• The website had very old and outdated design layout for productdetail pages with static information so Vuba supplies had to contact their Magento developers every time they need any small change on product pages
  • Customers were facing difficulties to find the properinformation regarding particular products as the information was scattered at different positions on the pages based on the product type.
  • Many of their new and old customers had a general question thathow many litres of paints they will require for their specific size of area and how many units they need to purchase based on that.
  • This was affecting their user experience and company wasstarting to lose sales even though having good amount of traffic
  • Company had to make decision to make upgrades in website tokeep their huge customer base satisfied with easy to find product information and leave out any doubts they may have during product purchase process.

Our Solution

  • Icecube Digital suggested to completely change the website design and layout according to current trends with mobile friendly creative for better user experience
  • Our Magento development team provided a custom solution for product detail page and developed it in such a way that based on each product type and its category it will show different design and layout respectively on product detail page
  • A custom feature is developed to allow admin to select which design they want to apply on which product along with product awards and badges
  • With the upgrade customers are able to easily find relative product information on the product pages based on specific product types
  • Another customized solution is developed to help the customers for calculating how many litres of paint they will require for specific size of area. With the new solution, Admin can enter how much area each unit of product will cover and based on that customers can find how many units of that product they need to purchase. Company‚Äôs customers found this feature very helpful during the checkout process

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Sean Scott, Director

Sean Scott, Director

Vuba Supplies Ltd - UK

We have worked with Bhavin and Ice Cubed Digital now for many years for our Magento development projects. We have found that many web developers will talk a good project, but most fail to back it up. In our early days we had changed from developer to developer, with each either being unresponsive to our requests in a timely manner; starting to charge extortionate prices or lacking the necessary skill set to work on a complex multinational e-commerce site such as ours. These guys are always available to talk, price competitive and uniquely, also has the ability to tackle larger and more ambitious projects whilst maintaining the same personal approach. If you are looking for any Magento design, development or upgrade help, this is the best place. I love our new website, Thank you team Icecube digital

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