Why We Love WordPress?

Why We Love WordPress?

When people ask: “Uh, could you help me with the best Content Management System?”-we tell them “WordPress” in a chorus.

WordPress has come a long way since its launch back in the year 2003. Today, it is one of the most sought after content management platforms available for free to use online. Considered as a favorite among bloggers from across the globe, WordPress has also managed to rank itself at top position for creating websites with both custom and template options. The reason it as gained immense popularity is because, anyone can build a website without actually having to hire any WordPress web developer or IT programmer to do the job, which comes at a price not to mention. Also, it is great for small scale enterprises to promote themselves, because it is so easy to manage and makes blogging seem like a child’s play.

So, why exactly do we love WordPress? We could blabber a code but well, let us just count a few reasons.

Ease of Use

This undoubtedly is the top reason why WordPress is such an absolute favorite with everyone. Anyone from your average middle school kid to a grandma can get hold of a website on this platform. Its interface is highly intuitive and makes it extremely easy for just about anybody to operate. All a person needs to know is type and upload an image, and Voila! Job is done!

No Software Needed

WordPress supports itself and doesn’t require any other software for editing of any sort. Everything from starting out with a custom blog to formatting text, posting a blog and so on can be done with simple options which WordPress provides its users with. However, there are certain advanced functions for which you can always get guided assistance from a Best WordPress development company.

Favorite with Search Engines

Every page or post, which users put up on WordPress are given the option to have their own tags, keywords, titles etc., which makes it easier to be optimized by search engines. Also, tags and titles added before come with an option to be later edited for better optimization, which again is great as you learn.

Provides Full Customization

It also delivers users the options for transforming the entire look of their blog or website according to their tastes. This not only adds a personal touch but leaves a sophisticated and lasting impression on visitors to the blog.

Runs on Browser

WordPress manages to easily run on any browser out there, sparing its users the headache of juggling with complicated coding systems for functioning of their websites. All people need to know is their username and password to run their overall website. Simple, isn’t it?

Plenty of Plug-ins

Presently, WordPress provides over 24000 types of plug-ins for users to choose from. Not just this, they are super easy to use and usually take just one simple click to get installed. The ones which are a little complicated to install and understand, you could always Hire a Professional WordPress Developer. Therefore, users can settle for a look for their website, which they’re after. Also, they can change it whenever they feel like.

WordPress is Limitless

Lastly, WordPress shows its users what it actually feels to be limitless. Unlike most free blogging sites out there, it gives users the complete freedom to add countless number of pages and unlimited data to their blogs. So, what’s not to love?

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