Website Maintenance Service To Deliver Delight Experience

Do you know that your business website needs regular maintenance and updates to make it work productively? Around 70% of your regular customers know about your company through your website, so keeping it safe and smooth is the need of the hour.

Considering your needs for website maintenance, we at Icecube Digital are serving complete website maintenance services, helping thousands of businesses across the world improve overall performance and security.

Why Is Website Maintenance Very Important For Your Business?

Don’t you want to provide a secure experience to your customers? Don’t you want to make them feel that their data is in safe hands? Then, a regular website maintenance service is a must to provide the most reliable security solution. Timely maintenance and updates prevent your business website from being hacked and keep your customers’ data safe with you.

Lightning website Speed

Lightning Speed

Who doesn’t prefer to have a lightning-speed website that runs quickly and smoothly? Almost all businesses worldwide prefer having a business website that opens in a flash. But how is it possible? Through website maintenance plans, make your website open quickly to improve your customers’ overall performance and online presence.

Keep Your Products/Services Updated

Keep Your Products/Services Updated

With growing products & services and changing prices, it is a must for you to get website maintenance and support services for updating products, modifying existing prices, and content. With maintenance packages, keep your company’s website updated and deliver the newest products, services, and prices to maintain the users’ shopping experience.

Responsive Web Design

Enhance Overall Visitors’ Experience

Do you know that your website is the face of your brand? It will be the first impression your website visitors will have of your business; therefore, it is a must that your visitors and your customers get a never forgetting experience. Your website must meet your viewer’s expectations. So, regularly examine and update your website to stay ahead in this competitive online market.


24/7 Tracking

In any case, if your website gets down for a few minutes, then your business sales get affected hugely. Whether it is for a few minutes or hours, you will lose lots of customers who will never come back to your site. To prevent such issues, consulting a professional website maintenance company is a must to monitor your website 24/7. Such maintenance and support services bring your website in the best working condition in just a few minutes.

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Key Website Maintenance Service We Offer

Responsive Web Design

eCommerce Website Maintenance Services

No matter how big or small your eCommerce website is, we, at Icecube Digital, are dedicated to delivering the best quality eCommerce website maintenance services that give your customers a delightful shopping experience. We make sure to perform daily monitoring of your website to prevent downtime and security issues.

Responsive Web Design

Magento Maintenance Service

Irrespective of the size and type of your Magento website, we deliver a highly optimized Magento website maintenance and support service at Icecube Digital. To keep your online store updated, our team of Magento developers ensures that your website doesn’t have any issues or bugs. With constant monitoring and customer support, we bring more value to your business.

Real-time Chat Apps

WordPress Maintenance Service

Our WordPress developers are here to keep your WordPress website updated with special expertise in WordPress maintenance services. Whether you want to back up your website, maintaining themes & plugins updated, or optimizing your database, we have got you covered. We provide a comprehensive range of WordPress maintenance and support services.

Seamless Navigation from Homepage to Checkout

Shopify Maintenance Service

Do you want your Shopify store to run smoothly and effectively? Icecube Digital is well-known for providing all types of maintenance services, including monitoring for downtime, scanning for security malware, updates to 3rd party themes, review checkout process, and more. So, what are you waiting for? Just your needs TODAY!

Easy Management of your Content and Products

WooCommerce Maintenance Service

No need to bother about your website’s health, security, and performance as we, at Icecube Digital, understand your needs and deliver the best quality maintenance services. WooCommerce maintenance service takes care of your website’s update, monitoring, and reporting. Get an improved website speed and overall rich performance with us.

What You Get In Website Maintenance Service Packages

When your company or business website accesses our website maintenance service packages, it gets access to many services. We help all types of businesses in order to keep their website consistent for updating products, services, and prices. What our website maintenance service packages include:

  • Ensure website safety and security
  • Website speed optimization
  • Review overall server performance
  • SSL installation
  • Google analytics integration
  • Database optimization
  • Crawling and indexing errors
  • Troubleshooting DB error
  • Domain hosting and management support
  • Implementing A/B testing
  • Up-gradation of your CMS and plugins
  • Monthly & quarterly website performance report
  • DNS management assistance
  • Overall website improvement

Does Your Business Website Need Any Other Maintenance Service?

Icecube Digital delivers almost all types of website maintenance and support services to give a competitive edge to your competitors!

Our Maintenance And Support Plans

Pay-as-you-go Support Package

We understand that paying a monthly fixed cost doesn’t meet all business needs. This is why we provide a pay-as-you-go support package mainly designed for those website maintenance businesses who do not wish to commit to a monthly contract. With this package, you just need to simply pay for what you need and when you need it. For low-maintenance website needs, it is the perfect package that allows you to save money.

  • Hourly Rate
  • A Dedicated Project Manager
  • Around 24 hr Response Time

Monthly Support Package

The monthly support package is mainly designed for businesses that have big websites and need constant support and update services. We will ensure that your website is always up to date with fresh content, products, services, and prices. Monthly support package offers:

  • Around 24 hr Response Time
  • 24/7 Website Monitoring
  • Telephone Support
  • Priority Response

Why Work With Icecube Digital For Website Maintenance Service?

Let our website maintenance experts at Icecube Digital review your website performance, backups, security settings, user experience and solve all your queries, making your website run faster aand smoother. Here are the reasons to work with Icecube Digital for the website maintenance and support services:

  • Your Trusted Partner For Website Maintenance Services
  • 10+ Years of Experience in Website Maintenance & Support Services
  • Client-Centric Approach
  • Reliable Exclusive website maintenance and Support Service
  • Served 500+ Clients Worldwide
  • 100% Transparency Throughout The Project

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