• Their old website was not capable of providing their users with the best experience in doing business with the company. The website have not had shopping cart functionality for customers to buy online and it was not mobile responsive too
  • Company was experiencing difficulties with their old website in managing their business manually where sales representatives visit universities and colleges to record the customer orders over forms.
  • Their representatives had to record the custom apparel needs of customers manually in the sales forms and send them to office for production. This was resulting in number of errors during production since all the sales representatives hand writings were not clear to understand exact customer needs all the time
  • Many times they need to go back to customers due to improper paper work & that looked very unprofessional.
  • Customers were also not having clear understanding of how their custom product will look like before actual delivery and hence they were experiencing huge amount of order returns too
  • They were also facing difficulties in tracking Overall sales, Profit and ROI.

Our Solution

Our magento developers collaborated closely with show-your-spirit to understand their entire business operations and identified key pain-points where we can make things easy through our ground breaking Magento solutions

  • We developed robust & scalable custom responsive Magento web shop that allows users to customize their cloths & accessories according to their preference such as choosing color, adding custom colored text and aligning them, selecting thread colors – symbols etc right from the website. These way customers were able to feel how their order looks like in the real time before they order
  • Our magento development solution modernized their entire field operations into online business, minimizing their difficulties in field operations & better focus on serving existing customers & focus on acquiring new customers instead.
  • We also developed custom order management tool which includes, Invoice printing, customer repository, inventory management, PO-Warehouse connectivity. This actually helped them to skip their overhead with paper work and easily manage their each stock at warehouse.
  • Our backend interface with interactive reports also gave them clear visibility on their customer behaviour, activity and overall analytics on sales achievements & ROI.

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John D

John D

Show Your Spirit Inc

I’ve used other web developers in the past, but this place is the best! I will never hire anyone else to work on our sites. I wanted very specific things on our site. It need to be interactive and calculate figures based on items added to the product. This company wasn’t happy till I was happy! They worked diligently to make sure the site was just the way I wanted it. During development we came across unforeseen issues and they help us resolve them and quickly. Anytime I had a question it was answered immediately. If I needed something changed No problem it was changed. I’m so pleased I found this eCommerce development company, they have earned a client for life. You’d be foolish not to use this company!

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