Why to Choose Magento CMS to Develop Your eCommerce Website

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Why to Choose Magento CMS to Develop Your eCommerce Website

Magento 2.0 is indeed the most preferred CMS for the various e-Commerce sites. Let us examine how this solution benefits them. Before we examine these features it must be noted that Magento 2.0 has undergone several real world and simulated conditions.

If your e- commerce website is not Magento 2.0 enabled, you must hire a Magento Programmer to migrate it to this dynamic and efficient platform.

The latest Enterprise Edition module comes with a streamlined payment and checkout system. The two most important features of Magento 2.0 are full page caching and simplified checkout solutions.

1. Full Page Caching helps the website rank better on Google Search results indirectly. The page load time reduces from 5-6 seconds to may be 1-2 seconds. This means that interested buyers will see the website quickly, navigate through it quickly and do the rest of the stuff. When the page load time improves, there is lesser load on the servers. When this happens, you save on high infrastructure costs.

2. Your checkout process becomes simpler with Magento 2.0. If your website does not have simplified check out processes then hire dedicated Magento programmers that can set it right.

When a user types in her email id, there comes an automatic request for filling up the password. Once the password is filled, the rest of the forms get filled automatically. Similarly, the user does not have to fill in the credit card type. All it asks is the Credit Card number and once the number starts getting typed in, then the names of the various credit cards start appearing. You can choose your credit card type whether it is Visa or Mastercard or Rupay. Even if you have visited the website as a guest, do not worry, your Magento 2 store solution will save the information and in your next visit, the e-commerce website will help you in filling in the rest of the information.

3. Our magento 2 migration service helps you integrate your website with the HTTP accelerators.

4. This platform also helps in several administrators work on your website simultaneously and there is a zero chance of conflicting of various sets of database.

5. The other major benefit of Magento 2.0 is that it is 25 % faster than Magento 1.0. You can now have 10 million page views of catalogues in comparison to the 500,000 views in the case of the earlier version.

Don’t worry if you are keen to take your eCommerce portal to the next level by opting for Magento 2.0. You can reach to icecubedigital.com with your requirements at bhavin@icecubedigital.com.


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