How to Prepare your eCommerce Store for Voice Search

How to Prepare your eCommerce Store for Voice Search

Voice Search is a recent most interesting invention of our time. It’s a speech recognition software that allows users to search for anything on the internet using a simple voice command. It came about to make users more comfortable with technology as it allowed them to throw questions at it in a fairly natural manner. It works like a digital assistant for getting answers on the go.

At least 20 per cent of mobile queries are voice searches. And, 50 per cent of all search queries will be raised through voice recognition by the end of this year. That’s right. No more typing in the keywords, when you can just talk to an inanimate object to know what you want.

Google Assistant “Ok Google” and Apple’s “Hey Siri” are the biggest examples of AI speech recognition systems that are majorly in use today.

Voice search can prove to be a great companion tool for your online business. As people are moving towards using these digital assistants more and more in their everyday life, there is a need for e-commerce businesses to adapt and provide a user-friendly experience to their smart customers. That is why eCommerce website design services are increasingly moving towards the best SEO practices to enable online stores to rank higher in voice search results.

Follow these simple tips to optimize your eCommerce website for Voice Search:

1. Ensure That Your Site Has a Short Loading Time

A fast loading website will ensure that your customers stay for a little while longer, and hopefully, turn to leads and bring home some business. Less than 2 seconds is what you must aim for, to retain the attention of your visitors. If the loading time of your website is anything beyond that, you might be on the loose traffic. Statistics show a loss of conversions by 7 per cent if your website loading is delayed by one second eCommerce web developers will make this a number priority in light of roping in their potential customers

2. Semantic-Based Over Keyword-Based SEO

People use a conversational tone and language when performing a voice search. Trends show that people tend to use complete sentences and natural language rather than typing-style keywords while searching through an AI-enabled digital assistant.
One way to optimize your online business may be to come up with more human product descriptions and feature website content that is simple and reader-friendly. This will help rank a business better in voice search results. A professional SEO company should be well advised to use techniques like targeting long-tail keywords in their current SEO practices for e-Commerce web development projects

3. Optimize for Featured Snippets

Statistics show that about half of all queries answered via AI assistants like Siri and Alexa came from featured snippets alone. What is a featured snippet? It’s the top-most click-worthy result listed by a browser like Google in its own little section on the screen, that looks like promoted content. According to Google, it promotes easy and fast discovery of answers and is a meat source for voice searchers to latch on to for suggestions. This can help get the spotlight on an e-commerce business by way of improved SEO aimed at achieving a better ranking in the voice search results

4. Improve Your eCommerce Website Structure

To stay on top of the search results, it requires constant back end effort aimed at a larger goal. Everything little detail matters when you’re developing a site for the web. An improved website structure can stretch your chance of thriving in the top search results by miles. Not only does Google prefer websites with clearly defined web pages, but it could also increase your chances of getting on a featured snippet.

All the web developing services like Magento eCommerce development agency who provide a platform for online store development, make it easier for people to build their stores by providing customized templates to work with. They also do it to improve the structure of a website to facilitate better ranking in the search results of an online business.

5. Product Listing at Google Shopping

To rank better in Google Assitant’s search results, it’s a great idea to get your products listed on Google Shopping. This is likely to substantially improve your chances of being discovered by your potential customers. So if you’re a business who sells physical products, you might want to consider this as a major move to turn your business around, while also optimizing your site for voice search

6. Use Social Media

The word is going social. So once you’re done setting up a voice search option on your site, you might want to update your followers and be on top of your social media game. Let everyone know that you are voice search compatible so people can start by vocalizing the keywords specific to your business, and interacting with you. Put in some effort to make it interesting

This can also work for you to study the keyword trends originating around your business on your social media pages. That could be a great way to keep building your site around the chatter that your social media presence builds up. You can then use those keywords in your website content for better optimization. By knowing exactly what people want or don’t want, you will be better equipped to make solid decisions for your business as an online store.


Voice search works on an algorithm which keeps shifting. All you need to do is be on top of it and know when it’s changing its course. Remember, the best SEO strategies come from the awareness of the latest trends in tech. And right now, it looks quite futuristic with Voice Search and AI-enabled digital assistants on the rise.

With all these tips in mind, start the work on the web development project you’ve been saving for a later date. Setting up an online business is not the hardest thing to do. But maintaining its presence online requires the constant fuel of the best SEO practices out there. So be aware and be wary. Keep discovering what works best for your particular business model, and keep track of the future tech trends to make regular updates to your site

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    I think one of the most important trends in the on-going & forthcoming time is voice search. Page speed and simple sentence structure are the key to follow. If someone is searching through voice then you need to consider the part that they dont want to waste their time. Your page should load in 2-3 seconds and that’s where one needs an excellent web design job.

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