• Recovery from Google Medic Update Penalty
  • 157% improvement in Transactions
  • Achieved Business profitable Keywords Back on Page 1
  • 110% Improvement in Organic Revenue
  • 82% Improvement in Ecommerce Conversion Rates
  • 55% Hike in Organic Clicks
  • 54% Boost in Website Visibility

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SEO Webmaster Performance

Google Medic Update Penalty Recovery

This Case Study is for Respirator Shop – A leading dust masks supplier based in the UK

Magento 2 Migration:
First, we were contacted by our valued customer to help migrate their existing Magento 1 store to Magento 2 to leverage the benefit of the advanced platform. We successfully migrated their web shop, they benefitted a lot from our capabilities and knowledge about Magento 2 platform.

Respirator Shop experienced a staggering blow from Google Medic update and they were much worried about sudden drop in organic traffic and sales which started happening from August 2018.

As a professional SEO company, we analyzed and shared our findings with actual facts on why their online e-commerce business is getting on the back foot. A complete analysis backed by actual facts helped them understand the issue.

Past Performance Analysis:
The site was already performing well and delivering a good amount of traffic until July 2018.

Now they wanted us to recover their organic traffic back on track. And this was not easy to achieve within a stipulated time frame.

Estimated Traffic Trend

As you can see in the screenshot above Aug. 1 update came hard on it and suddenly organic traffic went down for more than 50%.

The update affected mostly to those industries which are related to health, finance and anything related that could affect user’s well-being.

They have given the name YMYL to this kind of websites (Your Money or Your Life).

We believed that the site didn’t qualify as a trustworthy source and our goal was to rebuild the EAT(Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness).

Our Step by Step Process:

Step #1: Keyword Analysis

We went 6 months back to identify which keywords and pages were delivering the best value and generating high business revenue for them.

During thorough analysis from webmaster tools and our official SEMRUSH account, we got to know about the keywords that were working like top KPI’s for them in the past. When we started working with the company, they couldn’t get their category page to rank for the target keywords.

It was a challenging task as the majority of the keywords which were sending huge traffic to their site were short tail keywords with high competition while many of them were not appearing in even top 100 results on Google.

Step #2: Technical Analysis

After finishing keyword research, we conducted a technical analysis to find out what causes crawling, indexing and duplication issues. We have done that part using screaming frog SEO tool which helped us to identify almost all major technical issues such as URL duplication issues, 404 errors, broken links, Canonicals, response code issues, etc.

The major issue we found on their site was.html.html at the end of URLs. Our team of professional SEO experts and certified Magento developers collaborated together to solve it effectively. It’s obvious thing that you must have an experienced web development team in place if you want to solve unforeseen issues on immediate basis.

Apart from that, the url versions non www and http were setup onto single version www https with temporary 302 redirection which we changed to 301 permanent for link juice advantages.

Pro Tip: Take a look at your top business products before you make a final decision to remove it.

Step #3: Creating Landing Pages

Along with the above 2 steps, we started doing competitor analysis. It helped us to know which keywords are best for business and got some ideas on creating effective landing pagestoo.

Fortunately, there are tons of SEO tools out there which can help to identify how your competition is driving traffic and catching people’s attention.

We created relevant landing pages on their site which helped a lot.

Step #4: Onpage Optimization

After having complete set of target keywords on hand, we optimized their business category and product pages with effective meta tags, heading tags, content optimization, image alt and title tags, internal linking, robots.txt, sitemap.xml and other important elements.

In addition, we found keyword cannibalization issue on few pages that we solved and this helped us to improve CTR of their website in comparison of last 6 months after we started the project.

Step #5: The Skyscraper Technique

Today’s most useful tactics to drive organic traffic to your website.

You might be thinking, how does skyscraper technique work, right?

Well, we found some good blog topics from their competitor’s websites that have performed well in the past for them.

We created a list of them and started creating fresh new content on the same topics with effective structure and thorough details which can be useful to target audience.

Keyword Analysis

We found above topic published on one of our competitor’s website. It has 140 monthly search volume which is not bad thing, right? We have recorded this topic as ideas for new blog post and written new post with little bit more info, updated details, and better structure. And luckily it has started ranking on first page of within few days. See the screenshot below.

First Page Rank

Unlike others, we don’t churn out post after post. Our SEO professionals take enough time for research & write most in-depth blog post and thus our scalable content marketing strategy becomes guaranteed to outperform the original one posted by other competitors.

All above steps helped us to achieve below result:

First Page Rank on Google

In the above screenshot, you can see we’ve achieved one of top competitive keywords “dust mask” on page 1. The keyword contains very high search volume – 6600 / month.

We have achieved this with many other keywords over time and thus, we are able to see good improvements on organic sales.

Step #6: Blog Optimization

When we started SEO on the website, blog was not available. So, first we setup the blog with current design to get advantage of content marketing and reaching out to the potential customers.

In terms of blog optimization, we have setup following features:

  • Email Newsletter
  • Effective Font Style
  • Search Functionality
  • Social Media Sharing Option
  • Comment box
Step #7: GTM & Ecommerce Tracking Setup

As project came in, we got the Google analytics access on our email account by the customer. But there was no e-commerce data flowing since they had missed to setup this essential feature and hence the organic sales was not being tracked, Our developers implemented it well.

You might already have heard about Google Tag Manager. If not, don’t worry. Here’s a brief on it to explain what you can achieve by using it.

It’s a free tool that allows us to manage and deploy marketing tags (like Google analytics, snippets and other tracking pixels) on our website without having to modify the existing code.

Through GTM (Google tag manager), we had setup Google analytics, phone conversion tracking, email conversion tracking, shopping cart items, as well as other essential tracking that can be helpful to make crucial decision in your business and SEO optimization.

After setting up this feature, we are now effectively making changes on the site in terms of conversion optimization and which is really generating good result.

Step #8: High Quality and Relevant Backlinks

Of course, backlinks are still effective in 2019.

So, what was the actual process?

The website had no healthy & high-quality backlinks.

We work on many ecommerce sites from different countries so, we already have filtered out high quality backlink data.

But was it enough? No.

When it comes to building high quality backlinks, we always prefer doing backlinks analysis of top competitors which have been ranking on top position.

Our process is simple and straightforward. We found competitor backlinks using our paid SEO tools which helped us to create most relevant backlinks for the domain.

Our goal was not just to achieve good keyword ranks but drive result-oriented traffic to their website which can increase ecommerce sales and profits.

Key Takeaways from This Case Study

This is a proven SEO strategy and can be used to achieve good ranks in any niche.

We have repeated this process on other SEO projects too and we have got success with similar result. Keep in mind, consistency is the key when it comes to great results using SEO.

By following the steps outlined on this Case study you’ll be able to recover your website from Medic update and achieve your desired business goals.

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