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Best eCommerce Tips for Success

eCommerce economy is significantly growing year by year and with the right tips and tricks on hand, you can get your eCommerce business on the track of growth

You should be very much aware about where you are in your journey as an eCommerce business owner and what your future goals are

It can be tricky to scale up your business since you need to try and learn a lot of things as you go. You can’t try everything yourself and so you need to learn from experience of other experts in the industry

You need to evaluate if you are doing everything right or you need to implement new proven tactics to bring in new customers and generate more sales from existing customers

With our years of experience in the area of eCommerce website design, development and marketing – We have created this blog post about best eCommerce tips for entrepreneurs like you

1) Work on a sound content marketing plan

We know lots of entrepreneurs prepare content marketing plan and never execute it. You will not achieve anything if you don’t work on it. Content marketing is very important to enrich your users with useful information about your products & services + It will help to boost organic search engine ranks of your business keywords

2) Invest Profit Back in Business

invest profit back into business
If you want your ecommerce business to grow, don’t take your profits home too early. Invest the money back in various marketing activities and it will eventually enable you to take home more profits in long run. Invest more money in advertisement, content marketing, social media marketing to build a strong brand and put your business one step ahead in the competition

3) Select Right eCommerce Platform

Do a lot of research while selecting the best eCommerce platform according to nature of your business and types of products you are going to sell. It takes a lot of time and money to switch the platform so select the platform which can be scaled around your long term business goals. An experienced Magento eCommerce development agency can point you in the right direction

4) Make it Easy for Customers to Reach You

When you build a web shop for your eCommerce business, Make sure that your potential customers can easily contact you for any questions or doubts they may have about your products or shopping policies while going through your website. Your website should have a visible, contact form, support contact number and live chat support option.

5) Free Shipping & Easy Return Policy

This sounds obvious but it is really important to offer free shipping and returns in this age of high competition. According to research data available, more than 50% shoppers prefer to buy from a business offering free shipping over the business who does not offer free shipping and returns. The other option is to offer affordable shipping to maintain your profit margins

6) Incorporate Social Proofs

Social proofs offer a huge potential for the growth of your eCommerce business. We are social animals and we get influenced by the experience and advice of other people while making a decision and purchasing something. This is very true for online shopping as well, so integration of appropriate social proofs on your website will help to improve your conversion rate

7) Reward your Loyal Customers

While it is important to find new customers, it’s cost effective to generate revenue from your existing customers. So why not work to make more sales from the customers you already have. Implement a sound loyalty reward program to grow repeat purchase by your loyal customers. This will save you lots of money in comparison with investing in paying ads to acquire new customers

8) Mobile, Mobile & Mobile

Majority of the people surf internet through their mobile devices in these days so if your business is not mobile ready, you will lose a big part of your sales. Build your ecommerce business with mobile first in mind or you will be out of business sooner than later. Hire a reliable woocommerce development agency to implement a proper mobile strategy

9) Video is The Way Ahead

Video marketing is one of the most profitable digital marketing tools in these days because people love to consume video content more than text based content. Use of video for content marketing is growing faster than we think. You would be surprised to know that youtube is now the second largest search engine on the web. Use of videos on your ecommerce website will help to boost conversion and sales

10) Don’t Ignore SEO

Well, we all know importance of SEO for ecommerce though majority of the eCommerce website owners ignore it because it’s not a priority for them. Since the competition in eCommerce area is growing, it’s more important than ever to be on top of SEO to beat your competition. Hiring a professional ecommerce SEO agency will give you best return on your investment

11) Don’t be Afraid to Test New Things

Technology and trends will never stop evolving. Develop a habit of learning from big brands in your niche and try it on your business to identify what works and what not. Once you know what works for you, don’t be afraid to invest more in it. Miracle would not happen if you just wait and not try hard

12) Build Relationship with Customers

Don’t just think about one time sale with any of your customers. Build a trust based relationship to make them your lifetime customers. Be in regular communication with them and always appreciate their business with you. Sending them a thank you note with a discount code for their next purchase will make them feel special. Start collecting emails from the first day and send offers and best tips emails regularly

13) Make your Website Easy to Navigate

It is important to make online shopping easy for your customers. Website that is easy to navigate will convert more visitors into customers. Website visitors will switch to your competitors if they cannot find what they are looking for on your website. Website navigation affects traffic and search engine ranks of your website. Discuss with certified ecommerce website designers to create excellent mobile experience for people who visit your web store

14) Easy and Effective Checkout Process

There is nothing more frustrating than a bad checkout experience on your web shop. A poorly designed checkout will make your potential customers leave your website without buying while an intuitive checkout process will help to overcome cart abandonment issues, and increase conversion rates. Hire certified magento developers today to audit your current checkout section and implement all required updates to make it easy for your customers to buy

15) Security First

Personal and payment details of customers are sensitive for every eCommece business out there. Without implementing proper security checklist on your ecommerce website, you put yourself and your customers at risk of data theft & credit card payment frauds etc. Some of the basic things you should do are – Select an eCommerce platform with multilayered security, use hosting provider that is PCI compliant, implement SSL certificate and use strong passwords

16) Be on Social Media

In this digital era, eCommerce and social media are the two remarkable factors of our lives. If you want your potential buyers to know about your products and services, you need to be where they are. Few years back they were on TV, news papers etc and now they all are on social media channels. You will hardly find a person who is not checking his/her Facebook wall minimum couple of times a day or sending out tweets. Social media had become integral part of our lives so why not combine it with eCommerce to increase sales and bring in more revenue

17) Start Execution

Start execution
There are countless ways to make your web shop a better place for your customers to shop and get success in your ecommerce venture but unfortunately nothing will work if you just learn-ponder and execute nothing. You cannot do everything in a single day but you have to start from something. It will take time to implement all the tips but if you start doing it one by one, eventually you will see wonderful results. Enough learning and planning – Go start doing it

Concluding Notes:

No matter what business you are in, never stop learning and trying new things if you want to achieve success in such an evolving market of competition

That’s it. I hope you will find these tips useful for your ecommerce business

If you want to add any more tips on the list, Please feel free to write in the comments section below


Nitin D

Nitin is the digital marketing manager at Icecube Digital. He has helped many organizations grow their business online and improve sales through strong branding and consistency in communication.

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