Tips to Create a Successful ‘About Us’ Page on Your Website

Tips to Create a Successful ‘About Us’ Page on Your Website

The excruciating long hours of meticulous designing and strategic planning have finally brought you to the perfect product for your brand. You’re beyond excited to put it out there for the world to behold and appreciate- but hold on. How exactly were you planning on doing that?

Now that you’ve spent so much energy on developing what is perhaps the most important invention of your life, you must expend just a little more. Creating the perfect website for your brand is as crucial as the brand itself, because it is the gateway for your viewers into your ideas and missions.

Don’t compromise on the quality of your brand image. With this guide, learn how to develop a successful, eye-catchy “About Us” page on your website.

1. Try to Drive a Connection With Readers

People visit your site to look for reasons to want to invest in your brand. A good “About Us” page should provide viewers with an idea of what your brand stands for, the style associated with it and the emotion that went behind its fabrication. Write in a style that’s not only easy to grasp and understand, but also easy to relate to. People would much rather invest in a brand that comes across as friendly and associable, than intimidating or purely factual.

2. Be Quirky and Add Visuals

A bland starting page has already lost its appeal to viewers. Grab the attention of your viewers by including eye-catchy photographs and infographics related to your brand. Try to be witty and quirky in your writing style. If you make them smile, you leave a lasting impression. Be mindful of the kind of image you are trying to sell to your viewers. But don’t go overboard. Too many tacky images are a sore to the eye. Keep it easy, natural and sensible.

3. Use Simple Terms and Skip the Jargon

Don’t get technical. Create a story that explains, very simplistically, what your brand does and hopes to achieve. Starting by telling people about the emotion that went behind your creation is a good idea. Be honest, don’t try to forge a story. It is immediately identifiable and instantly creates a negative impact on the reader.

It’s okay if your story isn’t as impressive as Steve Jobs’. What’s important is that you tell people a little bit about yourself and what you stand for, not a grand tale of misery and self-pity.

4. Keep it Regularly Updated

With time, your brand and its intent are bound to grow. You must recognize the changes in your selling point and image when you see them, and keep your website up to date. You may think that people wouldn’t notice or really care, but a neglected website with outdated modules can create a terrible impression on investors and customers. It would also be helpful to you to keep in touch with your growth and incorporate that in your website. You can hire Magento Developer who will keep your website modules updated

5. Be Intelligent with the Layout

Keep a certain aesthetic in mind while designing your layout for the front page. The “About Us” page should be the first visible module of the site, and entirely above the “fold” or scrolling point of the page. This ensures that the viewers would have read all of the content on your “About Us” page and would look for further information or content. Check where the fold line ends on various devices, and make sure the content is above the average line.

End your “About Us” paragraph with a link to your main contents page, or include contact information. It’s vital to show the reader what steps they can take further to invest in your brand. You’ve already caught the attention of the reader- make sure you retain it.

You can also hire a WordPress development agency that can help you with an attractive layout of the page.

6. Don’t Sell or Hype your Brand

The “About Us” page should convey your simple intent. It should be about your image and your style. Here, don’t try to sell your product, but your brand’s uniqueness. Why is your brand different from the rest? Don’t drive to comparisons, but give a simple idea of what you stand for. You can hype your brand through advertisements or through social media. If you come across as simple and down to earth, people will like you more. It’s as simple as that.

7. Make Sure It Conveys your Idea Effectively

Your front page is the first impression of your brand. And as the old adage goes, the first impression is the last one. Sell your brand’s ideology, and tell people what makes you, you. Why should they invest in you and not some other company? Why are you different? Try to write your own story in a fun, quirky manner. However, don’t stray from the brand’s intent in order to write witty. Don’t be sarcastic or curt. Convey your mission and ideology, your values and philosophies.

Your website should be simplistic and contain links and media that is not difficult to operate and use. Create a user interface that is easily accessible and fun to interact with. You can hire WordPress developer to help with your website plugins, technicalities, layouts and designs.

8. Run Checks with Others

Ask your colleagues or friends to read your page and criticize it. A reader’s point of view is always important for a writer, and would help to identify any small points you may have overlooked. Run checks with your friends and family, and ask them what they conceived about your brand from what they read on your “About Us” page.

Even after you’ve uploaded the page on your website, remember to keep track of the traffic rates and analytics. Keep making modifications if you think it is necessary, your page will only improve from here. Don’t be afraid of criticism and questions, it will help set your brand image and make your ideas cleared to the readers as well as to yourself.

9. Include Testimonials

People love reading what others have to say about your brand. This gives them an idea that your brand has impacted others’ lives and has also been used and liked by others. Properly credited testimonials would add credibility to your page.

10. Know your Audience

Realize the kind of people your brand caters to, and write a page that would appeal most to them. Identifying your user group is the first step in deciding the style of the layout and wording. Don’t be stereotypical- but keep in mind the general attitude that would be appreciated more by your user group.

11. Make It Funny and Unexpected

Your brand should convey a humanized attitude. As mentioned earlier, it is important to be eye-catchy and relatable. This is possible if the page has a good, different layout, and animations that are unexpected, but easy on the eyes. But remember to remain professional- avoid slang or sleazy language. Don’t force humor where it’s not needed, or sarcasm where it may come off as rude. Remember, this is your first impression. Be cordial, like able, and approachable. Very much like a first date with someone you’re looking to impress.

A brand impact goes a long way in providing a kick start to your new company and brand ideology. The most important aspect of creating a lasting impact is by ensuring the appearance of your brand is ingenious and gripping. A boring, sad or dull front page will term your brand the same by the viewers. Subconsciously, your viewers are looking for reasons to stick by you, and you must give them exactly that.

Be smart, witty, simple and honest- and there’s your “about us” page ready to go or contact an eCommerce website design agency for your designing needs

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