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Why Magento is the best eCommerce Platform Available in the Market

What does that tell you? Business is good for people who’re good at business. Capiche? Yes, you heard it right! Business is well and truly not for everyone; but those who stick like duck to water can do wonders.

And in today’s online day and age, what are the biggest business sources on the planet? O-N-L-I-N-E! Everyone’s online and that include businesses too which is why big time e-commerce companies are ruling the world, metaphorically speaking of course.

And e-commerce and Magento have to be spoken in the same breath as that’s how popular this combo has become. What Nike has done for sports shoes is what Magento has done for e-commerce.

If they keep on improving then pioneers are not the losers in the market, they, in fact, become an uncrowned king, it is the same with Magento. Magento is steadily delivering amidst the rut of half-baked software and solutions.

Search for an open source PHP based e-commerce platform and there are chances that you might have an encounter with many players talking about their USP. Advertisement lure people, after a purchase most of the users realize that either their E-commerce platform is lacking some basic things completely or they are paying extra even after paying an exorbitant initial sum. If you are looking for a long term and steady solution then hire best magento 2 developer and spend a good time with him in order to chalk out the details of a very nice e-commerce platform.

Here are the reasons why Magento is the best eCommerce Platform

  • Extraordinary flexibility with Rock Solid foundation
  • Where It All Began
  • Open Source For Everyone
  • Wide Array of Features
  • The SEO Factor
  • In Tandem With Google
  • Multiple Store Management
  • Report Away
  • Abundance of Marketing Tools
  • Magento 2 Advantage

Let’s Discuss Each Point in Detail

1) Extraordinary flexibility with Rock Solid foundation

When you are on with Magento then you are getting these two things as the primary part of the deal. While selling Magento any professional eCommerce development company can introduce these two features in front of you and make your decision making easy. However, this is only a tip of the iceberg. There we have many other virtues as well, that makes it the best seller e-commerce platform in the market.

For instance, it has some very simple and easy to use features to add easiness into your application. It can support multiple websites if you are conducting your business with the help of a network of websites.

Magento is a visitor friendly interface, it is an interface that allows a visitor to roam in an easy environment and make some purchases. Now you can understand – it is good for both, the person who is sitting behind the desk and the person who is on a spree of window-shopping.

We can measure up the success of Magento simply by the fact that in the year 2013 it was awarded as the most popular e-commerce platform in the world. In the year 2014, it increased its share in e-commerce market and reached a level of 30 percent, here Magento was battling it out with 30 more players. According to estimation, more than 200,000 e-commerce retailers chosen it as their business partner and this number is still counting in 2016. If you are making a deal with Magento then you are certainly making a deal with a trusted name that delivered the goods in past and poised to write a new future for various e-commerce portals.

Are you still muddled to select Magento or shift a level up to Magento 2? Contact us today to know more about the benefits.

“The problem is there are no simple “right” answers for most Web design questions (at least not for the important ones). What works is good, integrated design that fills a need—carefully thought out, well executed, and tested.” 

– Steve Krug

2) Where It All Began

Magento isn’t just a buzzword anymore; it is more like a commonality in the online world; an everyday phrase in the world of e-commerce. No wonder Magento has been chosen by more than 200,000 businesses across the globe to run seamless operations. And if you’re thinking that there are plenty of small and nascent brands in the world; you’re wrong. Magento is being used by bigshot names like Nike, Ford, Samsung, and Olympus, to name a few.

Such is the widespread popularity and investment potential that eBay acquired Magento at the ‘Imagine’ conference back in the year 2014 for a price of over $180 million. We have your attention now.

After it came out, it generated 500,000+ downloads within a month, which was an astonishing feat.

3) Open Source For Everyone

If you’re a techie yourself and know your trade of programming, you don’t require Magento web development services. Why you ask? Because Magento is one of the rarest open source code platforms in the sense that the original code used by the developers is available for all free of cost. Hence, you can apply necessary chinks, adjust and modify entities.

