• Their Magento 2 website has difficulties with custom solution of product options and customized theme.
  • Business required custom prices for each product based on height-width range which they can define in backend and customer can view the price by entering their required height-width.
  • Multistore websites of company were on different servers with bad performance and no optimizations done.
  • Company was facing problems with product detail pages having poor performance and speed due to heavy customizations done for product options and was resulting in bad customer experience, high bounce rate.
  • Website had customer reviews loading from 3rd party resource which was taking more load time and badly affecting product page performance.
  • Company required feature to allow customers to select specific custom options of products for inquiry of receiving samples and Admin should receive those details to contact customer to fulfil their requirements.
  • Business was using 3rd party services of PostNord and Collector for shipping and payment options which were affecting checkout page performance and causing bad user experience.
  • Website was using a Cargonizer shipping solution where Admin need to enter shipping box/parcel dimensions manually in order which was being sent to shipping provider. Business required this process to be automated so Admin does not need to enter box/parcel dimensions manually to send.
  • Business required the mobile site to be fast, optimized and well performing as per the Google Page Speed standards.
  • Design for the category pages was not attractive and user friendly.
  • Website was not performing well in terms of organic traffic and sales.

Our Solution

  • Our Magento 2 development service team worked on the custom solutions of product options and customized theme to update and modify the codes for fast delivery of content to use less resources and achieved better performance.
  • We worked on a complex customization to create extension for Admin user to enter prices for specific value ranges of height and width in each product detail. Customer can enter their desired height and width on product page and product’s price will be updated to show based on the matching range set by Admin for specific products.
  • Our team worked on bringing different websites on single server. To achieve this we setup Amazon AWS server and created optimized instance with server configuration for both stores to achieve better performance.
  • We created custom theme specifically for mobile with optimized product detail page to achieve better performance and speed. We worked on customizations to load only required elements for product pages and removed unnecessary features and functionality. We developed custom extensions to load custom option solution via AJAX to reduce page loading time. Product information such as description and tabs were also integrated to load via AJAX requests for speed improvements and resource utilization. This also helped to achieve better customer experience.
  • We worked on customizations to load reviews from 3rd party resources via AJAX and updated design with JS overrides.
  • A customized feature was developed for sample forms to allow selecting multiple samples from multiple products and send that data product wise in email to Admin as per company requirement.
  • We worked on a complex customization to restrict API calls for 3rd party services of PostNord and Collector for shipping and payment options. This helped to achieve speed and better performance on checkout page and improved user shopping experience.
  • Another customized solution was developed to calculate shipping box/parcel dimensions based on the product attributes and send to Cargonizer shipping solution via API to replace manual work of Admin.
  • Our expert Magento 2 developers created extensions to achieve speed of 4-5 seconds and apply optimizations of Google Page Speed standards.
  • To achieve this, we created below custom extensions to work with theme compatibility.
    • PreloadCss
    • Lazyload
    • Defer JavaScript
    • Minification of JS/CSS/HTML
  • We customized extension of GDPR to load from AJAX to gain more speed.
  • We worked on Amazon AWS server configurations to install and setup GooglePageSpeed, Redis and Varnish for high level performance and resource delivery. This helped to improve conversions rare for mobile users.
  • Our Professional SEO experts optimized the website well for on page and off page SEO elements and it improved their organic traffic and sales by 30% within 6 months.
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