10 Biggest Mistakes Website Owners Make and How to Avoid Them

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10 Biggest Mistakes Website Owners Make and How to Avoid Them

They say that the first impression is the lasting one, when we see the importance of this golden rule in the terms of your website then the things become even more severe. It can be a make or break impression, for your business. It is more or less like your curriculum vitae. Now remember how you were designing it so that it can get listed.

People judge that how professional or unprofessional you are based on the appearance of your website. This is a cardinal truth in the world of internet and it cannot be denied by any standards.
Here we are introducing ten mistakes; it will be unfair to term them as mistakes, they can be termed as cardinal sins that can destroy various business prospects quite considerably.

Any seasoned web development company will not allow you to commit these mistakes in the basic design of the web page. While working on your web page you can also commit certain mistakes. This compilation will also help you in avoiding these mistakes.

Mistake One: Losing your objectivity while writing your home page

As a businessperson, you are always very close to your business. You always want to talk loads about it.

In real world conditions, you can always keep a check on your communication. When a person is reading your homepage, he is actually interacting with you.

Hire an ecommerce website design company, which can guide you in the terms of consumer psychology. Written communication is certainly different from oral communication.

Most of the sensible WordPress developers exactly know that what kind of FAQ’s can come into the mind of a person while he is visiting a website.

It is very important to check your web page from an objective point of view and your web development company can do that quite easily.

Mistake Two: Keeping your content unorganized

Our professional magento 2 experts know this art of keeping your content in an organized fashion for your Magento website. Let us think about the website of a news portal.

The list of what is important and which news is going to attract maximum eyeballs keeps on changing. It becomes very difficult for them to keep on changing their format all the time.

The idea to tackle this problem is very easy. Make an inventory of your content. Study the seasonality related patterns quite comprehensively.

Take the support of your web management company to the task. Give them some time for gestation and allow them to imbibe certain features in your web page.

Any great WordPress developers will tell you that WordPress is very versatile content management system to manage your content effectively and it has the power to accommodate all your needs, all you need is to jot them down correctly.

Create some expectations and deliver them every time a person visits your page. It is the expectations of the people that will bring them on your page.

It can also increase repeat customers for you. Now you can understand that retaining a customer means half the efforts are saved.

If your content is organized, then this automatically creates anticipation in the mind of customers and the same anticipation brings them back on your web page repeatedly.

Mistake Three: Mismanaged flow in the navigation

What do you think navigation really means? When we see it in the case of web page development then we find that it is all about using right transitions so that your website visitors can find easily what they are looking for

Our Magento Certified developers consider the process of navigation as a journey from unknown to known for all Magento eCommerce website that we build; this really helps our valuable customers to convert visitors into regular buyers

Navigation should come up as a suggestion for the next step towards the accomplishment of the task.

Any sensible Magento Ecommerce Development Company would always like to keep it simple. It should be simple and it should be visible.

While developing your website, make sure that you are spending enough time on the sitemap and checking out that all the options are visible.

You might have seen that while visiting E-commerce website, once you launch a search, then they answer your question, however, while showing the results of your keyword, they also share some products or answers, which can be remotely connected to your search.

They are trying to create a passage for navigation for you. Most of the seasoned Magento developers know this trait of navigation.

Ideally, you should hire them to study the search patterns of the visitors on your website. It is very important; it is an ongoing process that never ends.

Now you are hitting two birds with a single stone, you are increasing the possibilities associated with the marketing of your products and you are simplifying the navigation related options at the same time.

Mistake Four: Your content is not easy to be scanned

Your content should look like a photograph of words. So much of information is travelling on the internet; people certainly do not have time.

They want to read it like superman, means they want to scan through it. Most of the prudent WordPress Development Companies often stay connected with quality copywriters.

Content is the king here and there is no denial to the fact. A sensible content writer can make sure that readers can scan through your content.

All they need is to apply certain tricks, like writing it in small sentences or highlighting it with the help of text boxes and other methods. If a reader can scan your content, then he can certainly choose you as a better option.

Mistake Five: Following a Minimalistic look strategy

Take the example of an established brand like Coke or McDonalds the logo says it all, they do not need to explain each and everything all the time.

