How to Use Videos to Grow Your Business Online

How to Use Videos to Grow Your Business Online

The Internet is changing the way businesses work. The market is changing fast, attention spans are reducing, and videos are becoming the ultimate connection. Companies are taking advantage of all forms of technology in their eCommerce website design, to give their business the necessary kick.

Today, videos have become one of the most effective ways to reach out to your target audience. Credit it to the various social platforms; video marketing has never been easier. What you need to know is how to use them cleverly as the best promotional tools. With the advent of live streaming, videos are changing the rules of the game.

Let’s see how you can use videos to grow your business online.

1. Check Out the Video Marketing Options

With a whole range of video marketing options available today, you must know the ones that are available and suitable for your kind of work. Do your research well before you choose the avenue to create and promote your videos.

There’s no simple way to know which one suits you best. So, here are a few pointers that help you decide better.

> Focus on which platform will work best with your audience.

> Who are your target consumers?

> Which video platforms your target audience is most likely to watch?

> Focus on video consistency.

> Create a frequency.

> Video strategy is critical. Decide what to use in your video and why.

The above decisions will help you understand which marketing option is the best for you. YouTube works wonders for some brands, but Snapchat can deliver better results for others.

For instance, some experts say that YouTube is the best place for video content. For two reasons— it lives there longer & it is easier to find on YouTube.

For teaser content, Snapchat works smart. You can get the audience interested in your product more efficiently on Snapchat. You need first to understand what is it that you want to do with your video— promote or sell.

2. Focus on Generating Leads

Videos take time and money. You don’t want to channel your resources into something that will not generate inbound leads for you. Renowned digital marketing expert Sam Ovens talks about a creative strategy for videos. He suggests that a concept should be taught in a 5-10 minute video. Ask the viewer to register for a webinar or download a manual for more information.

When someone is watching a short video, you don’t want them to navigate to the next page to leave their emails. Make this simpler for them. This makes it easier for you to generate leads.

Here are a few ways that help you generate leads

Email Gating

This is the easiest way to get relevant data on your prospects. Ask your users to enter their email addresses before they view the video. This makes it easy to earn a new lead. Magento 2 experts will tell you how vital email gating is, for all aspects of an eCommerce business.


You must always offer a call-to-action (CTA) at the most exciting point in your video. This is a perfect way to get their contact information by placing relevant links on your video. For instance, you can use annotations on YouTube, but make sure they are correctly put on the video. This should take the viewer to your blog or a landing page.

3. Demonstrate Your Product or Service in Detail

Always start with a video that demonstrates how your product works. This should be an instant hook. And make it crisp. Rather than writing at great lengths about your product, have a 1-minute video that says it all.

Experts believe that a one-minute video is close to 1.8 million words. You do not have to limit the scope of demo videos to one. Make a series of videos covering various aspects of your product or service. Video marketing gives your viewers a complete idea about your product. That said, take a look at how you can create great demo videos.

> Use the right lighting.

> Ensure the descriptions are simple to understand and crisp.

> Let the product be the focus.

> Choose a background that falls in sync with your product.

> Use a conversational style

> Use humor if it’s appropriate

> Use the Right Video Host

Videos are an expensive business, so before you start, use the right distribution strategy. Think of an appropriate end before you start. Figure out what and how you plan to use the video eventually. Create a robust ROI model.

4. High-Value Content

Stand-alone pieces of content have to be strong. Most of your videos will have an email gate or CTA form which means, you need to communicate well and keep them hooked till the end. Webinars are a great way to do this. Webinars offer a lot of high-value content; this makes it easy for people to understand your content and engage.

Here are a few tips that help you generate excellent quality content

> Let the reel be under one minute. There’s a reason why the big brands spend millions on just 60 seconds of fresh content. The idea is to toot your horn without exaggeration. Leave your viewers asking for more.

> Don’t make it a script narration. That’s the worst way of delivering content.

