Regular Website Maintenance – We know it well

Regular Website Maintenance – We know it well

We regularly visit mechanic to make sure that all the parts of our car are working fine. We regularly visit doctor for health check up. Do we really check our website regularly to make sure that it’s working fine and catering the visitors with the best web experience?

If you really want best return on your web investment and a lead generating web site, you should implement monthly maintenance plan. Here we have listed activities to get started with

1) Functionality

Check the important functionalities like – the navigation, contact form, Site search, Checkout to make sure all of them are functioning well

2) Software – plug in updates

Check for the updates of your content management system and any third party extensions that have been used

3) Website back up

Make sure to back up the files and database automatically on weekly bases and store them offline. This is really important in critical situations like site crash

4) Required adjustments:

Review the website statistics and make necessary adjustments accordingly. For example add some new content, tweak call to action etc.

5) Search for broken links

Run link checker to identify broken links on the site that create negative image amongst visitors and affects search engine rank

6) SEO

Use some well known SEO tools to make sure that structure of your site is search engine friendly as per the latest algorithm. Our professional seo services will surely going to benefit you as per algorithm update.

7) Site speed

You can use some well known tools to identify reasons that might be slowing down speed of your web site and resolve them with the help of web design and development company

8) Analytics

Regularly review your Google analytics to identify latest trends. You can check for the kind of devices your visitors are using to view the site and their geographical location. This will help you to define best marketing strategy

These are the points to get started with. None of them is much time consuming but when you put them all together, they can be very useful for your smooth web operations.

We offer website maintenance packages customized according to you business needs. Please contact us today to discuss your web maintenance needs.


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