What is the Date for Magento 1 End of Life and Support

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What is the Date for Magento 1 End of Life and Support

While discussing with a potential customer yesterday about migration of their web shop from Magento 1 to Magneto 2, they asked – What is the date for Magento 1 end of life ?

This is the common question all the Magento 1 web shop owners ask when it comes to the discussion about upgrade to Magento 2. Probably you are also looking for right answer for it in order to decide whether you should migrate your webshop from magento 1 to magento 2 in 2017 or you should wait

Magento 1 End of Support

There are news going around in the market that support for Magento 1 will end on November – 2018. However, Magento officials have not confirmed this. Magento has officially announced that they will notify at least 18 months in advance before the support for Magento 1 ends. Check it out on official magento website.

It does not mean that the platform Magento 1 will stop working after Magento stops it’s support. You can still use Magento 1 but they will stop updating the platform for any security issues there after

So if you are running your web shop on Magento 1 and it’s performing well, It’s really not urgent for you to move to Magento 2. Just don’t invest more money in building any more custom features on existing Magento 1 shop since code structure of Magento 2 is completely different than Magento 1 and you would need to invest money in completely rebuilding those custom features whenever you work on Magento 2 upgrade in future.

Many of the Magento 1 web store owners do not know that Magento 2 is a complete new platform and not the new version of Magento 1. The architecture of the new platform Magento 2 has been completely rebuilt including the API

The new platform, Magento 2 offers highly improved performance, scalability and number of new features to sell more through your webshop

Many well known Magento 1 extensions are not yet built for the new platform Magento 2. Some well known third party inventory management systems are not yet supporting Magento 2, You need to check 360’, before making the final decision. Review our guide for Magento 2 upgrade.

If you want to build new Magento web shop, you should consider going with Magento 2 after investigating availability of all the required extensions and third party system integration required


Well, The new platform is with us since about 21 months now and it’s really time to make your way forward with the next generation ecommerce platform Magento 2. From technical perspective, Magento 2 is much more advanced and sustainable than Magento 1.

Since support for Magento 1 will be stopped in near future with 18 months advance notice, As a leading magento 2 development company, we suggest our customers not to build their new web shops on Magento 1.

If you would like to ask any questions about Migration to Magento 2 or interested in getting free quote to upgrade your webshop from Magento 1 to Magento 2, contact us now and our Magento 2 upgrade experts will be happy to help


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