20 Questions to Ask your Next Web Design & Development Company

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20 Questions to Ask your Next Web Design & Development Company

If you are running a business and looking to find potential customers online, you need a stunning website. Be it a simple CMS website with some information pages or a fully functional eCommerce website, you need to find a professional and reliable website design company to build a website that not only attract visitors but help you to generate sales

When there are number of designers and developers available to select from, it becomes tough to select someone who is reliable and experienced enough to provide best return on your web project investment

You may know about asking some basic questions like how much does it cost, how much time it will take etc, but there are some tricky questions that you might not know about and are very crucial to ask to your next web design agency to select the best

Here we have put together a detailed list of web design questions that will help you to understand whether the web designers/developers will be able to help effectively to achieve your goal or not

No matter, You ask these questions to your web design and development company in a face to face meeting or over the phone call – It will help you to learn who they are and if they are the best suitable for your specific project needs

Questions to ask web designers and developers:

1) How many years of web design & development experience do you have?

With this question, you should aim to find a company who has at least 4-5 years of experience in building websites. The more the experience, the more beneficial it will be for you. You can visit their social media profiles to know more

2) How much do you charge to build a website?

The price for a website depends on many factors like how much experience that designers/developers have, what type of website you are looking to build, what set of custom functionalities you need etc

Find out if they will be charging a fixed price for entire project or if they charge on hourly basis so you can compare with the other service providers you are considering.

If you are looking to build an eCommerce website with lots of custom functionalities, You should consider to go with a fixed cost estimate with a detailed scope of the work document in place so that you can allocate necessary budget in advance.

A scope of the work contract with clear terms and conditions protects you and your designer both so you should make sure to get one
In general, you get what you pay for so you should be ready to pay more to a professional and experienced eCommerce website development company in comparison with other freelancers.

3) Can you provide url of top 5 websites that you have built?

After taking a look at the best websites that they have built, you would be able to judge if they can build the website or web application of your choice or not. You can check in the example sites if they have any experience in building websites similar to what you are looking for

You should ask for their detailed past project case studies. What type of work they have done in the past and what type of website performance improvement results they have delivered

Experienced designers and developers will not have any problems in showing you their project case studies

4) Which web platform will be used to build the website and why?

There are number of different web platforms available to build websites. Some of them are paid and some are open source. You should ask your web developers which platform they will be using with the reason behind going with any specific platform

If you are looking to build an eCommerce website, any professional magento 2 development company will suggest to go with Magento eCommerce platform

Every platform has some Pros and cons so you should go with the team offering best suitable platform around your needs. You should do some basic research on web to know about advantages and disadvantages of platform you want to go with since it will impact massively on the long term success of your website and other ongoing maintenance cost in future

5) How long it will take to finish my website?

Ask them how much time it will take to finish the project and discuss deadlines with any penalties if applicable so that you can plan other marketing activities accordingly once the website is live

During the project life cycle, you would need to allocate some time on regular basis to review the progress and provide necessary feedback so you need to plan your schedule accordingly

6) How many rounds of design revision will be done?

During the design phase, It may happen that you don’t like the design drafts that web designers are preparing for your web pages and you may need revisions to be made to get the designs of your choice so ask them if they allow revisions during design and development phase of the project, Also check if they provide design mock ups for mobile and tablet interfaces

A reputed eCommerce website design company will not limit the number of design revisions and they will not be happy until you are. After all you should be happy with the final designs

7) What payment terms do you offer?

Ask this in order to check if their payment terms work based on completion of different phase of the project or not & what advance funds you need to deposit etc

This will help you to arrange necessary funds to avoid any delays in payment and keep your development team happy. Avoid design and development teams that needs full fund in advance

8) Will Website be optimized for minimum loading speed?

This is very important since loading speed of your website can make or break your online business. Google is considering your website speed as ranking factor and your potential customers will switch to your competitors if your website is not loading within 3-4 seconds max on desktops and mobile devices

9) Do you optimize website to show on search engines?

Check if your web development agency has in house team of professional SEO experts who can help designers and developers to implement required SEO measures during the development process and if they will charge extra for this or not

It is very important that your website is well optimized for search engines so that your potential customers can easily find your business online. SEO should be incorporated with your design and development process

10) Can i update website myself after it is finished and operational?

You should check this in order to make sure that you will be getting user friendly and easy to manage back end interface for your website so that you can update content/pictures, add blog posts etc on your own without having the need to contact your developers every time for any simple updates required

Check about what parts of website you would be able to update in future and what not

11) Who will write the content for the website?

Do they have copywriter in the team who can write content for the website pages or you need to arrange the content?

If you are going to write necessary content, check if they will provide proper guidelines to write best optimized content with required length and keywords to be included for SEO

12) What type of support do you offer after website is finished and live?

Ask if they offer ongoing maintenance and support service after website is finished and live. What if you find after a week that some features of the site are not working well or have some bugs? Do they offer free bug fixing support?

13) What other info will be required from my end?

Other than writing content for the website, what other info will be required from your end. Check if you need to arrange pictures required for the website or if they will arrange it. If they will do the logo design work or you would need to arrange a logo for your brand etc. Discuss about your responsibility during the process

14) Would you be happy to provide some of your customer references?

It is always good to discuss with their existing/past customers to know about their good or bad experience of working with the designers and developers. Honest & professional woocommerce development services provider will not have any problems in sharing contact details of their past customers with a potential customer

15) What will be the communication process during entire project?

Effective communication is the most important factor behind success of any web design and development projects. Ask to check for the mode of communication during project – They will be using email communication or any project management tool? How frequent you will get progress updates from your development team?

16) My website will be secure?

With the hacking and malware attack news here and there in these days, you should check with your web development team about their capacity to secure your website against any such threat in future. What type of security implementation policy they follow while building a website?

17) Do you offer hosting services?

Check if they offer hosting services and if they don’t, do they suggest any best options based on their past experience and the type of website you have? You need to select the best hosting since it will have huge impact on performance of your website

Usually web developers and designers work with different hosting companies so they know pros and cons of different providers and how effective their support is. You should check and compare different options available before selecting one for your website and assistance of your web developers would be of great benefit

18) How do you test your work to ensure utmost quality?

Your web development team should have a sound testing policy in place to ensure the final product is bug free. Check what testing methodologies they use to test your website on different browsers and devices

19) Do you provide website back end training?

This is a very important question. Once the website is developed and live, it is essential for you to understand how the admin area of the website works and how you can update different sections of website. Check if they provide website back end training as part of the project

20) How do i measure results after site goes live?

Ask about what type of results you should expect from your website after it is live. How can you check traffic on the website? How can you measure conversion rate etc? Do they configure Google analytics and webmaster tools for you to track visitors’ traffic on the website?


The growth of mcommerce and digital currencies in today’s world has pushed every business to start their website, webshop or mobile app to be on top of this opportunity

Building an awesome website can be difficult if you don’t know some basic rules & the key to success is finding the right team of designers, developers and SEO professionals with years of experience to deliver a result driven website

web design and development agency with proven track record should be able to answer all the 20 questions effectively

Got any other questions? Please write in the comments section below and our Magento 2 experts would be happy to help


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