• A new start up company had ongoing development work and few issues on new website of the business. They had bad experience with their last eCommerce development team who overcharged them and did not finish all the tasks effectively.
  • Company had requirement of developing a platform where Vendors can register and upload details of their products and services they offer to customers. And Customers can search for their required products and services by going through different vendors and categories and then place order for product or book specific service and Vendor is notified for their new order.
  • There was high level of custom development involved in setting up the entire customer buying process.
  • Vendors had to complete registration with a custom multi-step form and then link their Stripe account to receive payments of orders online
  • Vendors required a form to Add New Booking Products with all the required details but the product details required were to be populated based on specific categories of the Vendor’s business. Each product option should have feature to specify price for each option values
  • Vendors can specify the area which they offer shipping to and can specify the prices for each area with distance as well. Also, Tax to be applied on respective area based on the configuration by Admin.
  • Customers should be able to use a multi-step form to select the date for pickup or delivery for specific product. Each product needs to have different options and prices based on respective category. Also, shipping should be calculated based on the Vendor’s delivery configuration.
  • Admin should have all options available to manage Vendors, Vendor Products and Customers.
  • Business had required complex Stripe integration to accept payments from Customers and then do partial payment to the Vendor and remaining payment to be deposited in Admin Stripe account.
  • Company was facing problems with complex customizations required on Vendor Registrations, Vendor Add New Booking Product and Customer Product Purchase with multi-step forms and was looking for WordPress development company with expertise on customizations to fulfil the requirements of the Business

Our Solution

  • Team Icecube Digital consulted with the Company and took on the project to create a platform which meets Business requirements and provide a customized solution which was left incomplete by previous developers.
  • Our expert Woocommerce developers worked on the Vendor registration process and Vendor’s Add New Booking Product layouts to create workflows by doing plugin customizations for better customer experience which met Business requirements.
  • A customized feature was developed for Vendors to signup with merging different steps on different pages into a multi-step form and integrating Stripe account of Vendor to receive payments.
  • We worked on a complex customization to create Add New Booking Product form for Vendors where only relative options are shown based on the Vendor’s respective business category.
  • We worked on customizations to allow Vendor to specify their delivery areas and prices for each with distance. Also, customized Tax calculations to be applied on respective area based on Tax configurations setup by Admin.
  • Another customized solution was developed to create a multi-step form for Customers to select the date for pickup or delivery for specific product and respective category product to have different options and prices.
  • With our customization on Stripe payment integrations we developed a process to do partial payments to Vendors on their orders and remaining payment deposited to Admin as commission along with all the order details send in Stripe and Emails.
  • Also, we changed the website design and layout according to Business needs for better Customer s experience and Vendor product management experience.
  • Along in the development process, we noticed that the last company did not follow proper development standards which we had to repaid on multiple functions.
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