WordPress Trends and Predictions 2023

WordPress Trends and Predictions 2023

As we move on from last year, there have been a lot of lessons learnt, many resolutions came to the fore, many wrongs were ‘righted’ and ‘old’ paved the way for ‘new’; but one thing’s for sure, 2023 is here and how! Now either we can sit back, relax and shed some light on what was, as we reflect and ponder upon the many WordPress changes we experienced last year, or we can look forward to a gamut of new tips, tricks and trends that await us now that we’ve stepped on the ship that reads loud and clear – 2023.

Last year saw no less than three major WordPress releases which changed the way we indulge in website building. This year, we look forward to more such bigshot changes, multiple minor releases, new themes, plug-ins and what not!

WordPress is not just a buzzword anymore for all those who were still wondering. If you’re an online fanatic and if you own an online business, you will concur with what we’re talking about. WordPress is everywhere now thanks to its ease of use, abundance of striking themes, a multitude of plug-ins, programmer friendly and SEO optimized nature. No wonder it is the top platform choice whenever a programmer sits down with a laptop in his hand and a coffee mug at its side. Having said that, the WordPress world is anything but constant. Owing to its unpredictable nature, it experiences changes, big or small, every day of the week.

In this vein, we truly believe that it is worth looking what lies ahead of us in the form of WordPress trends that we can look forward to now that we’re hitting 2023 full pelt.

1. The Responsive Design – Mobile Combo

  • Well, this isn’t exactly ‘Breaking News’, but it still holds as much importance as any other year. Putting ‘Mobile’ first and opting for a responsive design have been in the news for quite some time now. However, as things stand, the mobile extravaganza is not only booming, it is taking over the world in every shape or form. When was the last time you saw someone who didn’t own a mobile phone? Me neither!
  • With the rate that mobile traffic is expanding every flying second, tablets and smart phones are well and truly going to become everybody’s primary devices. The age of desktops, PCs, Notebooks and even laptops for that matter might be coming to a close.
  • Since this is shaping up, the aspect of design is turning 180 degrees in the sense that compact mobile versions of websites will be built first and then expanded to fit bigger screens if the need be. This is the exact opposite of the regime that is being followed by developers currently.
  • This is where the responsive design kicks in. Since now there will be much less surface area to splurge on, one will need to be highly creative with the words and images on display. This is why a device responsive design has become the de-facto standard for website developers universally.

2. Videos Here – Videos There – Videos Everywhere!

  • It’s not just about a few fancy photos and high grade images floating about on your website with specific call-to-actions; moving visuals is what will be the deciding factor between a ‘sale’ and ‘just another visit’.
  • It will be worthy to note that many analysts and wordpress developers are claiming that come 2023, videos will capture nearly 80% of the entire web traffic.
  • The writing’s already on the wall and evident with a bunch of social media websites and streaming services like Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Meerkat and Periscope.
  • The one merit that is staring us right in the face is the fact that marketers will now be able to narrate stories and actually connect with the general folk like never before, something photography as an art form will never be able to muster.

3. The Art of Scrolling Websites

  • Thanks to the advent of smart phones, one page websites have become a norm these days, a trend which is definitely meant to continue this year as well. Why would you want to click multiple times just so you can browse the contents of the website when you can get all of that on the home page itself?
  • This is why scrolling has taken a whole new level of importance. These are definitely exciting times for developers, designers and UI experts as they are in charge of how to make the navigation system as seamless as possible.
  • All of you must’ve looked at it at least once but might not be familiar with the jargon involved – Parallax scrolling. This is one of the trendiest terms of today when it comes to website design along with visual storytelling.

4. Age Appropriate Design Scheme

  • ‘Demographics’ is the magic word here! Online advertisers will know what we’re talking about! The usage of demographics is well and truly underway big time in the online ad sector.
  • Consumers are being targeted on the basis of how old they are, what they like, what they don’t like, where they go, which sports they follow, which countries they’ve been to and much more.
  • Adapting the shape and face of the website whilst considering the needs of an actual person might seem improbable for now, but it is a no brainer for the future.
  • Something as small as changing the colour schemes and adjusting the size of the font could prove to be something very crucial in the long run. Why is this important you ask? Because people of all ages have a virtual presence in this tech savvy world of today.

5. Image Exclusivity

  • Have you ever noticed a woman who is commonly found on the advertising boards of multiple brands out there? You can find her on hoardings, in ads, in labels and a lot more. She seems to be everywhere and in not such a good way.
  • This is what happens when companies cut corners and utilize stock images out in the world. This is a common issue as there is no sense of originality anymore. No one wants to work hard anymore it seems and create something of their own.
  • However, this trend will most likely change this year. Companies and organizations are starting to realize the importance of exclusivity and they are paying big bucks to creative minds to translate their vision into stills, visuals, images and infographics.
  • Bespoke design elements which are unconventional yet stunning seem to be the way forward for now.

6. Miscellaneous:

a. Flat Design 2.0 – Moving away from traditional ‘flat-ness’, companies are now tending towards shadows, overlaps and a skeumorphic design outlook. Virtual reality and augmented reality will play a major role as well.

b. Vivid Colours – Everyone’s palette is certainly changing. We’re now moving towards braver colour segments involving brighter hues and over-saturation.

c. Card type UI – This has come to the fore largely thanks to Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter and Netflix. A large amount of info can be dissected into creative chunks, leaving the audience wanting more.

d. Virtual Reality – Need we say more? Many big names are turning to this recent tech buzzword and making headway when it comes to attracting customers.

e. Speed matters – How fast your website is able to showcase that big HD wallpaper in the website background certainly matters and will matter even more so this year.

Well, the glass is half full from the looks of it. It is worth noting that not all of these trends will work for you. Be smart and choose a Custom WordPress development company wisely whilst keeping your customers on priority. At the same time, it doesn’t hurt to keep an open mind. Good luck!

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