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SEO Case Study: Recovery from Google June 2019 Core Update & 163% improvement in organic traffic within 5 months

Compassionate Certification Centers is the first USA based medical cannabis healthcare center specializing in providing cannabis medicine. They offer Medical Marijuana consultations, THC & CBD treatment plans, clinical research & testing, and quality range of CBD products in Pennsylvania.
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  • After cycling through various SEO firms and seeing no good results, CCC decided to choose our professional SEO services.
  • Their website got penalized by Google’s June 2019 Core algorithm update so we needed to identify the causes and rectify them.
  • Many numbers of low-quality backlinks were created by previous SEO companies and that was a major reason behind their downfall in Google search results.
  • We found duplicate content in huge quantities on their site, which was another big challenge limiting their ability to grow online.
  • As a leading cannabis company, they offer several medical marijuana treatments, so we needed to create separate landing pages to boost their rankings on major search engines.
  • They had many broken links which were continually drowning down the performance in search engines.
  • Their website pages took more than 15 seconds to load which is why readers went back to the SERP more frequently.
  • Along with these above major obstacles and issues we had to work on building high-quality backlinks to improve organic performance.
Compassionate Certification Centers
Compassionate Certification Centers organic traffic
Compassionate Certification Centers organic traffic
Compassionate Certification Centers seo traffic
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Our Solution:

  • Icecube Digital began to lay the groundwork for long-term SEO success by figuring out technical issues on the site including broken links and server response codes.
  • Based on our comprehensive backlink audit, our SEO experts worked on removing toxic backlinks which were preventing us to reach our fundamental goals.
  • Our team worked on crucial on-page SEO elements such as unique on-page meta, heading tags optimization, Optimize images, URL structure, keyword optimization, internal linking setup, etc.
  • There were tons of duplicate content so our WordPress SEO experts quickly removed and set up permanent redirection for them.
  • We know that website speed is an important ranking factor; thus, our WordPress development team optimized all the required stuff to meet Google’s quality standards.
  • With the help of our creative content writer team, we have developed informative qualifying condition pages that helped boost organic traffic amazingly.
  • After we found powerful backlink opportunities from competitor websites, our link-building experts have created backlinks on industry-related websites
  • We used the skyscraper technique to help their brand new post hit the top spot on Google within a few weeks.
  • During monthly SEO, our experts kept analyzing, researching and optimizing new things for a better conversion rate and it really worked well.

We hope this case study helps you well understand our process of recovery from the Google algorithm penalty. If you were hit by a recent Google algorithm update and looking for proven SEO services to recover from it, then feel free to contact us today.


Recovery from Google June 2019 Core Update Penalty

67% Improvement in Organic eCommerce Revenue

695% Boost in Organic Impressions

227% Improvement in Organic eCommerce Transactions

210% Hike in Organic Clicks

614% Boost in Keyword rankings

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