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Must Have Features for your Jewellery Business Website

Selling Jewellery online can be a tricky business.There are so many physical stores available, why would someone shop online? Jewellery is expensive, how do you convince someone to buy precious Jewellery online, without touching it or feeing it?Also, there are so many online stores, how will the customers know which ones to trust?

Well, there are solutions available for all these predicaments. Jewellery buying has a lot to do with trust and relationship. And building both online is tough. However, it is not impossible. While setting up the website is easy, it is essential to make a site appear trustworthy, as people will believe what they see.

Features for your Jewellery Business Website

  • Jewellery specific website software
  • User-friendly Website
  • “About Us” Page
  • “Terms and Conditions” Page
  • Details of the Jewellery Pieces
  • Detailed Product Description
  • Detailed Photography
  • Offer Price Breakups
  • Secure and Multiple Payment Options
  • Transit Insurance
  • Customer Service in Various Forms
  • Customization
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Provide Value-Adding Content
  • Other Features
  • Winding it Up

Every page of your website needs to have the smallest details filled right for it to provide all vital information to the customers. For a clean interface of your site, you could hire one of the best Jewellery website design company

Important Features for your Jewellery Business Website

While working on your jewellery website design project, there are some points that you have to keep in mind, before you get your website live. Here is a list of important features that you have to remember before you work on your new site, or renovate an old one.

1. Jewellery specific website software

A Jewellery Software will help you in assorting and labelling your Jewellery pieces. The software is designed to manage the inventory, keep a check on the specifications, and take care of everything from sales to accounting. This makes your job more effective and comfortable.

2. User-friendly Website

A complicated, confusing, or complex layout of a website is a big turn-off for any customer. Make sure that your site is simple, elegant, and has a clean design. Everything that you offer should be visible on the home page. A user-friendly website will result in happy customers.

3. “About Us” Page

Buying Jewellery is a personal experience; it could be for a wedding or a gift, and therefore, sharing your personal story establishes connections and builds trust.

Being just a click away, the About Us page is certainly the most important page of a website. And, when a website sells jewellery, the About Us page is one of the most important ways to instil trust in customers.

Before a customer makes the decision of buying, they would want to know who this store belongs to if it is a private company or a family run business, how old is the company, where it is located, what makes it unique, and other such answers. You have to make sure that you answer all the necessary questions, and provide as much information about your online store, as you can.

4. “Terms and Conditions” Page

The next important page is the page that contains all your policies. Buying Jewellery online is as risky as buying it offline, and it is an expensive business. The last thing a customer wants is not being able to return/exchange a piece of Jewellery they paid a hefty amount for. Just so you’re clear beforehand, have all your policies about Returns, Exchange, Shipping, Billing, Terms and Conditions, Insurance, etc. laid out in an easy-to-understand language in your “Terms and Conditions” Page.

5. Details of the Jewellery Pieces

When a customer walks into a physical Jewellery store, they have a one-on-one discussion with the seller about the piece, the amount of gold used, the gems used, their value, the wastage, and the rate. But, people are hesitant when they shop online. They do not get to talk to anyone, or touch and feel the product.

Therefore, it is important you provide all the necessary information and more to your customer. The cut of the diamond, the karat value of gold, the amount of gold used, everything needs to be told. Also, showcase all the certifications and standards that your Jewellery meets.

6. Detailed Product Description

This again goes without saying, product descriptions are essential. Make sure your descriptions are enticing, comprehensive, informative, and to the point. Product descriptions play a massive role in building trust with users and make websites appear legitimate and polished. It will also with your website SEO

7. Detailed Photography

This undoubtedly has to be the greatest feature your website needs to have. Jewellery pieces are intricate and detailed. The pictures that your site has should be clicked on a white background and from multiple angles. You should be able to show the right colour, size, design, details, and different angles of the jewellery. Bad pictures could adversely affect your sales.

8. Offer Price Breakups

Another important feature that your website must have is to offer price break-ups. Most sellers hide the price of gems, and only show one price for the Jewellery piece. Offering price break-up, for instance- the price of the gold used, the price of the gems used, the making and wasting charges, insurance (if any), etc. will help in improving your goodwill and trust among the customers. This feature can help you stand out among the others who do not offer it at all.

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9. Secure and Multiple Payment Options

Having Secure Payment Options have a number of advantages like-

  • A Secured Gateway will instil trust in customers that their personal details and money is in safe hands
  • It allows for easy international payments
  • It is convenient, as most customers have their details saved

10. Transit Insurance

Gold, diamond, and other Jewellery is expensive, and damage or theft can pose a great threat to the company and consumer. Offering ‘Transit Insurance’ can reduce this risk to a great extent. However, it is on the discretion of the company, if they want to provide insurance as an option or compulsion.

11. Customer Service in Various Forms

Your Customer Service can make or break your company’s loyal customers. The job does not end as soon as the sale is made, it starts right after. Some important points to keep in mind are-

  • You should have more than one ways in which your customers can contact you, pre and post sales, and make sure all these ways are active. Provide clear details of contact which are prominently visible.
  • Touch base with your customers to know if they received the product, and if it was received in good condition, and if not, how you could help them
  • Stay in touch with your consumers through emails about reviews, new offers, new products, etc.

12. Customization

If possible, you could provide your customers with an option to customize their jewellery. This is an excellent advantage that the offline stores have, but you could enjoy its benefits too. The Jewellery website could enable customers to either design a piece or a simpler way could be choosing the metal or the gem they like. Hire woocommerce development specialists to build custom features on your site

13. Search Engine Optimization

Running a website is no easy job. There are chances that your website might not make any sales, despite it having all the necessary features. Therefore, SEO- Search Engine Optimization is very important.

Hiring professional seo experts will help you manage your Jewellery eCommerce website. The professional will exactly know how to drive traffic to your online store, and how to improve sales.

14. Social Media Marketing

People will know what you do and how you do by understanding you better. Also, reviews play a major role in turning a potential customer into a loyal one. Being socially active, interacting with customers through platforms like Facebook, Twitter, etc., showing off your positive testimonials, and encouraging feedback is a great way to build trust and relationships with your current and new customers.

If you’re own your jewelry shop, then you must have your professional business card. You will find many online graphic design tools to create attractive jewelry business cards, just customize them with your requirements and your professional card is ready with in minutes. Share this card on Social media platforms to reach out to more customers.

15. Provide Value-Adding Content

Your website needs to interact with people who land on it. Filling up our site with informational and fun videos, having a live chat screen, showing offers and coupons the first time users could use, are all great ways of interactions. Although all these ways are great, you have to keep in mind that all these pop-ups should not be over-powering and should not drive your customer away.

16. Other Features

While almost all have been covered, there are some features that you could choose to have or avoid-

  • Blog- having blogs on your website with content like ‘choosing the right jewellery’ or ‘online Jewellery buying guide’ could help your customers, and this is also a great way of engaging with them.
  • Try and buy- If it is possible, you could have a try and buy option on your website
  • Warranty and money back guarantee

Winding it Up

It takes a great deal to be successful. A clear and concise website layout will help your customers know you’re serious about serving them right. Testimonials and social media engagements will help them understand that you’re real and not a scam.

Being transparent and providing clear product details will help them trust you. And being vocal through customer service and engagement will take away the hesitation.

Every step that you take towards making your online business better will, in turn, improve your chances of winning loyal customers. And these customers will spread word of mouth, improve your goodwill and better your relationships.

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