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Club Assist is the biggest mobile automotive battery retailer in the world. They are the world leader in motoring Club-branded roadside and support services. They have offices in Australia, New Zealand, the USA, and Canada.


  • Club assist has different types of users & clubs associated with them. When any user gets registered, they have to assign the club manually from the records they have for users. This was a very time-consuming process for their team.
  • When customers order online, Club assist needs to ship different products from different vendors so the calculation of shipping cost was a big problem when items from 2 different vendors are there in a single order. They also need to send notifications to particular vendors when their products are purchased.
  • They needed to offer specific products to users for buying based on their roles & different prices of the products to different users based on their roles.
  • Exporting the required order data was a big pain for them since they used different plugins for different shopping cart features and the correct values were not passed for exporting the orders. So they had to check that manually every time they export the orders. Also, they needed a different types of information in different reports as per their operational needs.
Club Assist
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Club Assist

Our Solution

  • Team Icecube Digital solved their role and club assignment issues by assigning a unique invitation code for registration. Admin can assign specific invitation codes to specific clubs and roles within the club. They provide invitation codes to club affiliates and customers from that club can register using that code and get specific clubs and roles assigned to them automatically.
  • To solve their shipping price issue and send order notification to different clubs, our WooCommerce SEO Experts implemented a solution where each product have two custom fields, Zip code, and vendor. So admin can assign zip codes to products for the vendors associated and vendor name. That way products have exact shipping prices as per the vendor zip code and vendors get notifications for orders too.
  • To have specific products for buying & prices based on user roles, we utilized user roles assigned through a unique invitation codes and assign specific products & prices for the user roles.
  • For the order export issue of club assist, Our WooCommerce plugin development team created a custom plugin so at the time of exporting orders – Admin can select the field of orders that they want to include in specific reports and get it exported with specific information as per needs.

What Clients Say?

We hired Ice Cube Digital to help us with completing our eCommerce site setup and configuration. This was our first time working with the WordPress / WooCommerce development platform. We not only needed assistance with the basics, but we also needed advice and guidance on on-site design elements, along with recommendations on all of the various options to implement certain features and functionality. Parth Patel did an amazing job guiding us through the process. We have nothing but good things to say about our experience working with Ice Cube Digital, and in particular, Parth. His knowledge of, and experience with, WordPress and WooCommerce enabled him to quickly resolve issues that we encountered.

Initially, one of my concerns was regarding the time difference for effective communication, however, I have to say that this has worked out perfectly. Parth has attended almost every scheduled meeting since he started working on our project (over three months ago now) and communication has never once been an issue. With Parth’s assistance, we successfully launched our eCommerce Store on July 1st! We will be engaging with Ice Cube Digital again for the upcoming phases of our eCommerce site as well.

Leslie Ventura
Leslie Ventura
IT Project Manager, Club Assist, Canada

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