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How To Become A Top WordPress Developer

Not a “fast pass” become a “hardcore WordPress Developer” with easy tactics

The days of simple training and learning are over; if you want to become a well-established WordPress developer then it is the right time for you to follow some tactics along with your regular WordPress education sessions.

All your talents and genius may go in vain if you do not know this art of monetizing your WordPress endeavours. The process of monetizing your page to the earliest requires certain preparations from your side and this page is all about that.

We repeat, it is important to follow some tactics along with your academic pursuits in the field of WordPress theme development. Things are moving very fast in the market, if you are not market or business ready then you will be side-lined even before making an entry into the game.

Before making an entry into the main arena, understand the difference between a “fast pass” and “hardcore WordPress developer.” The closest word to describe a “fast pass” can be “a dummy in the field.”

Fast pass, experts, and WordPress developers are three steps, the expert can be defined as an individual who can move on a beaten track with great ease. WordPress development is the next stage after you will become an expert in the game.

Certain “Fast pass” candidates can also become an expert in the field. However, one should never forget that here they have entered into the league of WordPress experts and they are not WordPress developers.

If you wish to make it to the core team of a big WordPress development company, then here we are sharing some additional tactics that can help you a great deal in doing it. Tactics are important along with the education because most of these tactics have the power to cut down hours of practical experiences.

It means that in practical terms, a tactic is a short cut that shows you that how you can do some smart work and earn money quickly with the help of your endeavours in the field of WordPress development.

Pre-requisites before you make an entry into the world of tactics

Apart from your regular studies, make sure that you are devoting one additional hour where you are revising your readings of the day in fast forward motion and spending half an hour in understanding the advanced applications of the same.

Just like any other curriculum, they will start with the basics and follow a systematic path. In order to become a quick learner and a developer you are required to check the end of the path first, this will help you during the course of joining the league of WordPress developers.

Search out for some online facilities; your search for the words like WordPress codec can take you closer to some communities where you can check out the latest and the best happening in the world of any top class WordPress web development company.

Never forget the fact that your instructor is only an expert and you are on a path to become a WordPress developer this is why it is important for you to hang out with right kind of crowd.

Make sure that you are also hanging around with right kind of literature as well. It clearly means that read everything from the perspective of WordPress. There are many topics, which are common in various other languages, if you have a prior knowledge then do not feel over confident. Regain your knowledge from the perspective of WordPress as well.

We can take the example of Ajax, search for development of Ajax plugin’s in WordPress for better results.

Go for dummy experience prior to real assignments

Most of the seasoned WordPress developers will tell you that word experience has three meanings in the realms of WordPress development. These three keywords are themes, clients, and plugins.

Every WordPress development agency treats them with great importance. They listen to the demands of the clients, they develop new plugins and finally, they come up with new and improved themes.

As an aspiring WordPress developer, you can also learn it with the help of experimentation as well. Design an experimental theme. Launch it on the internet; keep all the channels of communication open.

Develop a free theme in accordance with the needs of clients. In the meantime, you can also open some channels for the purpose of Monetization also. This step alone can promote you into the league of a WordPress developer.

Either the online market will pick up your theme with both hands or you have this chance to improve your own creation for umpteen times before it will get a taker and ensure some monetary gains for you.

Search for a specialization

Search for a specialization - Hire WordPress Developer

The binary world is a world of infinite possibilities. A simple twist in the regular affairs can become the next big business idea. Check out the history of a popular WordPress development company, you will find that they are popular because they have this specialization in certain areas of trade.

A fashion blogger may have a different set of needs; a medical expert may demand the presence of special characters in his or her personal blog. Any person dealing with financial transactions may need to be enriched graphical support. Listen to their needs and explore your expertise.

Treat your theme as a fully-fledged website, it is very important to leave it on an incremental note, this will help you in the later run when the same page will share a load of responsibilities because of high traffic and E-commerce related compulsions.

As an upcoming WordPress developer, you are also required to find out a niche for yourself. Means check out your area of specialization. The fundamental is very clear, WordPress is only a medium of expression, it is not the message that you want to share with this world.

It is ideal to start with a public theme. If you are a rookie in the game, then never forget that you are also a part of the public. Develop a theme that suits your needs, share it with the world and check out their response.

Get a hold of the pulse of the audience, a successful WordPress Development Firm knows this art of understanding the needs of the customer and deliver them. If you want to become a part of any such team, then learn to become a good listener first.

Microsoft did the same thing in the past; they came up with freebies when they distributed their operating system and other software in the beginning. However, later on, the same freebies won them a big empire. You can also be the next one.

Cater to the needs of the masses

Learn two very important features of WordPress first simplify your designs and second introduce proper plugins to cater to the needs of masses, WordPress designs a more or less like baits that you are offering to various people. It is a real estate for them.

Do not act like an owner of your WordPress real estate. Act like a real estate agent rather, a successful WordPress development company knows this art. They know the fact that they will grow as the needs of their client will grow.

There is no harm in hiding some aces in your arm while going out for a WordPress theme, which is free to the public. Since apart from the skills we are also focusing on tactics, this marketing tactic can do wonders for you.

Simple things like contributing a patch can act like a gimmick for monetizing your WordPress treasure. Treat your WordPress designs as intellectual properties. It is very important, like every other language or tool; WordPress will also fizzle out someday. This is why it is important to make money while the sun is shining.

Keep a focus on the selling part when you are learning the ropes

Any successful wordPress development company will always tell you that the days of the trial and error are over, it is a now or never scenario. Best of your creative ideas might have become redundant within no time if you are not in a hurry to sell them.

This is why taking some cues from the books of successful WordPress developers is important; join their company on internet forums. Most of these forums are more like trade associations that are working for the betterment of any given sector of an industry.

Members of these communities are exchanging notes on a regular basis because they are aware of the fact that as a solution WordPress is also battling it out with certain other solutions, which are available in the market. It is a new level of the game where you can put down your queries and share some pearls of wisdom.

Attend various word camps that they are conducting on the internet, write diaries about what you have learned from these word camps. You can also host a word camp yourself. It is a great way of socializing and business networking.

On a conclusive note

Think like a true professional, there is no harm in having a studious approach, however, keep an eye on the application of the wisdom that you are gaining through your word press enterprise.

WordPress developers are out of box thinkers. Stop looking at beaten tracks. Try to figure out a unique track beaten by you. Jump into the commercial aspect of the game a little early. There is no point in waiting for the right time to come.

The market of WordPress is increasing tremendously; people from all walk of life are looking to hire Professional WordPress developers. You can carve out a niche market for yourself with great ease and move ahead with a commercial outlook.

Focus on the accessories as they can become your unique sales point, in the end, every plugin can act like a USP for your offering. Treat plugins as specified solutions. Basic structure remains almost the same; however, a plugin can add that knockout punch in your offering to the client.


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