Advantages of Custom Built Sites vs Online Website Builder Tools

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Advantages of Custom Built Sites vs Online Website Builder Tools

Taking your business online can be a shot at the gold mine. You can unfold your products or services in front of thousands of customers both effectively and efficiently. This underscores the need of having a website. It provides your business a unique identity that can be shaped by your interests. You can also make it client specific by tweaking the content and attract scores of customers by improving your Google rankings.
Having said that, the next question that you’ll confront is how to build a perfect website? Well, you can either have a custom built website (built by website designers) or you can leverage online website building tools such as Wix, Weebly or jimdo etc.

Website Builder Tools

There are several reasons behind the popularity of website builder tools. These tools allow you to develop a website, even if you do not know how to code. These are generally offered by website hosting companies as proprietary tools. These tools include an editor, several themes and easy drag and drop various elements like images, text, headers, etc. to build a site.

You do not need any special skill to build a website using such website builder tools. While such ready-made templates are easy and quick to use, and offer built-in features for a fair amount of customization, these sites become heavy and are often slow to load.

This in turn can affect the SEO performance of the site. Also, most of these tools are flash-based, making them difficult to read by Google. Also, these tools are DIY and hence do not offer support to maintain your website.

Custom Built Sites

Your site reflects your brand voice. Hence it’s important that it stands out from the rest and is bespoke. If you have the budget and time, a custom built site would be ideal for your business.

Building a site from scratch required you to hire the right team that takes time to understand your business needs. Such sites are more cost-effective in the long run as they can be easily customized to adapt to the growth in your business

Website Builder Tools Vs Building Custom sites

While these tools are cost and time effective, they fall short in certain aspects. Here we have compiled a list of some advantages that custom built websites offer when compared to online website building tools

1. Unique Customization of Website

Custom websites are designed keeping in mind your objectives, needs and goals. They are developed offline using codes and are consequently made online. While customizing the website, aspects such as user interface and user experience are looked into thoroughly to increase effectiveness.

Also, your business can be highlighted distinctively and uniquely from others. In contrast, online website building tools are limited in terms of templates and layout. Using them may result in a similar looking website to that of your competitors

2. Better SEO

The primary purpose to take business online is to boost its visibility to people. For this purpose, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) helps your page rank higher on Google or other search engines. Being ranked (or listed) higher in the search results leads to increase in traffic on your website.

To make your website optimized, website designers use planning, keyword research, sitemap creation and a variety of other tools. On the contrary, online website builders have limited SEO tools which may deprive you off these benefits

3. Extant Support by Professionals

While using website builders you may come across terminologies like DNS(Domain Name System), TLS(Transport Layer Security) etc. These can be confusing at times.

Hiring a website designer or a custom PHP development company can relieve you of this confusion as all these technicalities are looked after by them. This also ensures time saving

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4. Better Page Loading Speed

Once a visitor is on your website, you need to ensure that he stays on it. For this, page speed plays an important role. Also, Google considers your page speed while ranking.

In addition to providing relevant content through best SEO strategies, custom websites offer better Page speed. Website designers help in decreasing loading time through coding

They address specifics like JavaScript and CSS (Cascading Style Sheets), Browser caching, CDNs (Content Delivery Networks), Content compression etc. for providing best loading speed. Building through online tools does not let you address these specifics in detail. Using builders may result in reduced loading speed on your website

5. Ease in E-commerce Tools

Most of the small businesses require tools such as CRM(Customer Relationship Manager), contact management tools, appointment schedulers etc. While online builders allow these e-commerce features, they rely on third party applications for the purpose.

Without knowledge, scrutinizing these applications can be overwhelming. Also, installing these third party applications requires them to be updated regularly. A custom ecommerce website design can save you from such strenuous efforts

6. Own Your Website

Creating your website through online building tools does not give you its ownership. Instead, the ownership remains with the online building platform since you use their domain name. Whereas in a custom website, you are required to purchase a domain name and creating designs from scratch which gives you the ownership of your website.

For example, suppose you want to create a website named XYZ. Creating it through Wix will give you a name like “” whereas if you purchase your own domain name, you can own your website called Also, you can upload your website easily on a new server in case you decide to switch your web hosting company.

7. Limited Terms and Conditions

Using online builders requires you to comply with their specific terms and conditions. Some of them are-

  • Requiring you to submit your information.
  • Reserving the right to display advertisements.
  • Termination of website on specific grounds etc.

While these conditions differ from company to company, a custom website does not require such compliances. All you need to ensure is that your website does not violate general guidelines as any inappropriate content may result in the customer reporting your website as inappropriate on Google or other search platforms

Make Your Mark

In the modern age, people are accessing the internet more through mobiles and other devices to find out about businesses and even find out products and services. So even if your website offers a short description of your business, it might help customers find your location while they are on the move. A well crafted website using Magento development services can help you in making new customers and turning existing customers into prospective clients.

Getting a website will help you expand your local and international reach. Also, you can improve your customer service by keeping yourself ablest of all the reviews on products and services and also addressing customer queries online. Opt for our custom WordPress development services and give your business a new start.


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