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Veba Resign

Work Performed

  • New Design Layouts
  • Custom UX/UI implementation from Design, Magento 2 Theme Development and Theme Integration.
  • Magento 2 upgrade and data migration from Magento 1
  • Magento 2 multi store setup with store specific themes for UK and USA
  • Custom solution for product page to show different design and layout based on each product type and its category
  • Custom feature to allow admin to select which design they want to apply on which product along with product awards and badges
  • Custom Filters to easily find relative product information on the product pages based on specific product types
  • Customized solution to help the customers for calculating how many litres of paint required for specific size of area
  • In-house developed custom One Step Checkout extension with customized shipping methods
  • Custom tailored page for finding correct sample products based on customer’s environment/location and colour ranges
  • Custom tailored page to choose your own colour scheme based on your brick, main area primary colour and secondary colour
  • Customized integrations with Xero, Unleashed and Hubspot

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