Nguyen Coffee Supply's Success Story - Boosting Sales and Visibility through Shopify SEO

Nguyen Coffee Supply is a specialty coffee supply store that is dedicated to sourcing and roasting the highest-quality coffee beans from Vietnam. Their unique selection includes both robusta and Arabica ground coffee varieties, including the beloved Saigon coffee.


  • 76.63% Improvements in Organic Traffic
  • 75.64% Improvements in Organic Revenue
  • 65.00% Improvement in Organic Clicks
  • 71.00% Improvement in Organic Impressions
  • 72.14% Improvement in Organic Sessions
  • 72.68% Improvements in New Users
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Client Goal:

The client’s goal was to boost the visibility of the website, organic traffic and increase the number of potential customers, thereby achieving sustained growth for the business.


Step #1: Implemented Schema Code
We have implemented various schema and microformats on their website pages including homepage, categories, and products to improve the visibility and search engine ranking. This code helped search engines to better understand the information on their web pages. As part of the results, it helped enhance search result listings and boost click-through rates.

Step #2: Remove Unnecessary Pages
To streamline website architecture and improve user experience, we removed unnecessary pages that were no longer relevant or useful. This ensured that visitors to this site can quickly find the information they need and navigate the site more easily, ultimately leading to higher engagement and improved conversion rates.

Step #3: Complete Onpage Optimization
Our SEO experts went the extra mile to optimize non target product pages to achieve successful results. Our team of shopify SEO experts analyzed existing category and product pages and made changes for improvements that helped us increase website’s visibility and enhance the user experience. Some of the tasks we have completed for Nguyen Coffee Supply include meta tags optimization, redirecting links from 4xx errors, image alt tags, and fixing image file size. We also added a carousel with product reviews to the homepage and fixed issues their PayPal checkout not working.

Step #4: Solved Mobile Friendly Issues
Our team conducted a thorough analysis of the client’s website, identifying areas where improvements could be made to create a more mobile-friendly experience. We rectified responsive design issues to ensure that the site would adapt seamlessly to different screen sizes, as well as optimized images and menus for mobile devices.

Step #5: Unique Content Strategies
We implemented a distinctive content strategy that prioritized the revitalization of the client’s most frequently searched blog queries by incorporating up-to-date and pertinent content.

Step #6: High Quality Link Building
Our team utilized various strategies, such as niche backlinks, email outreach strategies, coupon code submission, Quora posting, etc. to acquire quality backlinks from reputed domains. By implementing a well-rounded approach, we were able to significantly increase the website’s traffic and improve overall keyword positions, ultimately resulting in a positive impact on the client’s business.

What Clients Say?

Nguyen Coffee Supply’s online presence has completely transformed because of its partnership with Icecube Digital. Their Shopify SEO wizardry sent sales and brand awareness through the roof. Looking to soar online? Icecube Digital is your key!

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Sahra Nguyen
Founder & CEO at Nguyen Coffee Supply

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