How to Optimize Magento 2 Website Product Pages to Improve Conversion

How to Optimize Magento 2 Website Product Pages to Improve Conversion

The usability of your Magento website product page is the most important element of your webshop to pay attention to in order to convert more visitors to paying customers.

If you are the owner of a new online store or owner of a well-established store, you have to always strive to boost your online sales, right? Many of the eCommerce store owners do not know their own business website’s conversion rates, Are you one of them?

The latest research shows that 53% of businesses spend less than 5% of their total marketing budget on conversion optimization and 35% of the businesses report a conversion rate of less than 1%.

Regardless of its key importance, website conversion optimization seems to remain the most neglected part of digital marketing. The question is what your conversion rate should be? It’s simple, achieve a better one than the current one.

eCommerce website owners become too busy to update the inventory for better competitive products, looking for new markets, and processing orders that they hardly get the time, the experience, or focus to invest in conversion optimization services. As a result, they waste money on visitors driven by SEO, PPC, and other ways of generating traffic to their sales pages.

You can double or even triple your conversion rates by applying these changes to your website product pages. Remember that each of these tips only makes a small difference but collectively is significantly helpful.

Improve Conversion Rates: Optimization Tips for Magento 2 Product Pages

Product Images

On the product pages of your Magento store, always show the best candy product images because the images of the product are the main part of product details which attract all the customers. With the right images, you can sell your products even without any description of them.

Customers like to see what they’re getting and that too in a very effective manner. Pictures can explain your products more effectively than your product description.

The hero of boosting your ecommerce conversion rate is showing high-resolution quality photos of your products. Display products with different angles and with zoom features.

When you show high-resolution product images, Make sure that the images are fully optimized so it doesn’t make your pages load slowly. Get help from Magento ecommerce developers to optimize the product images you use.


Product Description

A detailed description of products is very important. The purpose is to provide enough information to customers so that they can convince themselves that yours is the correct product to buy for them. You can go and check on any of the top retailer’s websites, the best sellers always provide full and complete product information.

With full descriptions, you should offer the short version as well. The concise version should have the essence: who’s the product for, what it will do & why it’s good.

The full description should provide enough information that users do not have any questions unanswered and the short description should be able to provide them a basic overview of the product.

If the visitors read the product description and it doesn’t answer their questions, you have the risk of losing a potential customer.


Do not make the mistake of putting text inside any frame for a few sentences and some technical information in bullets.

Create a proper readable text for humans by turning product features into benefits and providing a comparison chart as well. Technical information about the products would be a plus.

Having detailed product descriptions will also help in your Magento SEO efforts.


If you are selling catalogs as a retailer then you don’t just have to repeat the manufacturer’s bottled description. Add your own personal touch with recommendations & dictate why personally you recommend that product to the customer.

Product Videos

Product videos are essential as it’s the future and they are here. Showing photos only have its own limitations but the video is closer to actually the touch and feel of your products.

You may think that it will be much hassle to create good quality videos but apply it to a few parts of your inventory to check if it makes any difference. It will definitely help to convince your customers to trust your products.


Product Personalization

Customers love to personalize stuff. It’s very fun with game-like elements and it creates an ownership feeling. Once you’ve spent a few minutes on a product configuring, it starts to feel like it’s your own product.

Everyone wants their belongings to be unique to get praised by others or have a feeling of owning something that nobody else has. It ends up being more expensive than any other but you always end up purchasing it.

Based on the type of products you sell on your Magento 2 webshop, you can try implementing some personalization functionality that can convince your visitors to buy your products. You will need to hire Magento 2 developers from a reputed agency to make this happen for you.

Does customization really make money? Oh yeah, 100%. We have designed complete customized product details pages for some of our clients and they are making tons of money. Check it out.


Product Reviews by Customers

Customers do not trust any company with just the first visit, even though you may claim your company to be a great one. They will rely on product reviews & other customers’ opinions. A study stated, that 61% of customers read online reviews before purchasing. Another study revealed that around 18% of the increase in online sales is led by reviews. You don’t want to miss this opportunity, right?

Magento platform provides default review and rating functionality for the products, there your customers can provide their opinions about your products even without login or registering.

There are some other good review service providers for e-commerce as well. Ensure that the customer reviews are highlighted and showcased for each product on their respective product pages. It should also include the full name of the customer and a photo of them if possible. This can increase your conversions by around 30-50%.


Showcase your best reviews aligned with the products on top. For your website’s registered customers ask them to log in and give product reviews so that other potential customers find them more trustworthy.

Shipping Charges

Do you know that half of the merchants are offering free shipping? Some of them provide free shipping on all the products while some have conditions applied. Amazon offers free shipping if you buy something of at least $25 or $50. What this has done is gotten all the people get used to the idea of having free shipping.

A study revealed that unconditional free shipping is the top criterion to make a purchase(73% listed it as ‘critical’). Another study indicated that 93% implied that it would encourage them to buy more products if free shipping on orders is given from the same store.

In this study, it was mentioned that customers rated higher shipping costs as the main reason consumers were dissatisfied with their experience of online shopping. In fact, shipping cost is the main reason that people prefer in-store purchases to online.