This is one of the biggest reasons why Magento is the best e-commerce platform. The 800,000+ member strength of the Magento community is a testament to this fact.

This is not a common occurrence when it comes to platforms like this one as making the source code free for everyone leaves everything transparent for everyone to use. Maybe, this is why Magento is so popular and it stands ‘Numero Uno’ on the list of the top platforms for e-commerce four years in a row, given the competitiveness of the market of today. Also, it stands at the spot when it comes to leading online web stores.

Google has revealed that the term “Magento” was searched more than the word “ecommerce”.

4) Wide Array of Features

Magento is packed with features left, right and centre. Magento 2 development company will tell you about layered navigation or the matter of advanced search, but there’s plenty more to look out for. You get wish lists, e-mail lists, SEO dedicated modules, multi-store facility, grouping of products, product comparisons, CMS for static pages and more.

Hence, customer satisfaction is kind of a no brainer when it comes to Magento as it offers something substantial for everyone. It is why 26% of the top 1 million websites in the entirety of online space are using Magento as their online solutions provider.

“Websites promote you 24/7: No employee will do that.”

― Paul Cookson

5) The SEO Factor

This is one of the top most factors why brands tend to upgrade to Magento 2. Having said that, Magento in itself is an SEO powerhouse. And every sane e-commerce professional realizes the importance of polished SEO in today’s frantic world.

E-commerce means business; business needs customers and this is where SEO ticks all the right boxes. It gets companies and brands in touch with the quantum of audience which matters.

This helps to increase chances of sales and convert potential leads into customers.

Magento SEO helps to optimize the e-commerce site by manifolds on the lines of content, landing pages, page traffic, speed, indexing, etc.

6) In Tandem With Google

Partnering up with Magento won’t simply put you on good terms with Google just like that; it does more than that. The platform’s efficiency and performance knows no bounds ever since it shook hands with the daddy of Internet – Google. Some of the most fascinating roll-outs from Google can now be enjoyed with Magento like Google Checkout, Google Analytics, Google Base, to name a few.

Manager can now track customer behavior, understand the demographics, figure out average basket size in order to serve better.

7) Multiple Store Management

Yes, this is well and truly possible now. One of the many advantages of Magento is that it lets you manage multiple stores at once without compromising on the good bits. Every store is individually like a master store with its own unique characteristics and organizational entities. That’s the beauty of it.

You can work with each store as if it’s the only one, mutually exclusive of all other stores present. This is how good online businesses run 24*7 without any hiccups.

8) Report Away

You can breathe whole lot easier thanks to this facet. This is for all hardcore business owners out there who wish to keep a track of every penny that is flowing in and every product that is being shipped out. Magento lets you administrate your website at a cellular level to find out strains of useful data to forge solid reports consistently.

Reports concerning top most products, lowest profit generating months, sales during festive period, performance of newly released items, products gone out of stock and more – everything is available with ease. This is what causes robust strategies to build.

9) Abundance of Marketing Tools

A point which is not often stressed enough; Magento comes packed with a multitude of marketing tools and options so you can promote your business in all its glory. This not only attracts new potential buyers but helps retain the ones who’ve kept their faith in you at least once already.

Some of the marketing options include the likes of multi-tier pricing, landing page tools for campaigns, flexible coupons, private sales, etc.

10) Magento 2 advantage

With the launch of the new version, Magento has literally taken over the eCommerce market. Magento 2 is packed with some amazing features like improved and effective admin interface, faster load time, better mobile shopping experience with improved technical architecture and better testing capabilities. This makes all eCommerce businesses to select Magento over other shopping cart platforms available in the market.


Well, this is what Magento is all about. It gives business owners a platform to serve customers in the best manner possible. And truly, it provides nothing but the best in terms of functionalities, support, plug-ins and features. Magento and e-commerce seem like a marriage made in heaven.


Nitin D

Nitin is the digital marketing manager at Icecube Digital. He has helped many organizations grow their business online and improve sales through strong branding and consistency in communication.

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