Why Responsive Design is Important for eCommerce

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Why Responsive Design is Important for eCommerce

It seems that the current trend in the field of web design and development is “responsive”. Everyone wants to have a responsive web site and if you are an eCommerce store owner selling goods online, it’s very essential to have your web store responsive in order to cater potential and major crowd of customers who visits your web store using different screen size devices during these days.

What is responsive design?

The design that responds to site visitors’ devices and browsers, The design that adjusts itself as per the size of the device using which the site is being viewed. Because it is single design for the site, Responsive design maintains consistency between big desktop layouts and small mobile layouts.

Why it’s important?

Data says that more than 1/3 of users have started surfing internet using their smart phones and these numbers are going to increase with high speed in coming time. As an owner of a web store, they all are potential customers for you and you should not provide them with bad experience viewing your web store. This is an untapped opportunity to win the sales and if they get bad website experience on their mobile devices, Of course they won’t browse and buy your products.


I firmly believe that responsive design is really important for eCommerce web store owners and can open new horizons to increase sales.

At IceCube Digital – an eCommerce website design company, We really love to build responsive web sites for our valuable customers and if you are really looking to own a responsive web site, Do not hesitate to contact us.


Bhavin M

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