Is SEO Dead?

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Is SEO Dead?

Is SEO dead? No, this is not a rhetorical question; but rather a very important one, especially in today’s digital age. First things first, let’s shed some light on the SEO bubble and why its work behind the scenes makes it indispensable at every level.

The Science Behind SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the art of polishing your website/online presence in such a way that is acceptable and recommended by search engines, so that your links get placed higher up in search engine results. Capiche?

Now why would you want to finish higher in the rankings?

More than 90% of customers online click on the first link they see whenever they search for a product or a service. There’s a reason why ‘Googling’ has now become a commonly used verb. For anything and everything, a search engine takes centrestage.

Whether you have to look for movie timings or information regarding a deal at your favorite sports store or check out reviews for a restaurant, searching online becomes the prime directive.

This is where finishing higher becomes a foregone conclusion. It not only gives visibility to your brand but significantly improves the chances of conversion, which is all that matters once everything is said and done.

The Verdict

This need to finish higher and get above competition is an evergreen one. Ergo, SEO isn’t dead and it can never be, at least in the near future. There’s a reason why brands and companies are flocking towards partnering up with a top rated SEO company. Because every link matters, every customer matters and for such juggernaut names, one single position can make the difference between gaining a profit or suffering a loss of millions.

Why Is The Essence of SEO Well And Truly Alive?

Here we dissect why SEO is one of the most trusted online marketing platforms known to man. It’s been there for years, gaining significance along the way and doesn’t look to fade away soon, given how being ‘online’ has taken the world by storm.

Online Shopping Isn’t Going Away Anytime Soon

  • You heard it right! This is not just about online shopping per se, this is about convenience. Convenience always stays in fashion, no matter what.
  • As online shopping continues to rule the trade and business market, SEO will keep retaining its charm, given its one of the most potent organic ways to get customers.
  • When it comes to technology, making progress is the only way forward and at least for many forthcoming years, Internet is going to play a huge role.

Soaring Competition On a Daily Basis

  • You might’ve noticed a massive influx in search results and paid ads on various social media platforms. This is all because new brands are taking shape left, right and centre.
  • In a bid to give customers the most wholesome experience ever, e-commerce websites, businesses and existing companies are looking towards the online model to capture the market like never before.
  • This ever increasing competition further cements why SEO is and always will be necessary to reach the right kind of customers at minimal costs. Because there aren’t too many difference makers left in the market, one place where SEO ticks all the right boxes.

The Incessant Need to Find Information Online

  • The urge for people to find information is an evergreen one. In today’s world, ‘online’ means everything.
  • Be it looking for top tile companies in your area so you can shop for your new house or searching for bakeries which serve red velvet cakes or even as small as finding a nearby gym, word of mouth is slowly and surely becoming obsolete.
  • Given the accessibility of Internet and smart phones, credible results are only a mere click away. Can’t get any faster than that, can it?

Brand Visibility

  • Imagine you’ve come up with a brand of your own; how do you expect customers to learn about its existence? Pamphlets, hoardings, flexes or newspaper ads perhaps? All such print related ad sources yield next to none results especially in the smartphone-savvy age of today.
  • Professional SEO services provide the best answers here, by putting you, your website, products and services on the online map, that too in front of individuals who are likely to convert.
  • A good SEO regime gives you a chance to showcase a wide range of products and services for all to see.

Blind Faith on Google

  • Why is SEO such a driving force when it comes to lead generation? Because individuals blindly trust Google and what it suggests.
  • This hasn’t happened overnight by the way; it has taken years and years for Google to spread its supremacy across the online world. As per Google, the top ranked search results in terms of products and services are good enough for most customers.
  • This is why carrying on with good SEO techniques turns out to be fruitful in the long run. Agreed, it will take long to get there, but once you do, it pays instant rewards.

Because Everyone’s Doing It

  • Not just the top most companies, but every single entity right from small to medium sized businesses are indulging in SEO.
  • When everyone else in the business is noticing the importance of SEO, you have to stand up and take notice.

Numbers Don’t Lie

  • By this we mean that SEO is well and truly alive because it works. Isn’t that proof enough?
  • Why businesses and companies are consistently striving to find just the right kind of balance between Social Media Optimization and Search Engine Optimization is because both these tools working in tandem, positively affect the growth chart of the organization as a whole.
  • At the end of month, when you’re analyzing what worked and what didn’t, you’ll see that more than half of your customers came through search engine listings i.e. SEO.

SEO being dead is complete hearsay; ignore these rumours and join the bandwagon sooner rather than later, if you’re looking to establishing your name at the top of online businesses and staying there.

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Nitin D

Nitin is the digital marketing manager at Icecube Digital. He has helped many organizations grow their business online and improve sales through strong branding and consistency in communication.

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