If a web development company is trying to maintain this minimalistic style of communication, then they should try to take certain other things into consideration as well.

For instance, Coke and McDonalds have done all the hard work of creating brand perception well in advance. Now they can afford to keep their communication short and sweet.

Not every company has this luxury; some of the visitors may think that you have nothing new to share with them. It clearly means that you should have some content on the page.

The message should not be brief all the time. It should have some detailing attached to it. It means go for an optimum approach, keep it balanced all the time.

Mistake Six: Missing opportunities to present CTA

Missing opportunities to present CTA

CTA is also known as a call to action. Good WordPress developers know this art of decorating Call to action spots in a blog quite effectively. They can highlight it with the help of buttons or other tools.

Please make sure that you are treating your CTA spots very prudently, otherwise, things can go haywire for you.

In the terms of real world experience, we can compare it with a condition where a customer has made all the selections of the goods and now he is searching for a cash counter where he can make some payments but the cash counter is missing.

CTA acts like motivation; it is a sure shot trick of ensuring maximum conversions immediately. The old fundamental of convincing or confusing works like magic here.

If a visitor is convinced, then he should find this CTA space or he will move ahead and other pages will confuse him. This will have bad effect on your conversion rate

Mistake Seven: Not making sure that you have a responsive web design

PC is going to die; nowadays smart phones are replacing PC in a big way. If your web design is not responsive, enough, or it fails to accommodate various other screens then it can serve as a big let-down for you.

Understand it with a simple case of images; PCs can download heavy images with ease. However, a smart phone can find the same images very heavy. It can slow down the speed of the page quite considerably.

This is why our Magento developers develop responsive pages. Make sure that you have a responsive web design working for you on all screen size of devices that your visitors are using; otherwise, it can emerge as a major barrier for you.

All your efforts may go in vain try to keep it simple and small screen friendly. This is the mantra. New algorithms of Google are also supporting responsive web designs in the race of SEO.
This is why it is important to work on two sitemaps, first which is meant for bigger screens where professional are surfing on the internet using their desktops or laptops and second for the screens of mobile phones where they want selective information.

Mistake Eight: launching a website with under construction pages

Sign of under construction paints you in the bad light; people may feel a bit miffed because you are eating up their precious time all the time. It also shows that you are underprepared.
It also shows that you are an amateur in the game and it creates an air of unprofessionalism around you, which is not good by any standards.

This is why it is better not to publish it at its first place, finish it, test it all the way on different devices and web browsers and then publish it; it is as simple as that.

Under construction site is a waste of an effort. We are living in a time where they want you to regularly update the content on your web page, an under construction web page can spoil your chances of registering a good image.

Mistake Nine: Overuse of any given features

We are repeating it again; Keep it as simple as people. Visitors really don’t like heavy web pages
Do not treat your page a Hollywood extravaganza; treat it as a simple notebook. Fix a boundary of technical denominations first and then experiment with designs and features.

Make it sure that you are not overusing technology. Big sites like Facebook and others are also making it sure that they are not using heavy templates; they are cutting it short all the time.

Keeping it simple is very important, it helps an endeavour at all the levels. Your WordPress developers can focus on other operational issues of the web page. Professional SEO experts can work worry-free.

Mistake Ten: Publishing the visitor counters

Many business owners think that publishing the visitors counter on the page will work as a motivating factor for many people. However, it has also had its own set of demerits attached to it.

For instance, if it is too low then it can serve as a psychological turn off for your visitor. If this count is too high, then again it might look as if you are trying to fudge the data for your benefit. This is why it is better to stay neutral.

Suppose you are running a web review site or a site that acts as a forum, then things become different. Even in such cases, make sure that you are not boasting the counts of the people.

Sometimes, knowing what not to do is much more important than knowing what to do. Ask any businessman out there; retaining customers is always the hardest part (harder than getting customers in the first place).

Now that you have this wisdom, make sure you go all out but not overboard. Happy website making to you!


Bhavin M

Bhavin M, co-founder of Icecube Digital, spends much of his time creating simple but valuable content which helps ecommerce entrepreneurs to grow their online business.

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