Don’t Call Yourself a Programmer If You Don’t Code

Don’t Call Yourself a Programmer If You Don’t Code

Coding is the first step towards becoming a programmer. Every app or software you’ve ever used is the brainchild of a fellow coder or a programmer. Be it your friendly neighbourhood Facebook or the numerous websites that you visit on a daily basis, all of them have been built by people who code. These people are also called coders. Many amateurs have picked up skills of coding without undergoing a formal training of computer programming. Coding skills can be picked up on various websites and repeated coding practice, day in and day out, can make you a smart techie.

Many entrepreneurs learn their own coding skills on the go before they launch their own website. For them, it is really not important to hire WordPress experts or companies. They master their craft themselves and often come up with good websites that are responsive, fast and dynamic.

But, as the business grows and the website starts attracting visitors and other forms of traffic, the entrepreneurs do need good WordPress developers for hire. While they can do that job themselves, the priorities shift in favour of professional programmers who have the right coding skills. So, if you are running a professional WordPress development company or agency, you will need to hire good coders who turn into good programmers. A good coder can be a good programmer but it is essential that a good programmer be a good coder.

Programming is a wider field in comparison to coding. Many multinational companies, whether in finance, technology, banking etc, have specific programs suited to their needs. For these programs that touch the lives of countless company workers, you need programmers that can imagine, conceptualize and implement various situations. The task is indeed huge. So, one part of the problem is to have a great website that requires good WordPress developers and companies. But, when you have to integrate various websites- of partners, regulators, clients, etc. – then, you need great programmers.

You can say that while coding is largely a much focussed activity, programming is something that integrates many focused groups into an entity that has a common purpose.

There is a debate going on whether coders and programmers are the same. As has been said before, simplistically speaking, while a coder is like an assembly worker, a programmer is one who sets up the assembly lines. A programmer is the one who works on logic and diagrams. But, before one becomes a programmer, one has to be an assembly line worker i.e. a coder.

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