People want free shipping without any surprise costs. But how attractive that is? The fact is that orders of free shipping included are valued 30% higher compared with a few bucks charged for transportation. This makes more sense in business.

And if you are going to apply shipping charges then be upfront about it and mention it clearly where customers can see it before purchasing like on the product page and cart page. It would be best if you charge a flat shipping price instead of a different one for each item or location.

A surprised shipping fee charged at the end of checkout affects your sale big time and a study dictates that 47% of the consumers drop the item if they find an additional shipping price at the payment stage.

Sales and Special Offers

Well-known research has indicated that 47% of online customers only buy products with discounted prices or special offers, except only under the exceptional circumstances. And 62% are searching for a specific sales and specials section.

Now consumers have been trained to shop only cheap with endless sales and coupons. This behavior to seek discounts is going to continue so you would be wise to have a dedicated “sales” section on the website.

That means showing clearly where buyers can see the stuff which is on sale easily, on the homepage and sidebars.


Shopping Cart Abandonment

Shopping cart abandonment means the loss of customers who were interested in purchasing your product but did not complete the order after adding product to the cart or left your store after adding product to the shopping cart for some reason.

In 2011, the shopping cart abandonment rate was the highest at 72% and it continues to rise. As shoppers gain more experience, the likelihood to compare shops increases even as they move toward to checkout.

Here are cart abandonment factors and what you can do about them:

  • Slow site speed can be a major factor – Make sure that your online store is efficient and fast so that your consumers do not have to wait for more time while loading your web pages. You can optimize the speed of your Magento store with the support of Expert Magento Developers
  • Hassle before purchase – Ensure that you do not ask for too much data / forced registration for your customers even before checkout.
  • Unreasonable product price – Customers always choose the product which has a lower price so if your prices are higher than your competitors then you are most likely to lose sales. And if they’re not the best then you must convey why the added value is worth purchasing your product at higher price
  • Customers’ Doubts: it will fit me or not? Is it returnable? Use the live chat feature to address buyers’ all concerns and answer their questions.
  • Still, charging for shipping? Stop. Figure out how to offer free shipping.

Follow up

To reduce the shopping cart abandonment rate, you can follow up with customers via email(263% improvement shown in the linked test). Some other companies achieved 500% ROI with their shopping cart abandonment campaign, so who knows how much higher conversion rate you can gain with it.

What do you have to do?

  • Collect the email address first before checkout – so you will be able to send the follow-up emails for uncompleted orders. The below screen is presented to people when they checkout on Amazon:


  • Ensure the first follow-up emails go out ASAP. If the purchase is completed somewhere else then it’s over. If the purchase has not taken place then send a few more follow-up emails with a free coupon maybe.
  • You have to track the effectiveness of those sent emails (opened, click-through, and conversion rates).

Magento offers integrated cart abandonment solution which you can use. If you are not aware of it, Ask your Magento 2 development company for the same.

Low Stock Indicator

If your store is running out of stock for any particular product then inform your customers about it. This will encourage them to make an immediate purchase, otherwise, they may miss the product.

Showing a low stock level dictates to customers that this item is popular which gives them confidence that they buying this is the right decision.

But this can be a negative point also if your customers purchase the item in bulk and showing the wrong low stock level may impact your sales if you do not have enough stock to meet their supply. This results in the best tactic only if you are confident with your sales and the data.

Offer Live Chat & Show Contact Info

Good and timely communication should be a default practice for every eCommerce store. In order to achieve what most visitors would expect from your store, you need to ensure you cover all the bases.

A small thing, but it is known to boost conversions and is especially important for small and less known stores. Highlighted and showcased email along with phone number for direct contact dictates that you’re a real and established business which builds initial trust for your new website visitors.


Offering live chat to answer quick questions is part of good communication. 77% of e-retailers that use live chat consider it a very critical communications method, as suggested by the result of a survey. Even Apple has it implemented.

Contact your Magento ecommerce development company today to implement a live chat feature on your web shop if you don’t have it already.



It’s always best practice to track your online store traffic and live data with Google Analytics. Keep track of the product page and based on that cart-checkout pages as well. Separate your product page data from other web page data so you can get a better analysis of your conversion rates and cart abandonment rates.

You can also use the Google Remarketing tag which makes it a lot easier instead of manually adding tags to each page of your online store. Google’s new Remarketing Tag helps you easily create your own remarketing lists by adding one tag on all your website pages. With this, you can now reach very specific audiences by relevant messaging and easily tag your website. After adding your tag, you have to launch the remarketing campaign with your AdWords account by filtering dynamic ads based on visited pages and actions taken on site.

Social Media

Integration of social media is also a small thing but can result in a significant change in the conversion rate of your online store. The key to using social media is to decide which feature to use and which feature to remove.

Until 2015 it was considered best practice to place social sharing features on product pages to help your website in social media marketing but since then this trend is changed and customers have reported that they do not like the Facebook likes, tweets, or google plus buttons on product pages of many online stores.

Showing Twitter feed and Facebook page timeline is now being used instead of the like and share feature. Social logins are also one of the most important features to be considered for your Magento 2 webshop. You can try to exclude or include these features on some of the products and then compare them to conclude which feature enhances the user experience to boost the conversion rate of your Magento store.

Is there any other Magento conversion optimization technique that you think is really important?

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