Why Do You Need Responsive Website Design?

Why Do You Need Responsive Website Design?

Smartphones and tablets revamped their design and user experience owing to the advent of mobile gadgets and their increasing use for accessing the web. Before the advent of mobile devices with such capabilities, web designers did not have to think about different platforms and only had to maintain the look and feel of their websites for diverse browsers.

Interacting with smartphones and tablets is not like that of desktop computer monitors. One needs to keep in mind several elements including clicks, touch events, screen-size, resolution, Flash support and the like. These elements are important while creating websites with Responsive Design. Many web design agencies in Manchester are known to abide by the new rules and are quite successful at it.

The Importance of Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design (RWD) is a process of setting of layout for a website or application so that it provides an optimal viewing experience for reading and navigation on diverse platforms without the need for resizing, panning, or even scrolling.

IceCube Digital – An ecommerce website design company ensures that the navigation elements, layouts, text, pictures and images, multimedia players and other UI elements are compatible for viewing on a variety of devices. Once the elements are in place with responsive design, there is no need to create different sites for different platforms like the “mobile-site version” of a desktop version website.

The Role of Responsive Website Design for Better Marketing and Branding

With the growing number of devices and platforms, the online site needs to align itself with the changes. Responsive web design saves time and money although it costs more than making conventional websites. But it saves the business owner the expenses to duplicate a website for multiple platforms. This cuts down the total development costs, significantly. Also there is no effort to maintain different versions thus reducing the hassle of having multiple sites and in turn, eliminating scattered identities across the online world.

Pervasion of Mobile Gadgets

Internet traffic rising from mobile devices has increased considerably as many people are browsing sites through their smartphones and tablets. Any website publisher would now try to leverage the platform better through responsive web design.

User Experience is the King Here…

Content is surely the king but it is important to assess user experience for bringing in visitors for content consumption. Responsive web design is about delivering the right user experience on any platform, including a desktop PC, a smartphone, a tablet or even smart-TVs.

Device Agnostic

Responsive Websites are device-agnostic which means that users get the best experience navigating websites irrespective of the device they are using. Website owners and content publishers do not have to build versions of their website for diverse audiences, platforms and gadgets.

Most professional eCommerce website development companies in London, Manchester and several cities across the globe believe that compartmentalizing website content into disparate user experiences will be foolhardy for any marketer. There is a business case for separate, specific sites only for limited user-goals and scope.

But such an approach is rare and not many companies need different sites for representing their online image. Digital content can be a spectrum of different flavours but with responsive design services provided by IceCube Digital – A Web design and development agency based in Washington, one can unite them.

Bhavin M, co-founder of Icecube Digital, spends much of his time creating simple but valuable content which helps ecommerce entrepreneurs to grow their online business.

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