How to Perform an SEO Competitive Analysis and Why It’s Important

How to Perform an SEO Competitive Analysis and Why It’s Important

Your website might rank number one in Google, but this will only last a while. Soon, your competitors will optimize their content and outrank you. So, SEO competitive analysis is essential for businesses.

Many companies take competitor analysis for granted. They feel that their SEO efforts are foolproof. But that is not the case. Improvements can always be made for better results and to stay competitive.

Analyzing SEO keyword competition can help you learn strategies that work for your competitors. You can use this knowledge to your advantage for your SEO campaigns.

In this blog, we will talk about SEO competitor analysis, how to do it, and what is SEO competitor analysis tool Shopify SEO company uses. Let’s get started.

What is SEO Competitor Analysis?

SEO competitive analysis involves researching the content and other elements, like links and keywords, that competitors use for their websites.

Competitor analysis SEO includes:

  • Competitor backlink analysis
  • Top content analysis
  • SEO keyword competition analysis
  • Keyword gap analysis

SEO competitive analysis is efficient and effective because you don’t have to research from scratch. You can observe what your competitors are doing and apply it to your SEO strategy.

Marketers use SEO competitor analysis tools to streamline and quickly collect enormous amounts of data. These tools are also helpful in generating competitor analysis SEO reports. Some examples of these tools include Ahrefs, SEMrush, and Moz.

Marketers use competitor analysis SEO to maintain their rankings and remain competitive.

How to Do Competitor Analysis?

In this section, we will share a few basic competitive analysis steps. All these can be implemented right away.

Identify Your True Competitors

The first step is to recognize the competition.

Understand who your actual competitors are in terms of keywords. Remember, not all websites ranking higher than yours for a specific keyword are your competitors.

Be thorough and accurate in discovering your actual SEO competition when doing an analysis. Make an SEO comparison and research multiple keywords. Please take note of the top websites that are appearing consistently for all of them.

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Conduct Page Analysis

The next step is looking at the competition’s website and top-performing pages. What keywords are they using, and how was it used in their content?

We call it keyword gap analysis. It’s where you find keywords on a competitor’s website that they are ranking for, whereas your site is not.

Focus on Keywords With High ROI

Many businesses rank on dozens of top competitive keywords. These companies have the budget to ensure that they consistently rank for the top keywords.

Focus your efforts on keywords that will generate more profit or revenue. Think about the high-profile product or service and focus your efforts on ranking for keywords that will bring you more leads for that specific product or service.

You can also create unique and relevant content for your customer base. It will help you in standing apart from your competitors.

Success depends on finding a gap or disconnect between the competition and the audience and filling in that gap. It can be a low-competition keyword or a helpful blog that is highly searched for, which your competition still needs to create.

Create and Execute a Content Plan

With all data collected, the next step is to use it to create an SEO competitor analysis report. You can build your SEO content strategy based on it.

Create a keyword or a content ideas list and save it in a simple spreadsheet.

Track Your Progress

After publishing new content and re-optimizing old ones, you should track their performance. Do regular keyword audits and check your competitor analysis SEO reports to see whether the strategy worked.


An essential part of data-driven marketing is taking into account competitor data. Business owners often need to take the time to learn how to do SEO competitive analysis. They often feel overwhelmed with unfamiliar concepts, which feels like a complicated task.

Others may need more time to learn the intricate details of using the software to generate competitor analysis SEO reports. Although, it can be as simple as looking at your competitors and determining what you can do better compared to them.

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