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Google Penalty and How SEO Can Help

Google always tries to improve user experience through its algorithm updates so that the best web sites can get the rank they deserve. One way to improve user experience is to penalize site who knowingly or unknowingly breaks the Google rules. Once your site is penalized by Google, It will be invisible to your potential customers and you won’t be able to create an effective digital presence.

Fortunately some effective SEO techniques can help to repair damages made to your site through Google penalty and can help restore your search rank.

Possible Reasons of Google penalty:

1) Poor content:

Poor content on your web site not only provides your visitors with bad experience but also leads to worst search rank.

2) Lack of quality links:

If your site has hidden, broken or bad links, it will seem suspicious to Google and can lead to penalty.

3) Errors (Internal 404 pages):

If your website has number of 404 error pages, it can lead to penalty.

4) Having too many outbound links:

When you create links to other web sites, do it in a natural way. A high quantity of outbound links is a sign of Google penalty.

5) Using black hat SEO Techniques:

Using black hat SEO methods is a Major reason behind Google penalty.

There are many other reasons your site can be penalized because of Google algorithm updates.

How SEO can help to recover from Google penalty:

Pulling your site out of search engine penalty takes quit a long time. A professional SEO service can help not only to recover from penalty but also protect your site from future penalty.

If your web site is not ranking well on Search Engine, Our professional SEO services agency can help identify the problems and solve them in effective manner.


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