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7 Effective Ways To Make Your Website A Money Making Machine

Even if you haven’t built your website for those reasons, ‘making money’ doesn’t sound too bad, does it? A little money never hurts! In such a digital age, there are many lucrative money making ways you can execute to monetize your website effectively.

All you need is visitors and you’re golden. Having ‘hits’ is what matters at the end of the day; more the number of individuals visiting your website, better are your chances of monetizing it.

Ask any skilled WordPress developers out there and they will tell you primarily about AdSense just like Magento developers will point towards selling direct ad space. Let us dissect 7 such effective ways tailor made for your website:

1. The Power of Google AdSense:

  • AdSense is the much coveted advertisement platform from Google specifically meant for publishers. Ads relevant to the domain of your website are displayed, for which you receive a share of the revenue for every activity.
  • All you need to do is place the specific HTML code on those pages where you want the ads to be showcased.
  • Google incorporates real time algorithms to make sure that only the best paying ads are displayed. Not to worry, you get paid directly via Google.
  • The simplicity of the matter is what makes it so seamless. You don’t need to go for any follow-ups or make invoices; everything is handled for you.

2. Wide Array of Affiliate Offers:

  • Affiliate marketing in simple words is giving your website visitors what they want. It gives you the chance to showcase only those offers which come with a higher probability of getting clicks and generating sales.
  • Eg. If you own a travel related blog; you would want to display offers related to holidays, cruises, travel packages and more. Via texts or banners, your visitors are directed to the dedicated offer website wherein if it transforms into a sale, you will be presented with an affiliate payment.
  • The available offers can be segregated into CPS (Cost Per Sale) and CPA (Cost Per Action). When a customer clicks and submits his/her information (irrespective of a sale), that counts as a CPA offer which is purely meant for lead generation. The CPS offer as the name suggests, is self explanatory i.e. sales oriented. This is why CPS offers yield more money.

3. Using Ad Space Directly:

  • The only pre-requisite to incorporating the sale of direct ad space is having a massive list of visitors on your website. Once you have that in the bag and you’re growing on a consistent basis, advertisers will themselves contact you.
  • However, don’t expect results right from the get go; have a little patience and let the results unfurl in your favour. Within a few months, you will be able to notice results as and when advertisers keep signing up.
  • You can get to the stage wherein your advertisers will opt for a direct monthly fee instead, provided your traffic volume stays on track.
  • This can be integrated with your AdSense account as well, so you can get the best of both worlds.

4. The Potency of Infolinks:

  • If you’ve ever decided to take professional SEO services, I’m sure you must’ve stumbled upon the phrase ‘Infolinks’.
  • Infolinks is such a platform which allows you to incorporate in-text advertisements using the website content, and pays you as per the clicks.
  • The software automatically identifies relevant keywords present within your content and double underlines them, to make them clickable in nature. When the individual takes his/her cursor over that dedicated keyword, an ad pops up, which if clicked results in compensation for you.
  • You can modify the frequency and look of your text ads at will. You can use multiple techniques to improve your click through rate.
  • Do make sure you don’t ‘overdo’ it as no one wants a page full of ads; this will just drive the traffic away.
  • This is one of the best avenues to make money if you’re a nascent entity, in a no-loss manner. Do note that the payout per click isn’t that high; so this will be adequate enough just for starters.

5. Generation & Selling of Leads:

  • The amount of traffic you get is directly proportional to the money making potential of your website.
  • As and when you build a strong customer base, more than half of your work is done. If your visitor graph is on the up on a consistent basis, you can then directly sell these so-called leads to a potential end buyer, one which is likely to pay you well and good.
  • Of course, it requires a lot more hard work at your end; then again nothing good ever comes easy, does it? However, on the flipside, the pay-out is much higher than many of the other website monetization ways out there. Per lead, you can get a whole lot more than what you are likely to make from an affiliate offer.
  • All you need to do is create a form which consists of important credentials and sell it to a suitor from the same industry. Make sure you opt for a more general domain, so as to attract the maximum number of suitors.

6. Build & Sell A Digital Product

  • This is ideal for those who possess a specific website with a credible traffic volume. Coming up with your own digital product will give you the pleasure of 100% revenue, something which is unheard of in this space.
  • A digital product will save you from the hassles of holding inventory, getting a warehouse, product development costs and more. This method will give you absolute control of what you’re making.

7. Sponsored Reviews & Posts:

  • The art of publishing sponsored reviews and posts is a game changer nowadays. Given the stringent nature of social media and other forms of advertising, the presence of an ‘influencer’ can act as a deal maker in most cases.
  • Advertisers and businesses pay big bucks to bloggers and writers who post about their services and products; and write good reviews as well.
  • This is an indirect form of advertising which has a high success rate, as people tend to relate more and there is a higher ‘believable’ factor.

So, want to use these techniques to make money through your website? Do contact us today for free consultation


Nitin D

Nitin is the digital marketing manager at Icecube Digital. He has helped many organizations grow their business online and improve sales through strong branding and consistency in communication.

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