> Don’t forget to explain what exactly your company does. How many times have you watched a video that blabbers everything except telling you what the brand does? Be careful about the words you choose to explain the product.

> Resist the temptation to reveal everything. Try and keep your focus on the intent of the video.

5. What Type of Video Will Work Best

This is the most crucial factor in video marketing. You must know how to utilize videos to generate high-quality leads. That’s how you maximize the conversion rates. It’s important to ask yourself which videos are the most effective for generating leads.

> The Explainer Video

Explain your products and services through these videos. They fit in the category of top-of-the-funnel marketing videos. They are engaging and perfect when you want to tell your audience just what your product is and about. They are more like beginner videos which make the audience interested in more profound aspects of your product or service. Get in touch with a professional Explainer video production company to help you with these aspects.

> Educational Videos

These are meant for branding and improving awareness. You get more viewership through these as they offer value to your audience. They are very useful if you are giving your audience the right answers. Content is key here.

> Get some Testimonials

They are a great way to promote the value of your brand and what it does for people. Testimonials address how your brand has what the viewer is looking for. These are great ways of building trust in the brand.

> Case Studies

These are not just interviews of people who have liked your work. Case studies are meant for those at the bottom of the sales funnel. You want to give your viewers success stories that they can relate to. This makes it more likely for them to turn into leads.

> Promotional Videos

Informative and engaging promotional videos make sure that half the work is done when it comes to promotions. People connect with these videos within minutes.

6. The Concept of Landing Pages

Videos are 12 times more likely to get engagement than written text. But that doesn’t mean that content is not essential. That’s what landing pages are for conversion. Once you ask people to download a guide or sample, take them to a landing page.

Videos with text on landing pages are a perfect place for conversions. Landing pages have to be catchy, so it’s essential that your video here is written in a quirky way. People were lured to your landing page because they were expecting something more.

Have an exciting story to tell them here. Save the tutorials for other channels. Your landing page video should be captivating.

> Do not go into detail about what’s next or what your webinar or guide will offer. Create a video on the landing page that compels your audience to look at the rest of the content on your landing page.

> Go with auto-direct options. At the end of the video, viewers must be able to go to the next steps automatically. For instance, they should be able to download the guide or join the webinar soon after the video is over.

> Redirect users to the rest of the landing page and make them fill out a form before they leave the page.

7. A Mini-Campaign is Important

You will need a mini-campaign on social media to make use of your videos well. So, instead of randomly using the video on social media, how about creating a small campaign that makes it stand out.

Here’s how you can do this without making mistakes.

Put all your content together.

Make your content fall in sync with the video. For instance, if your video talks about architectural wonders, create some blogs, images, and ebooks around the same. There should be ample content about the same to go back to.

Make an offer they can’t refuse.

That’s what a great social mini-campaign is all about. Give them something that excites them. Maybe a 3-part video series, an online magazine, or an e-book, see what drives the most interest.

How to create content for your mini-campaign?

Build Trust with Indirect Content

Short teaching videos, mini videos, and content on Facebook and Pinterest can help you boost the mini-campaign on your video. This type of content is about building trust. This content helps you get more sign-ups for emails and newsletters.

Direct Content

Give your fans offers through your lead-generating video as a teaser. For instance, tell them what offers you have if they download the video or sign up for a form at the end of the video. This depends on how engaging your video is.

Apart from the above-mentioned points, most importantly, you need to channel the video on the right platforms. For instance, Twitter is not something that makes use of videos a lot. Instagram, on the other hand, is great for short videos. But only if you can keep the video crisp and straightforward.

And then you have YouTube and Facebook, which work best for videos. With Facebook cover videos, you can efficiently use various promotional techniques. With more than 60% of users using FB on their mobiles, you will have to be careful about the kind of format used to make these videos.

With videos sprawling across all social media networks, you need expertise and the right choices to make your video sell well. Contact Your Animated video company today and get the ball rolling.

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