How to Protect your WordPress Website from Being Hacked?

How to Protect your WordPress Website from Being Hacked?

WordPress is the most popular CMS on the internet and that’s the reason hackers target this well known CMS. You have to take some extra care about security of your WordPress website to keep hackers away from getting into it. If you don’t change default configuration of your WordPress website, hackers will be able to get into your admin area. So it’s wise to get help from expert WordPress development company to implement all required security measures on your business website.

We at Icecube Digital, have been helping our valuable customers to protect their wordpress websites from being hacked. We have a unique development methodology to make sure that hackers cannot get into your WordPress website easily.

Protect WordPress Admin Area:

Change admin URL of your wordpress website from default to something different. Your default admin URL would be so all hackers would know it. They normally use brute force technique which allow them to test millions of login combinations in short time.

Version of WordPress and Plugins Should be Updated:

It is really important that your WordPress core and all the plugins are updated to their latest versions. Older versions make hackers job easy. You can ask for the help from a plugin development company.

Use Strong Admin Passwords:

You will be surprised to know that majority of the website owners use simple words or 12345 as their passwords. Use complex passwords with combination of text and some special characters.

Always Use Captcha:

Use captcha for comment section and for all the contact forms on your WordPress website.

Only Trusted Plugins Should be Used:

As you know, there are number of plugins available for free, not all of them are fully secure. You should consider using those plugins with best security.

Make Sure to Use Only Secured WordPress Hosting:

If version of PHP and Mysql is older on your hosting, there is possibility of vulnerability though your wordpress website is up to date. This is the reason you should select a hosting company for whom security is the top priority. While selecting hosting for your wordpress website, you should look for: Latest PHP and mysql versions, intrusion detecting system and web application firewall.

Make Sure That Your Computer is Free From Malware:

If your computer is infected with malware, potential hackers may get access to your logins. This will help hackers to bypass all the security measures you have taken.

Whether it’s making your WordPress website secure or psd to wordpress, we know it all well. Do contact us today to get a free security audit report from our wordpress programmers for hire.


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