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Vista resin

Work Performed

  • Custom UX/UI/Animations implementation from Design, Magento 2 Theme Development and Theme Integration.
  • Magento 2 multi store setup with store specific themes for different countries
  • Custom Mega Menu for navigation
  • Customized Product page with easy to manage Blogs/Downloads/FAQ/Videos from backend
  • Calculator for how much quantity will be required based on length, width and height of surface
  • Ratio Calculator to find how much Part A and Part B required from different products
  • Custom filters on product list page for finding correct products
  • Customized Product Selector to suggest product based on your preferences of Creation Type, Usage and Category
  • Custom Magento 2 extensions for Blogs, Inspirations and Ambassadors with backend management features
  • Customized Reward Points program based on lifetime spends of different price ranges, quadruple reward points and affiliate reward points based on customer group specific coupons
  • Custom One Step Checkout with customized shipping methods
  • Customized integrations with Xero, Unleashed and Hubspot

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