10 Reasons Why is it Important to have a Blog on your eCommerce Website

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10 Reasons Why is it Important to have a Blog on your eCommerce Website

Today we stand in a prospering culture of ecommerce websites. These websites have been flourishing and the industry is actually brimming and permeated with every new company launching an ecommerce website. The competition has gradually enhanced and everyone is chasing the pursuit of creating a brand name.

The word blogging has popped up from within this rush and has left most of the industry confused. Why do we need a blog for website that deals with online purchases? Or does it mean that we need to have a unique blog for all our contents? Plus many more questions have been lately invading the entrepreneurs.

Well! Blogging is not a very newly recognized tool of marketing for the ecommerce websites. Many websites have understood the effective impact of blogging and content marketing at the earliest and have successfully created a unique space and customer base in the ecommerce website cluttered ecosystem.

Let’s take a look on how blogging actually manages to create a difference for any website.

It builds up the SEO

A majority of users employ search engines to find out different ecommerce websites selling their desired products. Higher placement in the search results is rewarded with the maximum chances of customer visits and ultimately purchases. SEO is one of the most crucial marketing techniques for any web based company.

“Blogging isn’t about publishing as much as you can. It’s about publishing as smart as you can”- Jon Morrow

Using best SEO words in the blog compulsorily boosts the website views to a significant level. Best suited long tail keywords relevant in your industry can be researched with the help of variety of available tools and inculcated in the blogs. Set tie ups with a professional SEO company for the best results.

  • Competitive alertness

Stay active in competition and keep a vigilant eye on the topics and keywords covered by competitors and the best ecommerce blogs. Focus should be on unique and informative content. Interlinking your blogs can be the last beneficial move post blog posting.

One time blogging can only satisfy the purpose but not the goal. Frequent blogging is must. Google eyes these websites as active and ranks it higher in the search results.

Creates backlinks

Backlinks also account for generating better results on search engines. More number of pages on a website results in higher number of internal backlinks.

Addition of share button on the blogging page enables any user to share the blog and hence increase the backlinks for the website’s home page.

Generates leads

Increase in leads is one of the foremost business targets. More no. of pages with effective content on any ecommerce websites invites more leads and queries. Ultimately, these leads can turn into business generation.

According to hubspot, businesses with 401 to 1000 pages of content tend to get 6X more leads than those with 51-100 pages.

Creating blogs and selling your products on sites like WordPress can also be a lead generation technique. Hire woocommerce experts to integrate your website with WordPress.

Brings positive conversion rates

Boosting conversion rates is one of the desirable results for any entrepreneur. A regular update in blogs with high quality content will reward you with higher conversion rates and brand loyalty. Incessant flow of effective information on the blog can attract many new prospective clients as well as help retaining the existing one.

According to hubspot, overall ROI is more likely to increase for companies who blog regularly, especially businesses that prioritize blogging experience a 13X increase in ROI year after year.

Creates brand recognition

To initiate any ecommerce website is a simple goal today with set guidelines and help of ecommerce website design services. The complication actuates post this step. Brand recognition is one of the primary goals of any company and blogging has been recognized as an efficient tool.

  • Highlight social image

Images of users using the products are best remembered. Real user experiences of the products will amply the user experience and trust after reading the blog. Blogging also acts as an effective medium to propagate and advertise the social initiatives and messages carried by the company.

Well and thoughtfully written blogs generate traffic along with media attention. They can even be covered on any news site, granting the website maximum possible exposure.

Connects the website with audience

Connects the website with audience

The human side of your website can be well elaborated via blog. Exploit this opportunity to the fullest and indulge in all the consumer related issues and concerns in your blogs. Be explicit about beautiful bond between you, your employee and your workers. Display an affectionate, lovable and human persona of yours before the world. When the audience feels connected, the trust is built and the customer base can be widened.

  • Tell connecting stories

“Good content is not story telling. It’s telling your story well.” –Ann handley

Websites can communicate their stories to the users. The evident question here is, “What type of stories are we talking about?” The answer lies with the stories that can relate you with the users or a narration that compels a one-time visitor to re-visit and become a customer.

  • Solve a problem

Along with advertising the products, transmit a message that you thoroughly understand and are utterly concerned of the user problems. And your solution was brought in reality with the intent to solve this relevant issue. Automatic connection between the brand and user can be established.

Simplify the usage of your products. Provide user guides, scenarios and FAQs, as guidelines to solve the real life problems. Upload lucid product usage videos in your blogs for the best understanding.

Influences the audience

Marketing has been dominated by cold calls and shooting emails from the traditional days. Creating unique marketing gimmicks and strategies is the demand of the present aggressive cutthroat environment. The blog can be used for marketing and to make the voice of the brand reach to the masses online.

The user can be informed via blogs about the store releases, their location and specialization. Maximum population can be notified of job vacancies and other updates of the website. It is a tool for advertisement of the recent release and updates in the stock.

