow push notifications thereby giving your business a higher chance of conversion ratio.
  • PWAs contribute to SEO as well.
  • It saves time and money.
  • PWA works offline, so, businesses get a better chance to reach customers in areas where net connectivity is slow.

What are a Few Well-performing PWAs?

Many prominent brands are reaping amazing results from PWA. Some of the examples are –

  • Forbes
  • Twitter
  • Uber
  • Trivago
  • Ola
  • MakeMyTrip
  • Ola

Is it Expensive to Build PWAs?

PWAs do not need separate code for working on different mobile platforms. It means lower cost for app development. Thus, compared to native apps, PWAs are relatively less expensive to develop, maintain and update.

How Does eCommerce Benefit from PWA?

There are a few industries which depend on the user-friendliness of their websites for conversion rate as much as eCommerce companies. If the customer finds the website difficult to engage with, they may never want to visit again. PWAs, thus, can eliminate the website issues and allow better engagement through an interactive and responsive web interface.

Today, a majority of people, across the world, use their smartphones for online shopping. Many may not be comfortable with app installation or may find the website too slow. Some may be unable to access the site while commuting or at certain places because of slow network connectivity. PWAs work efficiently across platforms and even offline, thus making the sites available easily as and when the customers need access. Many ecommerce website development services offer customised PWAs for ecommerce businesses.

How Much Time Does it Take to Develop a PWA for My Business?

The time taken will depend on various factors from your objective to specific needs. Again, it will also depend on the company developing the PWA for you. But be assured, it is worth the effort and wait, as many PWAs of renowned companies have proved.

What Technology is Best for PWA Development?

Vue and React are the technology tools used for developing PWA. You should choose the right one as per the scale of your project. For example, Vue.js is suitable for smaller projects because of the functional simplicity it offers.

Still, many prefer React.js as it has better control over the design of projects. It also enjoys wide community support including Facebook backing. You could approach a react js development company and discuss your needs and specifications to develop a PWA that works best for your business.

PWA is Here to Stay, so Businesses Better Adapt

PWA is the app for today and tomorrow. As it makes accessing internet easier and faster on mobile screens, PWAs give businesses a faster and shorter route to reach customers. With several advantages such as offline availability, SEO benefit, better responsiveness, and more, PWAs are just what a business needs. It also ensures that you reach all those who are busy on their smartphones, which means at least more than 70% of internet users! And it is now the best time to get PWA for your business!

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