About 600% Increase In organic conversions for Stomper Boots

In the fiercely competitive arena of e-commerce today, establishing and nurturing a robust online visibility holds immense significance for fostering business expansion. In this context, Stompers Boots, a prominent digital vendor offering top-tier footwear, sought the expertise of our seasoned SEO professionals at Icecube Digital.

Renowned for our expertise in WooCommerce SEO services, we embarked on a journey to elevate their virtual footprint, aiming to boost organic traffic and amplify sales. This case study serves as an expedition into the carefully crafted strategies and the remarkable outcomes borne out of our collaborative venture with Stompers Boots.

About Stompers Boot

Stompers Boots is an online + brick-mortar store that provides best boots available anywhere combining superb workmanship, quality materials and extraordinary value. Distinguished for its specialization in top-notch boot brands, Stompers enjoys global acclaim for delivering an unparalleled footwear experience. Clients entrust Stompers to guide them towards the ideal boots, be it for a demanding workday, adventurous journeys, or facing life’s diverse challenges.

The company is recognized for retailing new and consignment boots of the utmost quality. Their extensive inventory includes an impressive range of formal wear boots, work boots, riding boots, and various other styles. Stompers Boots eagerly anticipates the opportunity to cater to your needs and provide you with exceptional footwear.


Embarking on the Uphill Journey: Unveiling Stompers Boots’ Challenges

1. The Vanishing Act: Online Invisibility
Despite boasting high-quality products, Stompers Boots found themselves wrestling with the invisible monster in the digital realm. Their struggle? The battle for recognition in the vast expanse of Search Engine Results Pages (SERPs). The online footwear market, a thundering battlefield, made gaining visibility an epic quest.

2. Keywords: The Elusive Trail
Picture this: a treasure map without a marked path. That was Stompers Boots’ ordeal. The website was like a ship lost at sea, not charting well for essential keywords relevant to their product range. An enigma to the right audience, they yearned for a compass to guide their way.

3. Conversions: The Visitor Dilemma
Traffic flowed to the website, like curious travelers on a road trip. Yet, Stompers Boots faced a junction where the road seemed rough. The conversion rate, the point where the journey turns into a memorable adventure, needed fine-tuning. Visitors hesitated at the crossroads, hesitant to become full-fledged customers.

4. The Quest for Backlink Gold
Imagine a knight searching for a legendary treasure in a labyrinth. Stompers Boots sought high-quality backlinks from authoritative fashion and footwear websites, a quest akin to navigating a labyrinth. The path was crowded, and the treasure, elusive. Each link was a step closer to unraveling the mystery.

5. Adapting Amidst the Digital Evolution

In the fast-paced world of search engines, change is the only constant. Staying ahead in the game meant a relentless chase to understand and adapt to ever-evolving search engine algorithms. Stompers Boots faced the challenge of keeping their strategies in sync with this dynamic digital evolution.

6. Missing Pieces: The Page Dilemma
Ever felt like pieces were missing from a puzzle? Stompers Boots’ website echoed this sentiment. The absence of “Shop by Types” and “Shop by Brand” pages left users wandering in a maze. A critical component was amiss, hindering an efficient product hunt and potentially restricting sales.

In this grand saga, Stompers Boots faced trials and tribulations, but every challenge was a call to arms, pushing them to hone their strategies and emerge victoriously in the digital battlefield. We were bestowed with the responsibility of leading them from the front. IceCube’s woocommerce digital marketing prowess was called upon and with proper strategy and implementation, we conquered and overcame the challenges.

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Unleashing the SEO Magic: Our Bold Moves for Stompers Boots

1. Quest for the Golden Keywords:
We embarked on an exhilarating quest across the vast realm of the internet, hunting down keywords that would serve as the golden tickets to amplify Stompers Boots’ online presence. Every keyword became a potential powerhouse, carefully chosen to set the stage for their digital prominence.

2. A Symphony of Words:
We didn’t just rewrite content; we orchestrated a masterpiece. With our pens as wands, we transformed the website’s content into a melodious tune that search engines couldn’t resist. It wasn’t just about being search engine-friendly; it was about serenading the users, leaving them enchanted with every word.

3. The Technical Sorcery:
In the world of websites, we performed acts of technical wizardry. With swift spells, we made the website lightning fast, optimized for mobile, and error-free. It was a magical touch, ensuring that every visitor had a seamless and delightful experience, no less than a magical journey.

4. Content: The Hero’s Journey:
Our content wasn’t just paragraphs on a page; it was an odyssey. We wove engaging tales through blog posts and articles, captivating the audience. Content became the hero of our story, drawing in the audience and inviting them to be part of an adventure within the realm of Stompers Boots.

5. The Art of Digital Networking:
Link by link, we constructed a robust digital bridge connecting Stompers Boots with the giants of the fashion and footwear industry. It was more than just backlinks; it was forging alliances, establishing credibility, and enhancing visibility. It was the art of building bridges that spanned the vastness of the digital landscape.

6. Navigating the Shopping Wonderland:
And in this digital wonderland, we added signposts for the weary travelers – the “Shop by Types” and “Shop by Brand” pages. It was akin to placing markers on the path, guiding every shopper through the maze of choices, making their shopping spree an exciting and effortless adventure. It was about giving them a map to navigate the treasure trove of Stompers Boots.


  • 600% improvement in organic conversations
  • 30% Improvement in Organic Clicks
  • 34% Improvement in Organic Sessions
  • 42% Boost in Organic Impressions
  • 371% Hike in Overall Sales
  • 257% Boost in Keyword rankings

What Clients Say?

The team at Icecube Digital is exceptionally knowledgeable and proficient. In just 4–5 months, we managed to secure first-page rankings for 11–17 of our targeted keywords, which is a testament to their expertise. Their deep understanding of our specific needs consistently leads to high-quality outcomes. Their commitment to regular communication ensures a seamless workflow. We’re truly grateful to the entire Icecube Digital team for their outstanding work.

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