Top 7 New Year Resolutions for Your Business Website in 2017

Top 7 New Year Resolutions for Your Business Website in 2017

We are at the end of 2016 and getting ready for grand new start of the New Year 2017. A new year is the new start and we all set goals for next 12 months to achieve something in our personal and professional life.

Here at IceCube Digital, We have identified resolutions for your business website that you should strongly consider in order to provide your users with pleasant user experience and increase your sales through web in the year 2017.

1) Deliver better mobile experience – You have heard a lot about mobile responsive websites in 2016 and it’s not going away in the New Year too. With Google’s mobile friendly update this year, its mobile favoritism will only increase in 2017 as internet usage through mobile is increasing day by day all around the world. So in the new year – think mobile first for any of your web strategies , check mobile friendliness of your website.

2) A big no to slow loading pages – You will lose your potential customers to your competitors if your web pages are taking much time to load. Visitors will not wait more than 4-5 second for your web pages to load and you would not like to lose any visitors after spending months of time in SEO and other marketing to get those visitors, right?

3) Develop more long form content – Content marketing is still the king of online marketing. Google loves fresh content and you will win if you are serving your users with fresh and more detailed – long form content. Don’t stop soon – Most businesses start content marketing but fall by the wayside very quickly. Make sure to put in consistent content marketing efforts in the new year and you will see results.

4) User experience matters the most – Your website might have great content and you are getting lots of traffic through all your marketing efforts, but if your design is not clean and easy to navigate through pages – your visitors will not find what they are looking for and it will really affect your conversion rate , Be sure to take user experience in consideration.

5) Measure the results and adjust efforts accordingly – We have noticed that about 50% of website owners ignore this important aspect of their online business. Are you one of them? Website traffic analysis and reporting is very important for any online business. You should use Google analytics and webmaster tools more in 2017 to understand from which sources your most visitors are coming and how they are interacting with your web pages. It will help you to make required improvements on your website which will lead to more conversion.

6) Focus more on security – Google has clearly indicated recently that security will be more important in 2017 especially if you are collecting credit cards on your Ecommerce website. Beginning from January 2017, Chrome will mark your HTTP pages as non secure where you collect credit card/payment details. It is more important in 2017 to have your Ecommerce website running on HTTPS and not on HTTP. Here is the detailed guide from Google – https://security.googleblog.com/2016/09/moving-towards-more-secure-web.html, Please contact your eCommerce website development company today to make sure that your website is secure before Google notice it.

7) Organize regular meetings with your web development agency – It is very important that you keep your business website ahead in the race in this frequently changing environment. Keep in regular touch with your ecommerce website design company to make sure that your website has best of everything available in your business niche. This will help to impress your visitors and increase overall value of your online business.


In the New Year, if you want to go to gym regularly to keep yourself healthy and if you want to learn something new to make yourself happy, why not focus on these resolutions to improve online presence of your business.

What other resolution do you think are important for your business website in the New Year?


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