  • Social media promotion

Social media is the latest targeted marketing platform. Youth and the current business scenarios have resulted into a high impact Internet dominated marketing needs. Social media is a means to go viral and popular in no nick of time. Today’s marketing strategies without social media into consideration may collapse or seem a failure.

Like, share and comment options should be like precious decorations on any blog page, for their impact can be humongous and greater than imagination. Sometimes, one blog crosses thousands of likes and shares, acquiring a customer base that could be practically fetched in months in a blog-less way.

You may be totally taken by dismay if you are asked to tweet or write about most of the products that you own. A blog summarizing your attempts and products speaks up for your complete website. A single tweet of your blog invites number of visitors and enhances the visibility. Correct social media mapping can extend your blog to an unimaginable popularity and visibility.

  • Popularize your sales

As compelling and convincing channel of sales promotion, blogs can aid in upgrading the sales figures. An active forecast of sale, discounts and offers will ensure a crowd, prompt for purchase when it arrives. The company can boost of its sales figures and immediate attention.

Blogs can serve as the cheapest marketing methods. With good blogs, and frequent posts, the target audience can be attracted and bound to the brand strongly. Popularity on social media is ought to generate higher traffic. Targets of direct marketing can also be fulfilled as your blog subscribers and followers will receive automatic emails of blog updates. Traditional as well as modern marketing agendas are successfully fulfilled with blogs.

It creates uniqueness with extra info

Customers are committed to seeking extra information today for maximum satisfaction. Websites can add value and satisfy this user thirst of knowledge. Unique industry information or any other latest information can connect more readers to the blog, driving them ultimately to the website and the brand.

  • Reveal secrets

Seem a bit secretive and then spill the beans. Puke out not so famous secrets of your industry in your blogs. Or create awareness about the journey of the involved business magnets. The reading crowd will go gaga in no time and your blogs can be one of your most awaited features.

  • Create awareness of behind the curtain scenes

Satisfy the curious zeal of the readers with some sneak peek into the testing, manufacturing and production details. Post some interesting manufacturing images of the popular goods from your website.

You can portray being a leader and an industry expert. Whatever information you reveal, be relevant to your brand image. Assure that you are adding to the knowledge repository of your customers.

Creates a Customer base

Creates a Customer base

A ready customer base is a boon in disguise for any marketing website. The route to gain customer loyalty appears to be a herculean task but once the database is created, the path is quite smooth. Customers tend to re-visit a website for the products and innumerable other reasons. These reasons have been under rated and unevaluated by most of us. A blog can contribute a lot as a customer acquisition base, if only used wisely.

  • Create email database

While you communicate, gather maximum email ids of the interacting user. Coagulate these emails to create a customer base. Shoot emails for every update, release and news. Email marketing can simply never be outdated.

  • Generate online community

The overall idea is to create an online community for your website. Grant this website with the freedom to discuss and conclude. Let your user be your tester and positively gulp down all the negations. Your customers can be your source of inspiration and improvement.

  • Gather useful information

Dig in deep into the conversation to find out the source of their knowledge about your website. Find out about the consumer feedback and improve. List down their future expectation and inculcate them in your upcoming products.

Enhances customer engagement

Comments are meant to garner customer engagement. Customers comment in the blog and replying them with the appropriate responses generates a trust factor in the users and in turn it fetches loyalty to the brand. Addressing all the negative comments sensitively is a crucial and appreciable move for any brand.

  • Reward your customers

Reward your customers with giveaways. Rewards should not necessarily be goodies. Rather they can be reward points, free subscriptions, special offers etc. Once your customer base is aware of your continual reward mechanism, they will have their eyes hooked to every update on the website and blog.

Facilitate a good discussion. Bloggers and readers are from the vigilant lot that is not wary of indulging into discussions. Comments from the blogger community or readers should not be ignored. A correct reply may initiate wise and value adding discussion which may impart you learning and popularity in return.

An effective channel to share ideas

Yeah! Your customer is going to use your product but hand them plenty of reasons of the same. Talk about how and when to use your product. Simply stuff them with reasons compelling enough for purchase. Create a display of the variety of ways your products can be used and suffice their needs.

Unique gifting ideas are complementary. Convert your goods into ideal gifts for every visiting customer. Shower them with unique lifestyle tips and cool looks. Your customers will return and vouch for these tips.


Blogging can be the most efficient tool to establish your credibility as a brand in the market. The posted blogs should not be a display of haste or desperate marketer. Rather it should be well thought and written to the point, keeping the target audience in mind.

The development giants like any expert Magento 2 Development agency can help you accomplish the target of the most efficient ecommerce website but your blog in reality will be the stepping stone towards marketing this website.


Nitin D

Nitin is the digital marketing manager at Icecube Digital. He has helped many organizations grow their business online and improve sales through strong branding and consistency in communication.

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