WordPress Case Study: Achieved Remarkable 1,121% Organic Revenue Growth

Client Overview

Nutrifarmacy is an online store that provides information, resources, and products related to natural health and wellness. They offer carefully selected supplements, herbal medicines, and other health items. They focus on overall well-being and provide high-quality products for different health needs. This includes supplements for better immunity, herbal treatments for relaxation, and other health necessities. Nutrifarmacy makes sure all their products help people live healthier lives. They focus on quality and customer happiness, aiming to be a reliable source for people looking for natural ways to improve their health. Their website is easy to use and they strive to help customers improve their wellness.

Client Goal

Nutri Farmacy engaged our team to provide SEO services with the specific objective of enhancing their website’s performance, while simultaneously increasing their organic traffic and e-commerce sales.


Optimizing Nutrifarmacy’s online presence was no small feat due to the unique nature of its products. The challenge lies in striking a balance between increasing online sales and building brand awareness. The products were distinct, making it essential to convey their value to the audience effectively. Additionally, in a crowded online marketplace, standing out as a niche health and wellness provider requires a thoughtful and targeted approach to SEO. These challenges demanded a tailored strategy that would not only enhance visibility but also educate and resonate with a discerning consumer base, ultimately leading to improved sales and brand recognition.

Strategies Implemented:

a. Title Tags: We enhanced each page’s title to incorporate relevant keywords and expressions relevant to the client’s products and services. Moreover, we ensured uniqueness and alignment with the specific content of each page.

b. Meta Descriptions: We revised meta descriptions for every page to furnish a clear, concise summary of the page content. Strategic integration of appropriate keywords and phrases into the meta descriptions aimed at enhancing their search engine visibility.

c. Header Tags: Regarding header tags, a meticulous approach was taken to optimize them on each page by including appropriate keywords and phrases. We structured the header tags in a logical hierarchy, accurately mirroring the content on the respective page.

d. Image Alt Tags: In optimizing image alt tags, we paid attention to each product image’s alt tag, embedding relevant keywords and phrases. This not only enhanced product image visibility on search engines but also augmented the website’s accessibility for users with visual impairments.

e. Interlinking Management: We effectively executed interlinking management for Nutrifarmacy. This strategic approach involves connecting related pieces of content within the website, yielding multiple benefits. Internal linking elevated the user experience by enabling faster access to relevant information, thus fostering a more comprehensive and user-friendly website.

f. Blog Management: We implemented a comprehensive blog optimization strategy for Nutrifarmacy. This involved enhancing the structure, readability, and search engine visibility of Nutrifarmacy’s blog content. Through meticulous keyword research and technical improvements, the blogs were fine-tuned to align with SEO best practices. The outcome was an improved blog that not only engaged readers but also attracted organic traffic, bolstering Nutrifarmacy’s digital presence in the health and wellness domain.

g. Schema Implementation: We successfully implemented a Schema markup for Nutrifarmacy, significantly enhancing their SEO optimization. This structured data integration ensures improved search engine visibility and enriched search results, benefiting both the website and its users.

h. Infographic Submission:Icecube Digital strategically leveraged infographic submissions to Nutrifarmacy’s SEO optimization, enhancing visual content distribution. These visually engaging assets served as valuable backlinks, boosting online visibility.

i. Press Release Submission: Icecube Digital executed a dynamic press release submission strategy, ensuring Nutrifarmacy’s noteworthy updates and achievements gained extensive online coverage. This not only enhanced their search engine ranking but also bolstered their credibility in the health industry.

j. High-Quality Backlinks: A targeted strategy was deployed to generate high-quality backlinks, elevating the website’s domain authority and overall search engine rankings.

k. Review Enhancement: We skillfully placed the product reviews for Nutrifarmacy on their website and optimized them for search engines. This strategic upgrade ensured that potential customers could easily find and trust these reviews, boosting the credibility of the products.

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  • 911.1% Improvement in Organic Traffic
  • 1,121.64% Improvement in Organic Revenue
  • 143% Improvement in Organic Clicks
  • 138% Improvement in Organic eCommerce Transactions
  • 1035.41% Improvement in Organic Sessions
  • 111% Improvement in Organic Impressions

What Clients Say?

We’ve been experiencing excellent outcomes, and collaborating with the team has been a genuine pleasure. Icecube Digital’s campaign has delivered noticeable enhancements in both our sales figures and keyword rankings, and the team is consistently dedicated to further refining these results. Our stakeholders are genuinely satisfied with the high level of teamwork and expertise that Icecube Digital consistently provides.

Owner of Nutrifarmacy

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